Oct 16

First Hurricane

Well not the first one Jeremy and I have ever been through, or even ever been through together, but the first one we’ve had as homeowners and the first one for each of the boys. The last time Jeremy and I went through a hurricane was back when we were dating in 2004 and it was the Fall of hurricanes, with 3 coming through between August and September. Whew.

Because there are so many freak outs each year that a hurricane is coming and then it fizzles out or turns before it’s anywhere near us, we didn’t think anything of this one when it was still a week out. On Tuesday night when it was looking clear Hurricane Matthew was definitely coming, we pulled a few things in from our backyard, the things that go flying anytime we have a bad summer storm anyway. Then Wednesday, the night before, we took down the trampoline and cleared the porch since by this point they were saying it was going to be a Catergory 3-4 by the time it hit us. We already had some water on hand and Jeremy had gotten gas that morning (thankfully before everyone else did and everywhere started running out), but he ran out that night to get a few last minute groceries.

Thursday, October 6th, Jeremy still had to work, so he left and we had a normal morning. We decided it would be fitting to learn about hurricanes for school. We spent a good deal of time looking at maps and projections of where the storm would go and what would happen.

By 2 p.m. Jeremy’s office had closed, he made another last minute stop to pick up bread (the store was out last night) and we finished throwing a few last minute items into the garage.

It had been raining on and off all day and the sky was getting darker. I wanted to get the rest of the laundry done and Jeremy handled getting the boys bathed and we all sat down to a early dinner. The boys knew a big storm was coming in the middle of the night, and though they weren’t acting scared, I thought it would be best if they all slept in our room for the night, a giant slumber party.

Once the kids were in bed, we made sure all the dishes were out of the sink and the house was clean (ish). We also put towels around our windows since they have leaked in the past.

The storm was set to hit in the middle of the night/early morning. The boys didn’t stir. I woke a couple times, I think from a couple text messages. I don’t think it was from the storm, I don’t even really remember hearing it, but barely. It was raining with windy gusts from time to time, but it didn’t seem that bad by the time we woke around 8:30. Apparently it shifted just enough that instead of a Category 4 we ended up feeling more like a tropical storm/Category 1.

Thankfully that shift meant no damage for us, not even a tree limb at our house, but we did get a boat load … or lake full of rain. Our dry ditch became a full on lake. As full as we’ve ever seen it since living here. On an occasion we’ll get a little wading pond if it rains hard, but this time it covered the drain pipe and was about a foot away from hitting the top of the drain that takes it out to the real lake at the back of our neighborhood. The rest of the day the boys played and painted and I took a nap, haha. Rainy weather is the perfect napping weather.

Our neighbors got a little more adventurous during the windier parts of the day.

Then around 4 p.m. when the storm was practically gone, we lost internet. Go figure that. We never lost power though and the next morning Brighthouse came out and fixed it.

And that was it. So glad it was mild (some other parts of the state and other states did not fair as well). Pulling everything in was a pain, but glad it turned out to be nothing more than some extra rain.


May 16

End of the Year at the CO-OP

With so many new things going on with us this year we couldn’t really commit to a Co-op for the school year. By the end of the year though we were finally ready to try to add something in, so the last month or so we joined in on the co-op meeting at our church. There were 4 kindergartners (Logan, Molly, AJ, and Kingston) and their younger siblings. They had story time, played games, and did arts and crafts together each Wednesday until the end of the year on May 11th.

April 20th

April 27th

May 4th

May 11th



May 16

Mother’s Day 2016

For Mother’s Day this year, on May 8th, my cuties gave me some cards they made and then we went to church where they each picked out a different color flower to give me (well Kingston picked out one for Harbor ;).  And then we spent the afternoon at my parents’ house swimming and eating.


The boys made these for me at church. Zeke colored 2.

Back home:


May 16


The boys usually only drive their jeeps in the backyard, but since they’re becoming better drivers they wanted to hit the sidewalk and cruise by their friend Lily’s house hoping to take her out for a drive.

