Apr 15

How To Wear A Bib

I know what you’re thinking, um how hard is it to figure out how to use a bib. Put it around the baby’s neck, secure it closed and tada, baby is now wearing a bib. Yep all true and that is the basic way Kingston wore his bib.

Until we went to dinner at our neighbor’s house a few years ago. And while they didn’t use traditional bibs, she tied a hand towel around her daughter’s neck and then stuck the other end under her plate. Thus eliminating the gap between the bib and the table, where inevitably food always lands in their lap, making their shirts clean, but their pants now covered in food mush because regardless of that little bib pocket, food always misses the pocket.

Thus inspiring us to a new way to wearing bibs. Our highchair actually has two extra tops that snap on so if one is dirty you can snap a clean one on, plus it’s just easier to clean than the whole tray. So our method is to take the bottom of the bib and place it on the tray, then snap the top down securing the bib in place and getting rid of the gap.

I’m telling you this is the way to go if your highchair is like ours. If not, try the plate method, it’s sure to help too, though probably not as much if you have a small baby that likes to fling plates. Here’s to less stains and clean clothes!

Apr 14

Our Grocery List

For years our grocery list was a notepad on the fridge with a pen attached. Handy and accessible when discovering you are using the last bit of an item in the kitchen, but not the easiest to cross off items in the store, and not with you if you make an unplanned stop on your way home.

About four years ago, we transitioned to using the notes feature on Jeremy’s iPhone. This was an improvement since the phone was usually close by and we were able to add items to the list in the order we shop our stores and it was easy to delete items as we went. But Jeremy wasn’t always around when I would come across something we needed and because I didn’t have a smartphone, he couldn’t share the list with me and I’d have to switch phones with him when I went shopping. Yet it was still an improvement from the old way.

Last fall, I finally (like seriously overdue) got an iPhone and Jeremy searched for a grocery list app and discovered the AnyList app. I’m sure there is more we can do with it and if we upgraded from the free version there are more options, but here is how we use it and why I love it. We each have our own accounts on our phones, but we can “share” lists with each other. For example, we have a Target list that we share. Wherever I am I can add carrots, for example, to the Target list and it immediately shows up on Jeremy’s list, making it easy for either of us to stop at Target at any time and not forget something. Meaning I can even add items at home while he is at Target.

The list can also be customized. You can put items in different categories based on where they are located at your store, add items that are favorites (things you get each time), and even put your list in order of how you shop your store. Meaning if you like to go Produce, Bakery, Deli the items on your list with show up in that order. That last option is a huge plus for us, since Jeremy and I each have our preferred ways of shopping a store. His list is his way on his phone, and mine is my way. Perfect!

As you put items in your cart you touch the item on the screen and it crosses the item off. You can set it so the crossed off items remains or I like to have the item disappear as I cross them off. Preferences.

And finally, you don’t have to share all your lists nor do they all have to be grocery lists. We both have “personal” and “shared” lists.

This is by far the most used app we have and has made keeping track of our grocery list such a breeze. Do you have a favorite way you make your shopping lists?

Apr 14

What To Do With …
Dry Erase Marker Stains

For Kingston’s 3rd birthday he received a chalkboard/dry erase board combo easel from a friend. We had a few dry erase markers in the office that we weren’t using so I thought nothing of letting Kingston have them in his room to draw on his new board. They didn’t have any odor and they clean up easy right? Little did I know, dry erase marker also equals permanent stain.

Three marked clothing items later, I was frustrated the ink was not washing out, not even fading. It was laughing in my face in it’s full saturated color slash of glory. This is when I discovered water does nothing in the fight against dry erase marker, like literally nothing, the dry part of “dry erase” should have clued me in, but I needed google to spell that out for me. The following tests were then conducted with rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, dawn dish soap, hair spray, magic eraser, sunscreen and baby wipes. Fail, fail, fail, big fat fail. And you know it couldn’t have stained some old play shorts or an item I didn’t really like anyway, it had to be his nice shorts, the ones that were supposed to last through two boys and looked cuter than his cargo shorts.

