Oct 15

6 Week Postpartum Check-Up

We had our last appointment for Harbor’s pregnancy on October 5th. It technically was 7 weeks after because my 6 week appointment happen to fall at the exact time my family planned for my Grandfather’s memorial, so obviously I had to reschedule.

Shannon, who we were shocked to see since she just had a baby 3 weeks prior, came out to greet us and commented on how Harbor didn’t look like he was missing any meals. Haha, yeah that’s a no. When she came back a few minutes later she took us back to the lab for bloodwork. To which I declined. So she moved us to a room. Then cause she had her hands full with her nursing baby, another girl we had never met before came in and took my blood pressure and set up the exam table for me.

Then I guess there had been some double booking or something, but we waited a bit for Rhonda to finish with someone else. While we waited I nursed Harbor and Jeremy dared me to run across the hall to the bathroom in my state of half undress (I really had to pee!). I didn’t. Rhonda came in and did my pap and checked out where my stitch had been. Everything looked healthy. Then she checked my stomach for diastasis recti, negative. Then I redressed and used the bathroom. ;P After she took my blood pressure, 98/60, and my weight (14 pounds til pre-pregnancy weight). We talked over Harbor’s newborn screening labs – healthy, any headaches – only when I don’t eat or drink enough, and how I feel emotionally – so far so good.

As we were finishing we asked to weigh Harbor. Jeremy made a guess of 13 lbs. 4 ozs and when he placed him on the scale that’s exactly what it first read. Talk about a good guess! He had his romper and diaper on, so he didn’t weigh exactly that, but pretty close.

And that was pretty much it. We said our goodbyes and we were on our way.

As we were loading up the car, I remembered I had wanted to get a picture of her with Harbor and was debating whether I should go back inside and ask. Then all of sudden she was at the car door, she had printed out Harbor’s lab report for us and I had forgotten to grab it on our way out. So we snapped a couple pics in the parking lot. That worked out. :)

Hard to believe, all our appointments are over now. Feels like it went so fast! So thankful for such a wonderful, loving staff that took care of us so well!

Sep 15

One Month Of Harbor

So here we are, at the one month mark already. Ahhh! Time. Slow. Down.

Little man, you are just the sweetest thing. I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve loved every second of your baby cuddles and noises (ok, maybe not every second in the middle of the night, but definitely every baby grunt and coo during the day). I want to freeze this time with you, it’s already going too fast.

Some days you spit up gobs and other days a little dribble here or there. This is probably related to something I’m eating, and I should be more careful. September 5th was one of those days it was like a fountain. And then the 6th you were super fussy. I have noticed that you don’t care for brownies, you are always fussy the day after I eat those. :(

Speaking of eating, you are eating great! I think you have gotten used to my fast letdown and might even be getting mad when it slows down, as sometimes you get fussy towards the end of a feeding now even after I’ve burped you. I am so thankful this is no longer a painful experience since we fixed your tongue tie!

You are gaining weight like it’s your job (and it is ;P) and your little chicken legs are fill in and getting nice and chunky. YUM! You’ve moved up into size 1 diapers, but it won’t be too long before you move right on to 2’s.

We were able to barely squeeze all three car seats in our car which is good news. I can’t get the infant carrier out of the car, and Kingston can’t open his door from the inside anymore because the handle is blocked by a seat, but we can all go places together so until God provides a miracle of a new car for us, we will deal with these little inconveniences (because what choice do we have, haha). You mostly sleep in the car, but you tend to cry a lot when you are awake. The boys don’t like this.

Well actually they don’t like when you cry no matter where we are. Kingston will usually cover his ears and say that the crying hurts them and Zekie takes to yelling “uhhhhhhhhhhh, STOP“. This should probably bother me, but it makes me laugh (inside) when they react this way, because that’s exactly how I feel when they are yelling and screaming. Instead I tell them that isn’t helping and to help you by talking to you, singing to you, or giving you your paci. This usually doesn’t pacify you for long, but that’s all I’ve got in my bag of tricks until we get home or I can grab you.

