Dec 14

23 Months Of Zekie

Oh Zekie, Zekie, Zekie, you are dangerously close to being two. Only one little month left and I won’t be doing these monthly updates anymore.  :(

What you’re saying:

Poopoo barn – Peekaboo barn (game) – 11/14
Waygos – Legos – 11/16
Mangoes– flamingos 11/19
Frosty snowman – 11/19
tawee – three – 11/20
Paweeze – please 12/6

For a few days you called mashed potatoes clouds. “More clouds paweeze!

When Kingston gets hurt you ask if he is okay and then try to tickle him to cheer him up. Precious boy.

You had a hair stuck to your hand that you couldn’t get off. You asked me to “help paweeze?” and after I removed the hair you said, “good job helping“. Cracked me up.

You started counting 1,2,3,5,6,7 and then 5,6,7,1,2,3 (Nov. 30th).

If I ask you what color something is you say, “Green!”. Pretty much every time no matter what color it actually is.

Your right canine tooth busted through on November 18th. Your other canines busted through on December 3rd.

You like to sing at bedtime now. You will sing Jesus Loves Me with me and Frosty the Snowman (11/20). But you like for me to sing Rockabye Baby as I lay you in your crib. If I don’t you start shouting, “rock, rock, rock!“. At first I thought this meant you wanted to rock in the chair more, until you were still yelling rock as I rocked and it finally hit me what you were really asking for.

Sometimes you pretend to snore.

You like to sleep with a giraffe and elephant, both of which play music, and both of which you like to be playing while you go to sleep.

November 29th you started buckling yourself into your highchair. You can’t get it unbuckled by yourself yet though.


This months stats:

Weight: 26#

Height: 34.75″

Head: 19.25″

Clothes: 2T tops. Bottoms you can still wear 12 months in shorts. 18 month pants.

Shoes: 6

Diapers: 4 during the day, 5 during the night

Jun 14

Rock n Roll – Clothing Optional

For Kingston’s birthday his Great Aunt Toni & Uncle Jeff got him a drum set like Daddy’s. He’s been known to rock at various times throughout the day and sometimes he wears clothes.

Apr 14

Song In My Heart

Zekie had his last music class on Friday, April 25th. He had such a good time dancing to the music and learning from Mrs. Elizabeth. It was a sweet time for us to have one on one time together to play!

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We started our Valentine’s at music class for Zekie. He loves dancing around to the music, I love watching him bop around to the beats. K joined us this week, I brought his tablet to keep him busy. He half played with it, half hung out with Z and I since no one else showed up to class, giving us a private session.

From there, we drove over one street to meet some of our friends at a park for a Valentine’s party. How cute are these kids?

Kingston passed out his handmade “abstract” cards and was excited to get cards back from his friends. Zekie liked playing with the mulch. What’s new? After some play time it was time to hit the road for lunch at home with Daddy.

K showed off his Valentine’s to Daddy when he got home and was excited to look at them all again. When I read the Frozen themed one from his friend, Charlotte, “Do you want to build a snowman?”, he told me, “I don’t want to build a snowman, I want to eat him”. Sounds like a good plan to me. 😉

After naps, the boys got a special Valentine’s treat from us, new plates, bowls, and silverware, chocolate trains, shaving cream bath soap, and a little crochet bird I made.

Then Don and Terri came over with cupcakes for K to decorate.

When they left, we fed the boys dinner and shipped them off to an early bedtime. Then we ordered Chinese take-out and watched a double feature of Clue (still good 30ish years later) and Katy Perry: Part of Me (both of which we had on our Netflix queue and have been meaning to find time to watch.) We had a nice low key Valentine’s day.

Feb 14


Back in December my mommy group had a raffle for Christmas and I won Musikgarten classes. I was super excited to have the chance to take Zekie since I had done it with Kingston when he was little too. His first class was January 31st at Starving Artist Studio. There were only two other kids signed up, one didn’t show up and the other was 15 minutes late, so Zekie had a private music lesson in the beginning. He really liked Ms. Elizabeth’s music book and the big speaker that he noticed the music was coming out of. He was really cute dancing to the beat and since he had just discovered he could spin the night before, he practiced that new skill a few times too. He was not impressed with the scarfs, but liked the bells and the shoes of the little girl that did eventually show up. Haha. Overall he looked like he was enjoying himself, I think he will like the class.

Aug 12

Grandparent Kennedys Visit

Jeremy’s parents arrived a few days before Kingston’s birthday party and stayed with us for a week of fun, food and as always a few projects. Kingston had fun walking over to Grandma & Grandpa’s room in the morning with his loud toys, and spending his days with Grandma and Grandpa. Jen got some much needed rest since baby #2 has been sapping her energy. We also didn’t have to worry about cooking with Jeremy’s mom here so that was a huge plus.

Kingston enjoyed playing with his Grandma’s dogs Emmy and Bailey.

Every night we tried to take a walk or ride when the temperature was a bit cooler. We even kept the bounce house out for some afternoon fun as well.

One of the great perks of having Jeremy’s parents here is that Jeremy and Don get to tackle projects around the house. This time we wanted to tackle some renovations to our built-in Entertainment center. We upgraded our tv a while back and it no longer fit. We decided to get rid of one of our shelves and add two new ones. One to hold the TV and one along the bottom to make it a bit more custom. Here are the results:

On the day before they left, Kingston’s Grandma let him listen to music on her iPhone and it kept him occupied for almost an hour. He was dancing and playing and didn’t want his time with the phone to end.

We had a great week. Thanks Terri for the great food and Don for the handiwork, we really appreciate it.

