Nov 17

Nothing like Xmas lights and Ice Cream

Jeremy spend a good part of Thanksgiving weekend pulling out our Christmas decorations and started hanging our lights and pulling out our new Inflatables which the boys couldn’t get enough of. The boys helped out with checking lights and opening boxes until they needed a snack. Today’s request: Ice-cream.

Nov 17

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving started off a little rocky, with our waffle maker literally falling apart in pieces as Jeremy made breakfast. Followed by Kingston knocking our coffee table upside down on Harbor and poor Harbs limped around the rest of the day.

BUT, the rest of the day was great. My family came over for awhile and we chilled inside because of drizzling rain and ate an early dinner of turkey sandwiches and mac & cheese. Then after everyone left, we snuggled on the couch and watched Boss Baby on Netflix. A very relaxed day, full of thankfulness for these three handsome blessings!

Nov 17

Super Saturday

The boys love any chance they get to wear their costumes… here’s a typical Saturday.

Oct 17

Shorty Shorts

The drawback to sharing a closet with your brothers…Sometimes you end up wearing your baby brother’s shorts to school. Whoops! LOL

#icantbreathmom #size18months #pickedfromthewrongrack


Oct 17

Cutest Calculator

Learning math with brother.

5 fingers + 1 toe = cutest calculator ever.



#mathusee  #homeschooldays

Sep 17

Teddy Bear Day

Zekie’s class had Teddy Bear Day where each kid could bring in their favorite stuffed animal. Zekie brought in Sharkie. They had a picnic lunch upstairs and then when they animals were supposed to be sleeping they snuck out to the playground and the kids found them outside playing when it was recess time. Very cute!


Sep 17

Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

Zekie’s school had a movie showing after school. They showed the Veggie Tales Pirate movie on the big screen in the sanctuary. We stayed to watch it with his friends and made it about halfway through before the boys got bored and wanted to go. There were food characters, I think cheese puff things, that had faces and it was freaking Zekie out. LOL. So funny what does and doesn’t scare them.


Sep 17

Missing Brother

They are so excited to see each other after Zekie has been at school all morning.


Sep 17

Grandparent’s Day At School

Zekie got to have all his grandparents join him for a breakfast of cookies and donuts at school and then gave them a special craft he had made for them.


Sep 17


IMG_2510How this silly boy likes to sit after he’s done with his meals. Happy Harbor.

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