This Month’s Stats:

Weight: 11 lbs. 2 ozs
Height: 22″
Head: 15″

Diapers: size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months, outgrown some newborns
Shoes: size 2

In my post partum news, I’m loving that I can bend down and pull laundry out of the washing machine and hang it up again without needed help and that speed bumps don’t make me cringe. It’s the little things people! I’m tired, but feeling pretty good overall. I’ve got 13 lbs left until prepregnancy weight, or 3 lbs til I’m at my normal “nursing” weight.

Sep 15

The Whole 9 Months

Aug 15

Four Day Postpartum Check-up

Originally I was supposed to have my 3 day check up on Monday, August 17th at 1 pm. But when we couldn’t get into the pediatrician for Harbor’s check up until 4 that day we called to see if TOL had anything later. They didn’t, but instead Kaleen said she’s stop by the house on Tuesday, which worked out much better for us. :) Love that my midwives make house calls!

First up was Harbor’s heel prick for the PKU test (or whatever it’s called now). Poor baby, such a bad way to be woken up. :(

My blood pressure was good, 110/60, my uterus was shrinking as it should, and where my stitches were was healing well. What was not good, was that I was raw, bruised, and bleeding from Harbor not latching right. She arranged for the lactation consultant to come out the next day to help assess what the exact problem was since he looked like he was latching right from the outside.

Next check up is at 2 weeks.

Aug 15

Welcome Harbor Asher Kennedy!

You’re here, you’re here, praise God you’re here!!!! Sweet baby Harbor we are so thrilled you are finally here with us! Here is the story of your birth (will be graphic, read at your own risk).

I’m going to start your birth story a few days before you were actually born because these things may have assisted in your birth. I’d been going to Dr. Erin for monthly adjustments throughout this pregnancy and had started going weekly this past month to help relieve some of the lower back/pelvic pressure of you being so low. Since you were somewhere between two due dates making you late/early/on time at my appointment Wednesday she also put two essential oils on me to help encourage my body to prepare for labor. One drop of clary sage on the reflexology point around my ankles and one drop of jasmine rubbed on my belly. That night I had some mild nausea and a lot of constant cramping, when I was moving around, but everything calmed down once I laid down for bed.

Thursday was busy as usual. I took the boys to swim lessons and then they went home with Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy to play and spend the night. I came home and rested a bit, applied a drop of ylang ylang on my wrist and later we went to our prenatal appointment. As we left the appointment I joked with the receptionist that we didn’t need to make an appointment for next week because you were coming this weekend. :) I applied another drop of ylang ylang this time on my belly.

That night we played it easy, we ordered take out BBQ, watched a little tv, and I went to bed around midnight.

2:30am: I woke up (probably to pee ­čśë and noticed I was having some cramping that felt a little different. For the next hour and a half I laid in bed watching tv, trying to sleep, and watching the clock to see if anything consistent was happening. Jeremy had been up late working and when he came to bed at 4 am I got up and moved to the living room. Still nothing consistent, but was feeling like they were definitely contractions now. I figured I didn’t know how long this phase was going to last so best to let Jeremy get some sleep while I was still okay on my own. For the next 7ish hours I moved around the house. I watched Clueless, I made tea, I drank the tea around 7 am, I did some laundry, I used the bathroom about 100 times, I drank some Ningxia Red juice, I did a few things on the computer, I swayed, I did the cat/cow pose, I tried to sleep/rest more, I straightened my hair, I found this video on youtube of the Hypnobirthing rainbow technique that I found relaxing, I smelled whatever essentials oils I was drawn to to help me stay calm and encourage labor progression (side note: one of my favorite oils normally is Gentle Baby but when I smelled that during labor I thought it smelled awful), and I timed my contractions online.

8 am:┬áMy contractions were still sporadic, coming between 5 – 9 minutes, though I wasn’t one hundred percent I wasn’t getting consistent because sometimes I would be peeing when another one would roll in and I wasn’t by the computer to time it. I texted our chiropractor, Dr. Erin, to give her a heads up that today was going to be the day since she was going to come over when things got more intense to assist.

9:45 am: I texted Kaleen to let her know the same thing and that I had a little brown/pink discharge.

11:00 am: I had a little water and ate a handful of peanuts.