May 12

To The Beach

We loaded up the truck and drove to Bethune for Beach Baptism on April 22nd. Earlier in the week the forecast had threatened storms, but it turned out to be a beautiful day with one quick rain shower. We brought my parents along this time and Kingston had a good time playing with Grandpa and Grandma. He loves the water, but that soft sand is still tricky for him, there were a few face plants.

Kingston made a friend and the boys played catch and baseball for a little bit.

During the service he really liked the music and busted out some of his sweet dance moves, on top of his chair no less.

It was a wonderful day where 207 people were baptized! So cool.

May 12

23 Months

I can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that next month our baby will be 2. Hard to believe.

Our mini man is weighing in at 26 lbs., 32″ tall, and 19.5″ head. He moved up to size 5 diapers and it his size 5 shoes are starting to fit a little snug.

Kingston can say yellow, baby, uh oh, peas (please), and uh uh (thank you). He has a very low, manly “bye” (although not a new word). He calls balls, books, bubbles, his paci, and whatever else he wants at the moment “ba”. We’re not sure why he calls the paci, “ba”, only makes sense in his little head.

Loves trying to dress himself. He will put his socks on and off ALL DAY LONG. He also wants to do this with his shoes, which causes us to have little tiffs because honestly I get bored. Putting on and taking off shoes a hundred times an hour wears me out, but he doesn’t get tired of it, and when I try to move to another activity he gets mad. He can get his shirt off, but not on yet. And he discovered the pockets in his shorts.

Three new teeth are breaking through, a bottom left front, and a top molar on each side, making a total of 11 teeth. I think the bottom right will be popping out next. All these teeth at once is making him very dependent on his “ba”.

Kingston started dabbling in videography and self portraits recently. He has no interest in tv, but loves to watch videos of himself.

Not new, but he breaks out in dance whenever he hears a song he likes, in the car, at a restaurant, around the house, whereever.

Again, not new, but I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that when he starts walking fast he puts his arms behind him. I guess he likes his face to take the brunt of his falls. Wouldn’t want to scratch up our hands.

And lastly, he still makes little grunts and sighs all through the night as he sleeps. I don’t know why I find this so endearing, but it just makes me smile.

Apr 12

22 Months

This month Kingston has been expressing his opinion through the shaking of his head no. We get a Yes every now and then too, but not as often as a No. It’s been entertaining to watch him shake his head no to correctly answer questions and to also turn down things you know he really does want. This also has led to him having an opinion on what he wants to wear each day. Sometimes his vote counts, and sometimes he has to wear what Mom picks anyway.

Which brings me to his new skill of putting on shorts. He did this for the first time on March 29th. Sure they were inside out and backwards, but he got them on.

He has gotten better with the shorts, but gets frustrated with pants. And well, hasn’t figured out the shirts yet.

He has been saying “Hi Daddy” a lot to get Jeremy’s attention. This boy loves his Daddy. He also is saying yes, this, and belly.

Kington has been signing “please” since March 16th and we’ve taught him “sorry” too, but I think it confuses him because they are so similar.

He continues to laugh when I use the bathroom and is very curious about toilet paper. The other week, before I could flush the toilet he reached in and pulled out the toilet paper. Yes, that’s right, the USED toilet paper. It was a delight. Thank God it was only pee.

He hates having his diaper changed. Probably because it takes away from playing, although it would not take as much time if he would stop screaming and just let us change him.

He has been bopping to music for awhile, but now he will start clapping at the end of a song if he likes it. If you watch The Voice, he really liked Kim from Adam’s team.

Size wise, not really a change. He wears size 18 month shorts, 2T tops, and size 5 shoes. He’s still in size 4 day diapers and size 5 night diapers. He weighs 25 lbs., 32″ tall, and a 19″ round head.

I’m continuing to love this age. He is so much fun! I adore watching him walk and run around and get excited about new things. He really is the cutest thing ever.

Mar 12

21 Months

One year and three quarters in no particular order.

Kingston is 25.5 pounds, 31.5″ tall and has a head measurement of 19″.

Tooth #8 made its grand appearance, his first molar on the bottom right side. Is he supposed to get all the rest of them by 2?

He walks on his tiptoes sometimes and uses this new skill to reach up on counters and into drawers to pull out things he can’t see. He still hasn’t quite mastered the concept of stepping down. He just walks right off things and then of course falls in a heap. He gives me a heart attack everytime we are around any steps.

He’s liking sneaking into small spaces like between his crib and the wall and between the bookcase and his closet doors.

He seems to be more verbal, tries to repeats us a lot. You still can’t understand most of what he is saying, but that’s okay.

He helps us out now from time to time handing us things or sorting the laundry.

I’m constantly surprised by his memory. On February 23rd, he brought me out a book and let me read to the end. I think the last time I saw the end of the book was maybe a year ago, and I didn’t remember that Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star was even in the book. When I started reading/singing it, he started making a hand gesture for star. Something he hadn’t seen done since music class 3 months prior. This week alone he knew to go to the side door at Great Grandma’s, that she had stairs and where they are and that some breakable items he likes to try to play with were missing, even though we hadn’t been to her house since the end of December.

Some mornings we find him shirtless, since he now knows how to take his shirt off. He hasn’t gotten his pants off yet, but I’m sure that’s not far behind.

He also has become self conscious of using the bathroom, he walks off for some privacy.

He “dances” whenever he hears music now. Whether it is from the radio, in a restaurant, or during a commercial, he just starts bopping. He also has started pointing to the radio in his room for you to turn on the music.

Kingston is having fun playing with his toys in creative ways

He loves having his baths every night and has a good time with the bubbles too.

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