May 16

Summer Friends

While on a neighborhood ride we ran into our neighbor Kevin and his dog Riley which the kids love.

Just so happened to have the new Lomo’instant camera and captured the moment.

Apr 16

Discovering Snapchat

Aunt Nicole introduced us to the wonder of Snapchat lenses. The kids think this is AMAZING. “Can we do faces Dad?” they ask all the time now. It sometimes has some weird results, especially when we switch faces but it leaves everyone smiling. Here’s a sampling of the weirdness we’ve been creating lately.


Oct 15

Happy Halloween!

From our third little pumpkin.

Sep 15

Harbor’s Newborn Photos

Sep 15

Sunsets are Kinda Good Here

Backyard today, no filters or photoshoppery.

Jul 15

Harbor’s Maternity Photo Shoot

Photos by Scott Cook

Apr 15

Look to the Skies

Here’s a look some of the interesting cloud formations we saw while playing in the backyard the afternoon of April 21, 2015.

Apr 15

From the Backyard

Sometimes the sunsets out our backdoor are just awesome. #nofilter #nophotoshop #Godisapainter

Oct 14

Kingston’s First School Picture

In October Kingston had his first school picture taken. Here’s our big preschooler and his classmates. If I had know it was a full body shot, I might have pushed for different socks. Haha.

Jul 13

Fourth of July

This year’s 4th of July afternoon was spent doing exactly what we did last year. After his nap, Kingston got himself dressed to go the lake and in the process put his bathing suit on backwards. Jeremy told K he now had to walk backwards, and K believed him and did just that. My favorite kidism of the day. In the morning before naps, we wanted to try some 4th-inspired painting. Here’s the result:

I was feeling a bit patriotic too so I painted my toes.

We brought the kiddie pool to the lake house again and the boys, mostly Mason, took turns canon balling  on each other into it. Neither of them had the extra cushion of diapers to protect their booties anymore, so I wonder if they were sore the next day…

After everyone arrived we ate a pot luck dinner of fried chicken, baked beans, potato salads, noodle salads, patriotic rice krispy treats, brownies, cookies and more.

Zekie did what Zekie does best and got his cuddle on with anyone willing to hold him.

Kingston had his first boat ride and loved it. He spent the first part sitting with Grandpa and the second part chilling with me in the front, while we watched Daddy feel his age ride his wakeboard.

This also was when we had the bummer part of our day, when our GoPro camera took a dive in the lake as Jeremy was flipping and didn’t come up for air. May you rest in peace in the bottom of that murky water (or as I like to imagine, in the middle of some gator’s belly), it was a fun 6 months we got to play with you.

Kingston second boat ride was soon after, on a second failed search and rescue mission for the good ole GP. That search ended with a race across the water and back to the house as a thunderstorm rapidly approached. We watched as a thick wall of rain moved across the lake and then overtook us. While searching Mason asked, “are we going on an adventure?”, and it’s safe to say we had a mini one as Arthur and I huddled with the boys under a towel in the back of the boat as the rain pelted us. While the guys (my dad, Don, Jeremy and Arthur) docked and secured the boat, I grabbed the boys and helped them run across the lawn to the grandmas. I only made it halfway though before I saw our tent going for a walk, literally the legs were making their way to the boat ramp. I sent the boys on, while I ran towards the tent, yelling for Jeremy. Terri joined me holding the tent down and Arthur and Jeremy made their way over in time for us to get the tent down before Terri and I took off. A minute later my brother came sliding in to home plate the porch, those paver stones are slippery when wet! All of us, but I think my mom – who had the kids, were drenched, but made it safely inside! I don’t remember there being as many rainstorms last year, but hey that only added to the excitement this year.

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening inside except for a brief few minutes with the ducks until the fireworks.

The rain had really cooled things off which made it very enjoyable to sit outside. We were hoping that might keep the mosquitoes away too, but no such luck there, we all still came home with some bites. Jeremy had bought K some sparklers and poppers, but it was too wet for poppers and K was not interested in the sparklers because he was too terrified of the fireworks. The little man, huddled in my lap, eventually falling asleep. Z also slept through the fireworks on my mom’s lap.

At 10 we loaded up the car and made our way home from a fun fourth! Thanks Pat & Debbie for opening your home to all of us!

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