In a last ditch effort to keep the shorts from being demoted to “messy activity shorts” I bought a small bottle of Murphy Oil Soap at Target. The kind that is supposed to naturally clean wood surfaces. I saturated the stained area and let it sit for 15 minutes or so with a towel underneath it and a paper towel in between the shorts. When I returned, I took a dry paper towel and blotted the stain and to my surprise ink started coming off on the paper towel. I repeated the blotting, moving the paper towel to a dry, clean patch each time until the ink didn’t come up any more. Then I repeated the saturating/blotting process again two more times. I followed this with a run through the wash, and I’m happy to report, all the ink didn’t come out, but you really, really have to look to see that. I bet if I had used Murphy’s immediately the stain would have completely lifted off.

So in the event you ever find yourself with this dilemma, I have already done the research for you. Also we now use the crayola washable dry erase markers. (As a side note: they are not really dry erase, if you use the eraser it just smears the ink around smudging the drawings but does not remove any ink. We actually use wet wipes to clean the board. Also, although they are called “washable” it is best if you wash the garments soon after getting this marker on them too. That’s an extra bonus tip for you. 😉 ) Happy drawing!

Oct 13

Can A Cavity Be Healed – Follow Up

A year and a half ago I wrote this post. Here’s what has happen since…

I did not return to that dentist. In fact I did not return to any dentist. Shortly after that appointment I found out I was pregnant (and had been at that appointment). I knew I didn’t like that dentist and wouldn’t be returning there, but without dental insurance and unable to afford our previous dentist (she’s great, but expensive and we now had baby #2 doctor bills) I was not really sure where to go. I also was not thrilled with the idea of having dental work while pregnant. So I put it on the back burner. I’d like to say I made diet changes and ampted up my dental hygiene, but I didn’t. In reality, I hardly ate due to nausea most of my pregnancy and I think I flossed twice.

Fast forward to this June. I figured I was probably in some trouble now, but afraid to go to the dentist at this point. Instead I put it off even further. I did however, cut back on my carbs and sweets, added in a dietary supplement for bones and joints, added some vitamin D, cod liver oil, raw milk and butter (i.e. – straight from the spigot as my dad says, not processed at all), and used an essential oils toothpaste and mouthwash. I still hardly flossed.

I finally got my courage up and made a dentist appointment in October. I was nervous about the outcome and I’m not going to lie, did a lot of praying for a little tooth miracle.

Guess what? I got a clean bill of health at my exam. No cavities, not one. Can you believe that? I know, I don’t have any pictures to show you. And I can’t say whether or not the diet changes worked or if my x-rays were bogus (or the dentist was lying to me about a cavity in the first place). Who can say for sure, but if you have a small cavity it might be worth trying a couple tips above, praying included.

Aug 13

How To Store Breastmilk In Your Freezer

This post could be old news for some of you, but since I only in the last few months discovered this, I thought there might be others out there that could benefit from this little tip too.

While nursing Kingston I always stored my pumped milk in Medela bags. Although I have a Medela pump I only bought their bags because that was all that the store had when I went shopping for bags 3 years ago. Now there are at least 5 different brands and I currently have Nuk bags, I thought it would be annoying to have to pour my bottles into the bags instead of having them attached directly to the pump like the Medela bags, but it has not been a big deal at all, plus the Nuk bags are half the cost. It appears all the bags have mixed reviews and they are completely up to your preference though. Because most of the bags have a flatter bottom to allow you to stand the bag up, that is also how I froze and stored them in the freezer.

Then I came across this tip on that suggests laying the bags flat to freeze them and then store them standing up. I LOVE this new way! It takes up less space and they store so much easier. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before. They all line up nice and neat in the freezer in a disposable container from one of the meals people brought over after Zeke was born. The old way, the bags took up so much room and were always falling all over the place and getting out of date order in the container. This new way is tons quicker to grab a bag and go.

If you aren’t already doing it this way, you should change immediately, you will thank me, I promise.

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