Aug 14


If you are looking to make some easy extra cash try Swagbucks.

Now you aren’t going to make millions this way, but a little $ for no effort is good for me. I’ve been using Swagbucks as my search engine for about a year and a half and have been able to cash in enough points for a couple hundred dollars worth of Target and Amazon gift cards.

I downloaded their toolbar and whenever I go online instead of searching with Google or Bing, I use Swagbucks (it gives you the same results). It randomly awards bucks as you search and when I’ve accumulated enough bucks I cash them in for gift cards. They have a large variety of gift cards to choose from and they are emailed to you once they have processed. It’s really that easy and I’ve had no problems receiving or using the gift cards (though it seems on average to take 10 days for them to show up in your account which seems kind of a long time for something electronic, but what do I know about the behind the scenes).

You can also earn points through shopping from certain stores, for example if I want to buy something at Target, I would type Target into my toolbar and when the search results came up it would show “Shop at Target, 2 Swagbucks per Dollar”. Meaning as long as I click on that link I will earn 2 bucks for every dollar I spent ($10 = 20 Swagbucks). Through out the year, typically around holidays the amount of bucks awarded for shopping purchases increases. Target was 4 bucks for every dollar this Christmas, I earned some extra Christmas cash while Christmas shopping.

Bucks can also be earned by playing games, doing surveys, contests, or other special deals. I could earn more bucks faster if I did this, but this part is not of interest to me.

And finally you can also earn extra points for referrals, so go ahead and use this link to sign up if you are interested :)

Happy Earning!

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