Jan 15

Happy 2nd Birthday Zekie!

Zee Turns Two

Happy second birthday Zekie bear! “Two on Tuesday!” as Nicole taught you to say. I must confess you got a little jipped this year. There were quite a few family dramas happening and Mommy was feeling awful, so it was a no frills celebration. We spent the day hanging out at home while Kingston was at school. Then that evening we had all our family over for a taco dinner, cookies, and presents. Since you hadn’t been interested in opening the rest of your Christmas gifts, you received those for birthday presents instead (thank you for thinking about me and how I was feeling crummy and saving me from having to run to the store for gifts ;P ).

You still didn’t get through all your gifts from everyone, so for the next few days you opened up one or two a day.

On Saturday the 17th we invited your friend Philip to join us for a celebratory visit to the zoo. He brought you a Thomas the Train block set which at first you were carrying around calling a lunchbox, but you love those blocks and play with Thomas daily. First stop was of course the train, because we can’t go into the zoo without doing that first.

Then we fed some animals. Visited some turtles. Played on the playground and ate lunch with the rhinos. We charmed some snakes. And chomped at some gators. And after all that walking, got a foot massage and did a stroller swap.

I thought it was the perfect, relaxed way to celebrate your birthday and you had so much fun at the zoo with your friend!


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