Jan 17

Ready For Action

Zeke is always ready for fun.

Jan 17

Patent Pending: Skatebox

Be sure to protect yourself on all sides with the all new Kennedy Skatebox® available in recycle bins everywhere.

Jan 17

Baby Sandwich

When your big brother is laying on the floor and you tackle him, and then your other brother tackles you.


Jan 17

All Aboard

I guess we’ll just all ride together …

Jan 17

No Big Deal …

I like to brush, ok!

Oct 16

Must be Something in the Water

or candy.

Sep 16

Indoor Driving

The boys have a vintage power wheel type of car that Jeremy’s Aunt Toni gave him years ago (because Jeremy’s first car was a VW bug). Jeremy repainted it yellow to go with the room and now the boys drive it around and around the house with a little help from each other.

Sep 16

Stash Bros

May 16

Hanging with Harbor

May 16

11 Years – Part 2

We finally got a night out to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks late on May 13th. (On our actual anniversary, our babysitter we lined up was sick, so we did a beach day with the kids and ate in and watched a movie after the kids were asleep.)

So on our rare night outs we usually flip-flop between sushi at our favorite spot or Seasons 52. This was a Season’s year so we headed over to Altamonte, sat on the patio, enjoyed a sunset and got everything on the menu (not really, but close).

Drinks, apps, entrees and practically all the delicious mini desserts we could shove in our kid-free faces and then we realized .. there was NO rush, no kid drama to interrupt us, no diapers to change or babies to feed. The desserts were great and an actual conversation too.

After dinner we knew we wanted to do something else, but not just sit around so I suggested the cool mini golf place up the road called Congo River. I’ve seen it for the last 12 years I’ve been here and have yet to play there. Note to self: Mini-golf is no longer cheap, at least not there, but it was a really well maintained and a fun and wacky 18 holes. You can play like a normal put-put or you can spin these game wheels before  you put and you kick the game up a notch. In the end we did a lot of silly stuff like putting with our eyes closed, putting backwards … used our feet, used the putter like a pool cue, “if you get a hole in one, you can add puts to the others score”, things like that. We played our holes, did a little scavenger hunt they had on the back and then afterwards checked out the baby gators they have living near the entrance.

Not a bad night. Here’s to more fun times and years ahead!







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