11:30 am: Jeremy woke up and Don and Terri brought the boys home. To which I informed them they would need to pack up and head out again because I was definitely in labor at this point, with contractions about 6-7 minutes apart. I was glad to see and kiss the boys for a few minutes, but was glad to see them walk out the door again too. A testament to your mind slowing labor, my contractions spread out again while they were there and for a little bit after they left.

12 pm: Kaleen texted to check on me and I told her I was 4-6 minutes apart. She reminded me to eat and drink.

12:30pm: I texted Dr. Erin to let her know contractions were about 4-6 minutes apart, getting stronger and I was having a hard time finding a comfortable spot. I was going to try some time in the tub.

Jeremy took over timing the contractions at this point. I would just tell him when they started and ended, but didn’t really know how far apart they were at this point. I’m still listening to my Hypnobirth video through contractions though I’m having a harder time focusing as things get stronger. I ask Jeremy to check me to see if he can tell if I’m dilated. He tries, but┬ácan’t tell as it seemed Harbor was right there.

(By the way I don’t remember all these times, but through texts and photos I have been able to piece this timeline together :).

1:00pm: Jeremy texted Kaleen to let her know that my contractions were 3 minutes apart for the last 5-6 cycles. Because she was already with a Mama at 9 cms at the birth center, she sent Rhonda over to check on my progress.

He also texted Dr. Erin again since we haven’t heard back from her. She didn’t get the 12:30 text, she’s on her way now too.

1:30-45pm: Rhonda and Shannon arrive. They check the baby’s heartrate – good, my blood pressure – I assume okay cause I didn’t hear anything about it, and my pulse – a little high, Shannon tells me I need to drink more. I feel like I’ve been drinking a lot since I’ve been peeing so often, but I guess not!

The contractions are stronger now, my breathing louder and more focused and I need Jeremy for support as I sway through them. The next time I use the bathroom I have a large amount of brown/red mucus.

Dr. Erin arrives. Funny enough Rhonda was supposed to have an appointment with her that afternoon, but instead they both were at my house helping me have a baby.

2:00pm:┬áAround 2:10ish Rhonda wants to check to see how dilated I am. I’m terribly afraid she’s going to tell me I’m only 2 cms like when I was first checked with Kingston and Zekie’s labors. She says she can’t find my cervix at first and I immediately feel sad thinking that she is saying it’s still so far back it hasn’t moved forward or dilated at all. But the next words our of her mouth are sweet words straight from heaven to my ears, she says I’m 9 cms with a lip. 9 cms! 9 cms! 9 cms! This perks me right up and gives me the encouragement I need, we are SO CLOSE!

I move to go back to the tub, but make another bathroom break. I sit backwards on the toilet while Dr. Erin checks my back to make sure there is nothing out of place that would stall labor. As she touches my lower back to check, something adjusts itself before she even has a chance to do anything. I labor here through a couple contractions and she applies Valor oil to the lower part of my spine and puts counter pressure on my hips. The contractions are really coming hard now and my breathing is also harder and louder. I’m still able to smile as someone snaps my picture in between a contraction

2:30pm: I make my way to the tub, but before I can sit down two more contractions hit so I hang on to Jeremy as he supports me through them.

Dr. Erin pulls out two oils and asks which one I like the smell of. Release smells awful to me, but I like Transformation, though I have no idea what I’m smelling at the time. She adds a couple drops to epsom salt and sprinkles it in the bath.

I’m having a hard time getting comfortable in the tub and feeling so much pressure, I can’t help but gasp as I try to breath through the contractions instead of tensing up. Someone asks me if I want to feel for his head. I try, but I’m not really sure what I’m feeling for until I find my bag of water, still don’t feel a head, but definitely a small pouch of water.

It’s a few more gasping for breath contractions and I feel my water break. All my waters have broken during the pushing phase of labor, so I know we are close to seeing a baby. Also they have been monitoring his heart rate through out the whole time and now his heart rate is starting to decrease. They make me lie awkwardly on my right side through the next contraction to see if we can get him out, but it’s not working.

