Feb 18

Lizard Friend

While I was signing Zekie out from school on February 1st, some of the boys ran over to the courtyard and started inspecting a lizard. For unknown reasons, it had tape on its tail and the boys wanted to remove it. The lizard was feeling a little crowded and it decided to head towards higher ground, which turned out to be Zekie’s shoe. From there it went up his leg, which Zekie thought was funny at first. But then it kept climbing and by the time it got to his chest Alex’s mom, Nicole, noticed Zekie seemed a little freaked out and she flicked the lizard off when a gentle shooing didn’t get him to budge. Later when I asked Zekie about it, he said, “I was scared and Alex’s Mom stuck her hand under the lizard and flicked him off my neck!”. She saved the day!


Oct 17

Cutest Calculator

Learning math with brother.

5 fingers + 1 toe = cutest calculator ever.



#mathusee  #homeschooldays

Sep 17

Teddy Bear Day

Zekie’s class had Teddy Bear Day where each kid could bring in their favorite stuffed animal. Zekie brought in Sharkie. They had a picnic lunch upstairs and then when they animals were supposed to be sleeping they snuck out to the playground and the kids found them outside playing when it was recess time. Very cute!


Sep 17

Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

Zekie’s school had a movie showing after school. They showed the Veggie Tales Pirate movie on the big screen in the sanctuary. We stayed to watch it with his friends and made it about halfway through before the boys got bored and wanted to go. There were food characters, I think cheese puff things, that had faces and it was freaking Zekie out. LOL. So funny what does and doesn’t scare them.


Sep 17

Grandparent’s Day At School

Zekie got to have all his grandparents join him for a breakfast of cookies and donuts at school and then gave them a special craft he had made for them.


Aug 17

Knights and Princess

Fun dressing up in the community room at school.


Front row: Alex, Jordan, Sebastian, Daniel
Back row: Carissa, Reese, Same, Leilanie, Zekie, Luke, Miles, Ashtyn, Kendall

Aug 17

First Day of School 2017

Zeke's First Day of School 2017

Kingston's First day of School 2017

May 16

End of the Year at the CO-OP

With so many new things going on with us this year we couldn’t really commit to a Co-op for the school year. By the end of the year though we were finally ready to try to add something in, so the last month or so we joined in on the co-op meeting at our church. There were 4 kindergartners (Logan, Molly, AJ, and Kingston) and their younger siblings. They had story time, played games, and did arts and crafts together each Wednesday until the end of the year on May 11th.

April 20th

April 27th

May 4th

May 11th



May 15

Last Day Of School

The school schedule worked out a little funny, so Kingston’s last day was the day after memorial day and his graduation the week before. May 26th they had a relaxed day and even played some sort of water game because he came home in his spare change of clothes.

School’s Out For Summer!

May 15

Kingston’s Lunch Art 2014-2015

Every day throughout the school year I wanted Kingston to know I was thinking about him while he was away, so I would surprise him with little 3″x4″ drawings and put them in his lunchbox. To keep things simple I made them all the same size and tried to limit my time to just 5-10 minutes the night before as I packed what I could of his lunch. They started as simple sharpie drawings and over time I started playing with his supplies like crayons or color pencils to color them in.

We were only a few days in to the year and his teachers and class helpers made a few comment about how much they loved the drawings and how Kingston LOVED them and would walk the drawings around to his classmates and even the class next door. Knowing he loved them so much I wanted to make sure I never forgot or never just skipped it even if I had no ideas. Imagining his smile as he cracked open the lunch box was a great motivator.

For ideas, I realized that every day is an adventure for the boys and it’s ALL new and wanted to remind Kingston of what he was learning or experiencing like a recent trip to the beach or a monster truck we built together. Each drawing was my chance to say hi to him, so a lot of times there was character he knew waving to him or I would put him in the drawings. A few times Kingston would make a special request for Dusty Crophopper, Frozen characters or Elmo or something, but most of the time I just surprised him.

Here’s a sampling of some of my random lunch drawings for Kingston:

August 2014 Lunch Art

November 2014 Lunch Art

December 2014 Lunch Art


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