Apr 18

Review: Softer Than Brittle

Who likes nut brittle? I got to try these samples of Softer Than Brittle from Mount Franklin Foods and they are delicious!

This brittle is softer and flakey, so it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth, but still has the same yummy flavor of brittle. I thought that the almond flavor was going to be my favorite when I tried them, but I really liked the buttery flavor of the pecan best! After passing them around the family for taste testing, peanut was the boys’ favorite, but in a surprise twist, pecan was also my Mom’s favorite and she doesn’t even really like pecans!

They are also gluten and dairy free, and vegan approved. :) I’m currently keeping them all to myself and have them sitting on my nightstand for middle of the night snacks while I’m up feeding the babe and starving. Any other nursing Mom’s have their nightstands stocked with snacks cause they are always hungry from feeding a baby?!

#nursingmomproblems #donttouchmysnacks

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