Apr 16

Discovering Snapchat

Aunt Nicole introduced us to the wonder of Snapchat lenses. The kids think this is AMAZING. “Can we do faces Dad?” they ask all the time now. It sometimes has some weird results, especially when we switch faces but it leaves everyone smiling. Here’s a sampling of the weirdness we’ve been creating lately.


Jan 16

Happy New Year 2016!

Here’s how we all rung in the New Year. Happy 2016!

Nov 15

Boys Club

Oct 15

Halloween 2015

Leading up to Halloween this year, Zekie kept saying he wanted to be a ghost. I’m not sure where he got that idea from, and even though I know that is basically the easiest costume ever to make, I was not feeling up to worrying with it when we have a whole bin of dress up costumes. I kept trying to encourage him to want to dress up as Dusty the airplane. Then the day before Halloween, he decided ghosts were scary and that he wanted to be a monkey. Whew


Kingston on the other hand had been obsessed with a paper mask he had brought home from church and wanted to use it to be “Super Mickey”. He had been saying this for weeks and did not waver.

Harbor was a pumpkin, because well, when your two brothers have been a pumpkin for their first Halloween, you kind of have to by default. It’s amazing how that one costume has been able to fit all of them even though it is 6 month size and not a one of them has been that age at Halloween. K was the closest at 4-1/2 months. Z was 9-1/2 and H is 2-1/2 months.

Per the usual, the Grandparents came over and we all ate dinner together before we along with the Grandmas’ headed out to start trick or treating.

The boys were super excited and had fun walking around. Harbor was not too impressed and fell asleep for a bit. The bugs were out in full force which was annoying. I didn’t think they would be so bad, but I should have known better and sprayed us before we left the house.

K ditched his mask almost immediately, stating it was too hot (yep had to be that paper mask and not that full body fleece costume, yep definitely the mask).

We have yet to make it further than down our street and the cul-de-sac of the next and this year was no different. Before we even made it back to our street, Z was toast and too tired to even get out of the stroller to go to another house.

Once back at the house, we weighed the boys’ candy loot, 1-1/2 lbs. each and they each got a very special treat of three pieces. Since sugar isn’t allowed on K’s diet, this was a big deal. Then they each received $2 ($1 a pound) and their candy disappeared, to be donated to soldiers overseas through our neighbor’s charity.

A few days later they took their money to Target (along with a few other bucks from their banks) and they each picked out a small Lego car set, Zekie picked a bulldozer and Kingston picked a race car.

Oct 15

Pumpkin Patch #2

There is a pumpkin patch that we pass often on our way around town and we had been telling the boys we could stop at it too. Sunday the 25th after naps we drove over for the boys to play some.

We did some bowling. Though I usually didn’t even get all the pins set back up before Zekie was throwing the ball and knocking them all down again. There was some attempts at hula hooping. Some bean bag tossing. And a little girl that wouldn’t stop following us around with a wagon (she liked Harbor).

At the end we picked out a large pumpkin, and the boys spun a prize wheel and got little goodie bags with stickers, pencils and stamps.

They had a good time and didn’t want to leave.

When we got home they decided to put sticker faces on their painted pumpkins from the other patch. Multiple faces actually. 😉

Oct 15

Harbor’s First Pumpkin Patch

October 19th, we headed to the pumpkin patch with my family for our annual photos with the boys. We went at 5 p.m. and it was still hot! They had this huge semi truck full of pumpkins and a line of people that were passing the pumpkins out and down into the patch the whole hour we were there and they still had plenty left to go!

We attempted to take some pictures. There is not a single one of our family that every member was looking. I think that’s just what happens when you are trying to get three kids to look the same way! Kingston was great, Harbor was even pretty good, Zekie was our handful. Could not get him to sit still for a picture for anything.

After some photo attempts, the boys loved playing around the patch and then picking out their own baby pumpkins. A few days later they painted them with Jeremy.

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