At this point things become a little hectic, intense and a blur. Rhonda tells everyone that we have to get me out of the tub and get the baby out now. She says to get ready to help transfer me to the bed as soon as she has the bed ready and says go. A minute later I’m being helped out of the tub as contractions are non stop and I’m being told to walk, I say I can’t and they tell me I have to. We make it to the bed, I lay back and oh the intense pressure! I’m now yelling through the next few contractions.┬á (About a week later I have a random vision of having an oxygen mask put on my face. I asked Jeremy about it to see if that really happen and he tells me they did give me oxygen during this point. I ask if I passed out and he tells me he’s not really sure.) In my head I just remember someone saying in a calm, but serious voice “Jen listen to me, don’t make noise through your mouth, use that breath and breath it down to your baby, we have to get him out, you have to concentrate. Jen focus your breathing down, you can do this“. Another push later and I felt his head come out, then more “Jen breathe down not out” and his body slipped out. So much relief and joy in that moment!

At 3:03 pm on August 14th 2015, Harbor was born! They suctioned his mouth and he was screaming, though he looks a little blue in the pictures. They passed him up to me and he laid on my tummy for awhile until the umbilical cord finally stopped pulsing and they clamped it to be cut. They kept talking about how pretty the cord was and how thick and spiral it was. I don’t know if that’s uncommon or not.

Jeremy cut both the other boys cords, but didn’t really┬áwant to do it again. Haha, poor guy. They asked if I wanted to do it and I decided I might as well try it. So at 3:26 I cut the cord that had connected us for the last 9 months.

It felt like cutting through a soft rubber hose, though not as squishy as I imagined, but I think that was because Jeremy had already prepped me that it would be a soft texture.

After cutting the cord I was able to move him up closer and see his face better and we waited for my placenta to come out. It seemed to be taking awhile so we moved Harbor to a better position to latch him on and soon after my placenta was also delivered. Birthing was now complete!

As with my other births I had a tiny tear that required stitches. Well it turns out just one tiny stitch that Rhonda took care of while I nursed Harbor.

At some point Harbor pooped on my stomach and hand. I didn’t even care, I was just so happy he was here and healthy. Plus it’d been awhile since he was born and plenty of time had passed for us to put a diaper on him, so it was kind of our own fault.

After they got me all fixed up, they started working on the paperwork and my Mom, who had arrived in the meantime, came in for a visit. I have no idea where Jeremy is at this point, but Rhonda asked if I wanted to see the placenta some time around 4 pm. I decided yes since I hadn’t seen the other ones (later Jeremy tells me I saw Zekie’s, but I don’t remember it). It was all intact and very interesting. I didn’t realize that the sac he had been living in was attached to the placenta. Maybe that’s dumb, but I really had no concept of the sack of water/placenta/etc. She held it up and opened up the empty sack where it had burst when my water broke. And showed us how all the veins (?) branch out on it like a tree (hence Tree of Life). God really has created an amazing design.

4:45 pm: Dr. Erin checked his mouth because he was making clicking noises when he ate. Everything appeared to be okay except a little tongue tie, but it didn’t seem like it was affecting him much. Then she gave Harbor his first adjustment. Love that we have such a great support team and he is able to start off life on the very best footing. He was really calm as she checked his back until she touched one spot about midway up his spine. Then he wailed, guess that was the spot that needed adjusting! Then he was peaceful again. :)

Immediately after, about 5pm now, Rhonda performed the newborn exam on him. This is when we found out how big he was. He looked small to us, but everyone else kept saying he wasn’t plus he’d measured big on the sonos so I was really curious to find out what he actually weighed.

8 pounds 10 ozs, our biggest guy out of the three! 21.5″ long (slightly shorter than Zekie, but a little longer than Kingston). 14″ head (same size as Zeke, 1″ bigger than Kingston). Light blondish hair with a receding hair line. ;P Dark blue eyes, they seem similar to how we remember Zekie’s eyes, so I wonder if they will eventually change to brown too. Everything looked good. His lungs sounded good and she listened to his heart for quite awhile, nice and strong with no skipping. He has a little fat roll on the back of his neck and a “stork bite”. He also has a little dimple that appears sometimes on his right cheek. Everyone kept commenting on how strong he is. Has to be able to keep up with his brothers!

