Feb 18

Lizard Friend

While I was signing Zekie out from school on February 1st, some of the boys ran over to the courtyard and started inspecting a lizard. For unknown reasons, it had tape on its tail and the boys wanted to remove it. The lizard was feeling a little crowded and it decided to head towards higher ground, which turned out to be Zekie’s shoe. From there it went up his leg, which Zekie thought was funny at first. But then it kept climbing and by the time it got to his chest Alex’s mom, Nicole, noticed Zekie seemed a little freaked out and she flicked the lizard off when a gentle shooing didn’t get him to budge. Later when I asked Zekie about it, he said, “I was scared and Alex’s Mom stuck her hand under the lizard and flicked him off my neck!”. She saved the day!


May 16

End of the Year at the CO-OP

With so many new things going on with us this year we couldn’t really commit to a Co-op for the school year. By the end of the year though we were finally ready to try to add something in, so the last month or so we joined in on the co-op meeting at our church. There were 4 kindergartners (Logan, Molly, AJ, and Kingston) and their younger siblings. They had story time, played games, and did arts and crafts together each Wednesday until the end of the year on May 11th.

April 20th

April 27th

May 4th

May 11th



May 15

Last Day Of School

The school schedule worked out a little funny, so Kingston’s last day was the day after memorial day and his graduation the week before. May 26th they had a relaxed day and even played some sort of water game because he came home in his spare change of clothes.

School’s Out For Summer!

May 15

Kingston’s Lunch Art 2014-2015

Every day throughout the school year I wanted Kingston to know I was thinking about him while he was away, so I would surprise him with little 3″x4″ drawings and put them in his lunchbox. To keep things simple I made them all the same size and tried to limit my time to just 5-10 minutes the night before as I packed what I could of his lunch. They started as simple sharpie drawings and over time I started playing with his supplies like crayons or color pencils to color them in.

We were only a few days in to the year and his teachers and class helpers made a few comment about how much they loved the drawings and how Kingston LOVED them and would walk the drawings around to his classmates and even the class next door. Knowing he loved them so much I wanted to make sure I never forgot or never just skipped it even if I had no ideas. Imagining his smile as he cracked open the lunch box was a great motivator.

For ideas, I realized that every day is an adventure for the boys and it’s ALL new and wanted to remind Kingston of what he was learning or experiencing like a recent trip to the beach or a monster truck we built together. Each drawing was my chance to say hi to him, so a lot of times there was character he knew waving to him or I would put him in the drawings. A few times Kingston would make a special request for Dusty Crophopper, Frozen characters or Elmo or something, but most of the time I just surprised him.

Here’s a sampling of some of my random lunch drawings for Kingston:

August 2014 Lunch Art

November 2014 Lunch Art

December 2014 Lunch Art


May 15

Kingston’s VPK Graduation

Thursday night, May 21st was Kingston’s preschool graduation. The school year went by so fast, it was hard to believe we were already having a little ceremony for them to celebrate leaving preschool and becoming big ole kindergarteners. Whew! How can this be?

Oh my gosh, how precious they were to. They all walked down the center aisle following the flag and taking their places on stage for their program.

This was followed by the pledge, and four songs, “Red, White, and Blue”, “Whisper A Prayer”, “Florida Alphabet”, and “He Reigns”. The Florida Alphabet was really cute, though they did a good job with all of their songs. I was even impressed Kingston sang a lot and did some of the motions! That’s quite a big deal for him to participate in anything in front of people.

After a choir performance and a special thanks to the teachers, they played a slide show of pictures from the year. I got a little teary eyed, we’ll blame that on being pregnant ;). During the slide show they also included a baby picture and a picture of them in a graduation gown. Too bad there were balloons in the way of the screen where we were sitting so I didn’t realize their names were also displayed. Good thing I already knew their names ;P

Then it was time for the main event, each kid’s name was called and they walked on stage with their sashes and light up cap necklaces. In true Kingston fashion he did his signature, slap hand on head I’m embarrassed walk, as he made his way over to shake Mrs. Colleen’s hand. Goofy boy.

Once they were all on stage, they passed a mic around saying what they want to be when they grow up. It was very cute. Kingston said he wants to be a chef.

This was followed by a poem, “The Flower Song”, “This Little Light of Mine”, and they closed with “Kindergarten Here We Come”. I was really proud of Kingston for not only staying on stage and with his class through the whole program but also participating. I know being on stage or around a bunch of strangers is scary for him, so I thought he did a really good job handling it.


Kingston Interview

It was a really sweet program and afterwards were cookies and fruit in the fellowship hall. Grandma and Grandpa Boothe, Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy, and Great Grandma Barney came to celebrate the big night too.

Congratulations Kingston! You were Awesome!

May 15

School Field Trip To The Zoo

On May 20th, Kingston’s school took a field trip to the zoo. We all met at the carousel at 9:30 before entering the zoo. Kingston wanted nothing to do with it, so Zekie and I rode it together.

