Jun 15

Kingston Turns Five!

Our big kid decided he wanted to spend his birthday at the zoo and it turned out to be a perfect zoo day!

We got there late morning and it was warm out, but the overcast sky kept it from being unbearable. The front area had open parking spots which was fantastic and for the first time ever I noticed they have expecting mother parking. While we were unloading, the other two remaining spots filled with two other families that were NOT expecting. I guess that’s why I’ve never noticed them before, they are always full of people improperly parking there. :(

First stop as always was the train of course, and then to the splash pad. We timed it just right too, all 5 of the schools that were there that day were outside eating lunch so the splash pad wasn’t crowded. Kingston went right for it, while Zekie took some time sitting on the sidelines with me, warming up to the idea. Finally, Kingston convinced him and they had a great time splashing around.

Camel rides were back and Kingston wanted to go with Daddy. It’s kind of a rip off price wise for the ride you get, but who can say no to this cutie on his birthday?

The monkeys were especially active, I think they knew it was K’s birthday. They were climbing all around. The monkeys must have been talking to the otters, because they were swimming all around for Kingston too.

We spent a long time in the snake area, checked out the crocs, and then started to make our way out so we could go home and eat lunch. It again worked out perfect timing wise, since the sun had come out and it was getting hot!

We took quick showers once we got home to wash off the grim and cool down and ate lunch. Then Kingston had already seen the stash of presents in our room and was eager to open them, so we went ahead and let him.

In the evening, the Grandparents came over for a pancake/waffle dinner (birthday boy’s choice). Before we got to dinner though he wanted to open the presents from them first. This is the first year K has wanted to open all his presents at once. Every other birthday it has taken us at least a week to open presents because he would only want to open one or two a day and then play with whatever was inside. I guess we’ve grown into the next stage.

We put a candle in his pancake to sing Happy Birthday to him, and he got very upset. Once we got him to calm down, we figured out that he thought we could only sing it once and wanted us to do it at his party on Saturday. Haha.

It was a great, fun day, but I think even he was worn out by the end because a little after dinner, he very matter of factually told everyone, “It’s getting dark, everybody time to go”. Ahahaha, this kid doesn’t beat around the bush, he tells it like it is. ;P

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  1. We love you, Kingston! 5 is fun!

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