At some point a chicken sandwich showed up for me to eat since I was starting to get hungry now after a day of only eating a couple handfuls of nuts and grapes.

Kaleen showed up soon after with a vitamin K shot (Rhonda wasn’t supposed to be working and hadn’t had a chance to restock her birth bag after a busy week of babies). Which he did not like, he actually pulled it out of his leg the first time (see he’s strong!) and she had to poke him again :(.

The boys had woken up from their naps by now and Don and Terri brought them over so everyone could meet Harbor. Kingston walked in first, saw him, saw everyone else and stormed right out. Zekie followed behind, but he was more interested. He walked over to the bed and looked at Harbor and said he was cute and rubbed his back. Then he saw everyone else and realized he had an audience and started “performing” for the midwives. ­čśŤ

A few minutes later, Kingston came in with Grandma Kennedy’s phone to take pictures of baby Harbor. Then all was okay. And as expected, then the boys went about their business. Not really much interest in the baby.

With everything cleaned up and paperwork done, Kaleen and Rhonda headed home while we visited more with family. A little later my Dad arrived after working all day.

Then the boys went home with Don and Terri to spend the night again and my parents left.

We ordered Chinese for dinner and by 8 pm I was struggling to keep my eyes open.┬áBut after feeding him again I got a second wind (or was just beyond tired) and couldn’t fall asleep for awhile even though I wanted to and knew I needed too. I think I finally fell asleep around 1 am, almost 24 hours after waking up the day before. So relieved he was here and healthy and perfect in every way!



Aug 15

41 Weeks Appointment

Baby Charming!

We had our “41 week” appointment on August 13th. It’s a little weird seeing that, since I know based off the conception date you really aren’t even 40 weeks til the 15th, but that dang ultrasound had you measuring big and so now here we are with only one more week left before they will make you come out if you don’t come on your own. We’re losing a whole extra week, but I’m trying not to focus on that, because I believe you are coming this weekend anyway! We are so excited for you to finally be out here with us and to meet your sweet face!

Our appointment was good. There was a baby being born so our appointment was delayed about a 1/2 hour. My urine was negative, I had no weight gain, you’re measuring 40 weeks, you’re back on my right side, and your heart rate was around 135. My blood pressure was back to a more normal rate again, 120/78, yea! Your head is so low that they said they couldn’t even get it to move (I’m not really sure what that means). And that’s about it. Kaleen said she would just stop by our house on Monday to check me and strip my membranes, but hopefully we won’t have to get to that point, because you are coming this weekend. Right?

You’ve been low for awhile now, but I’m definitely having a harder time getting up and around and walking. Last night, you were feeling so very low and I was having constant cramping in my stomach and down my thighs. You were also moving a ton. I was really hoping that it might turn into labor, but no such luck.

Here’s hoping the next time I write about you, it’s about how you entered the world!

Love you!


Aug 15

39 Week Appointment

Baby Charming,

Here we are at the final countdown, this week is the first of two due dates for you (August 6th & 15th)! At our appointment on August 4th, you were at 39 weeks and 5 days. I was hoping we might not have to go to that appointment cause you would be here, but although I feel like you are low enough to fall out, something is still holding you in!

I seem to have a stress reaction to my blood pressure being taken now and I don’t think the lab room Shannon keeps taking it in is helping any. It was back to being high this week at 140/80. No other signs of problems though. My urine is negative, I’ve gained 2 pounds since the last office visit (grand total of 31, so right on track with my other pregnancies at this point), I’m measuring 40 weeks, you were back on the right side and your heart rate was around 135.

We met with Diane and Brooke and there really wasn’t much to talk about except for now it’s just a waiting game for you…

I was hoping that the blue moon on July 31st might bring you a little early, no such luck.

We are all so ready to meet you, on August 1st at breakfast Kingston said to me, “Mom, I want the baby to come out“. It made me laugh and I told him “Me too!“. I think we are all over me being pregnant and ready to snuggle you and find our new normal!

I haven’t had a lot of trouble with you in my ribs this pregnancy, maybe because you seem to be riding so low, but the past week I guess you’ve been getting pretty cramped because I’ve felt little toes jabbing right into my ribs a couple times. Ouch!