Then we checked out some bugs and fish, birds, cougars, tortoises, and giraffes before a stop at the playground. Then it was on to frogs, rhinos, monkeys, otters, snakes, alligators and petting farm. And then it was time for lunch. But not before a ride on the train.

Originally, there was supposed to be time at the splash pad too, but they happened to be remodeling it that week. Kingston told us this the night before so we didn’t bring the kids’ bathing suits. What he didn’t relay (or maybe know) was that his teachers had rented a water slide instead. So while they picked up lunch the kids all played in the water slide, which was a huge hit! One of the mom’s had brought an extra suit and towel, so K borrowed those (hence the shorty shorts look, they were a size 2) and Z played in his diaper.

Lunch was pizza, but since K can’t have cheese, Grandma K made us all some special diet approved chicken breadsticks with dipping sauce. Even decorated the boxes with pizza pictures. They loved them as seen below.

After lunch was more water sliding, petting a snake and a rabbit, and then it was time to head home. The field trip was a success!

May 15

The School Taco Party

On May 14, 2015, Kingston’s school put on a fun Taco party for families. That week the kids had learned about Mexico and colored in flag that were on display. There were tacos and chips galore and they even had dessert tacos. There was fun music, a photo booth, and games like corn hole. The kids also got a chance to try to break the most protected piñata of all time. They had to recruit Jeremy to break it open for the kids.


May 15


On Mondays Kingston school has chapel at the end of the day. It usually involves a quick bible lesson from the church pastor and then a few songs and a prayer and a little card to keep in a treasure box at home with that week’s bible verse. Kingston asked me to come a couple Mondays ago, but I forgot and told him I would come the next Monday. Then that Monday, May 11th, I almost forgot again, but thankfully remembered about 30 minutes before it was supposed to start. My plan was to sneak in and sit in the back so that I wouldn’t disrupt him and so he would still participate. That plan was immediately thrown out when one of his “loudmouth” 😉 classmates noticed us and yelled, “KINGSTON’S FAMILY IS HERE!“.

So instead, all 4 of us plus Peyton sat in the row behind his class and Kingston didn’t sing a lick. Oh well, at least I held up my end of the deal and it was cute to see the other kids singing.

May 15

Mother’s Day Tea

To celebrate Mother’s day Kingston’s school had a little Mother’s Day Tea Breakfast on May 7th. They had the tables all arranged in the Fellowship Hall with cards and gifts from each child set out. I should have guessed that Kingston’s gifts would be set at the same table as Peyton’s! I ate a few mini muffins and K had a small plate of fruit. We had already eaten eggs at home since I knew there probably wouldn’t be much at the breakfast to hold him over until lunch.

I know they do these little questionnaire’s with the kids at a lot of preschools, but I think they are always so fun to read. I love that Kingston didn’t know my name, bahaha. He can spell it and writes it on things, but has no idea what he is writing apparently. And that I’m the best at cooking. Oh Lord have mercy if that is my best quality we’re all in a whole lot of trouble. Wish I knew what he meant when he said I always tell him to “dive in the deep”. Jeremy suggested maybe it was, “go to sleep” and his teachers just didn’t understand what he was saying. LOL.

I also received a clay heart necklace, a card, and a votive candle holder with thumbprint flowers. Precious.

It’s always special when we get to have a little time together just him and I!

May 15

Kingston’s First Art Show

To raise money for Kingston’s preschool graduation his school held an art show and ice cream social on May 6th. Daddy had a meeting, so it was me and the boys along with Grandma and Grandpa Boothe, and Great-Grandma.

The ice cream social was first. Since the boys don’t eat dairy, Daddy made them some special ice cream (frozen banana blended with cold coconut cream) to bring and enjoy with everyone else. Kingston’s school BFF, Peyton, immediately greeted us and asked Kingston if he wanted to sit with him. Kingston said no which surprised us all and then we got in line to add toppings to our ice cream. By the time we were finished with that, he had changed his mind and asked if he could go sit with Peyton.

Two Grandmas, Z, K and I crammed around Peyton’s table with his family, while Grandpa ate nearby at a more roomy table. Kingston has been asking for a couple weeks now to invite Peyton over to play so this was the perfect chance to meet his mom and exchange numbers to arrange something in the future. K was too excited to be hanging with his friend to even eat more than 2 bites of his ice cream (it didn’t go to waste though, I put it back in the cooler and he was eager to eat it once we got home). Z on the other hand scarfed his right down.

Once dessert was over it was time to peruse the art. Each child had 3 pieces displayed and you could make a donation to purchase. All artwork would be displayed through the weekend and anything not purchased that night would be available for the church members to purchase on Sunday. Kingston told me a few days prior that his artwork was $50, that boy knows his artwork has value already. 😉 Time to get him selling his art on the streets and earning his keep! Grandpa purchased all three. Though not for the asking price. ;P

In a rare moment of cooperation, the artist let me take his picture next to his masterpieces and even smiled! Before running off with his friends. Then he showed Great Grandma his classroom and we headed home to bed.


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