Dec 14

Kingston’s School Christmas Program

Kingston’s school put on a Christmas production on December 18th. It was everything you could hope for from a preschool show, chaos, wandering, waving and pointing to parents in the audience, cute costumes, and sweet singing voices. Adorableness.

In the paperwork they sent home weeks prior, Kingston’s part was listed as a wiseman, but every time I would ask him about it he would always tell me he was a sheppard. At one point he told me he was a sheppard that brought frankincense. As it turned out, he had two parts, a sheppard and later a wiseman.  :)

Kingston actually surprised us all. I figured as soon as he saw us in the audience he would walk straight to us and be done. But he didn’t, he waved big, smiled, pointed us out to his friends, and maybe sang a few words. He made it all the way until they were walking out after their last song, then he ran right to Jeremy, stripped his costume and wouldn’t go back to his classmates. I was impressed.

After was a catered dinner by Carraba’s that the grandparents joined us for (Arthur and Nicole had to go to work, but Kingston was so excited that they had come for the show).

I thought Kingston did a great job that night and it was such a fun night.

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