I’ve also hit “beached whale” status in bed. I’m up every hourish to pee and trying to get out of bed is an Olympic event with this belly. If Daddy is still awake he’ll give me a good push to help, otherwise I’m rocking my way over until I reach the edge of the bed to pull myself out. ;P

Hoping the next time I write is about your arrival!

Love you always,


Jul 15

Home Visit

Baby Charming,

Can’t believe we’re down to the final countdown now and it’s time for our home visit! Originally it was supposed to be on Friday, but a baby was being born and Kaleen was going to stop by over the weekend since she lives close, but more babies and it just slipped her mind. Haha. It worked out though because she rescheduled it for Wednesday, July 29th and our next office appointment was supposed to be the 30th, so we got to skip that drive. :)

She checked our supplies to make sure everything was there and made some ice packs and then we chatted for quite a bit about other things before checking on you. We’re about 38 weeks and 6 days, your heartrate was in the 135-140s and you were on my left side for a change, which is good, that’s a better position for you to be in. And after higher than normal BP the last two visits, it was finally back down to normal for me, 100/60. Yea! I didn’t weigh myself, or take a urine test, and she had given her last measuring tape to a kid and forgotten to replace it in her bag so we didn’t measure you either. She did say your head was really low, she couldn’t really get it to wiggle much at all.

It’s so nice not having to go to an appointment, when they come to you. Makes me dream of living in the days when doctors made house calls. ­čśë

After that we talked for a bit more and then she headed out.

Other things that have happen since our last appointment…

Grandma Boothe has been sorting through her old school supplies and giving us some things she thinks we could use. As Kingston and I were digging through one of the bins on July 14th we found a flashlight and decided to hold it against my belly. Then we watched my belly as you moved around a bit. You didn’t follow it or move a lot, but it was still fun for us to see you react to it at all.

You are so low it feels like you are pushing on my pelvic bones and they are sore. I woke up in the middle of the night July 23th with bad back cramps and couldn’t sleep well all night (not that I’m sleeping great right now anyway with the 20 trips a night to the bathroom). The next day I felt awful and was really cranky. The next night I put some lavender on my back before bed and that really helped calm and soothe my muscles and I slept much better because I could relax and was a much nicer person the next day. I continued doing that every night until I got in to see Dr. Erin on the 29th for an adjustment. I’m still slow and sore in my pelvic area, but my back is feeling some relief!

On the 24th we did henna on my belly. I loved how it turned out!

On the 25th we shot some maternity photos with a friend. I joked that now everything I wanted to accomplish before you came was done and that you could come that afternoon. Obviously, you had other plans. ;P

Both boys have said they have babies in their bellies too, but Kingston has now named his Noah and tells me sometimes that he moves and that he hurts him. Haha, so cute to see him copying me!

That’s it for now. Maybe next time I write it will be about your birth (hint, hint). :)

All my love,


Jul 15

Henna Baby

I couldn’t let this pregnancy pass by without a little henna art! Brandy came over on July 24th and drew this one. The boys kept asking what she was doing to my belly. I told them she was drawing on my belly with chocolate. ­čśë


I think this is my favorite one so far!

Jul 15

A Sprinkle Of Tea For Baby And Me

Carrie and Kristy-Lee organized a precious┬átea brunch on July 18th┬áto celebrate┬áBaby Charming’s upcoming arrival. We’ve had this tea room in town, Dicken’s Coffee & Tea Room, for a few years now that I’ve never been in before, but I thought it turned out to be a great location with a tasty high tea spread. It was small and quiet and there were only a couple other tables of people, so we didn’t have to worry about bothering other diners┬áand it was easy to move about and mingle with my friends.

The parties aren’t as big when you’re pregnant with your third boy, nor do you really need much outside of diapers (well and a car that┬áthe whole fam can┬áfit in, but that’s going to have to be a miracle in itself to get), so it was very generous of everyone┬áto all pitch in for a gift card for us. We have such kind and wonderful friends. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to buy a few “wants” along with diapers and wipes. :)

Thank you to all my lovely friends and family for celebrating our newest little guy! It was a sweet treat to spend that time with you all!

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