Oct 16

First Hurricane

Well not the first one Jeremy and I have ever been through, or even ever been through together, but the first one we’ve had as homeowners and the first one for each of the boys. The last time Jeremy and I went through a hurricane was back when we were dating in 2004 and it was the Fall of hurricanes, with 3 coming through between August and September. Whew.

Because there are so many freak outs each year that a hurricane is coming and then it fizzles out or turns before it’s anywhere near us, we didn’t think anything of this one when it was still a week out. On Tuesday night when it was looking clear Hurricane Matthew was definitely coming, we pulled a few things in from our backyard, the things that go flying anytime we have a bad summer storm anyway. Then Wednesday, the night before, we took down the trampoline and cleared the porch since by this point they were saying it was going to be a Catergory 3-4 by the time it hit us. We already had some water on hand and Jeremy had gotten gas that morning (thankfully before everyone else did and everywhere started running out), but he ran out that night to get a few last minute groceries.

Thursday, October 6th, Jeremy still had to work, so he left and we had a normal morning. We decided it would be fitting to learn about hurricanes for school. We spent a good deal of time looking at maps and projections of where the storm would go and what would happen.

By 2 p.m. Jeremy’s office had closed, he made another last minute stop to pick up bread (the store was out last night) and we finished throwing a few last minute items into the garage.

It had been raining on and off all day and the sky was getting darker. I wanted to get the rest of the laundry done and Jeremy handled getting the boys bathed and we all sat down to a early dinner. The boys knew a big storm was coming in the middle of the night, and though they weren’t acting scared, I thought it would be best if they all slept in our room for the night, a giant slumber party.

Once the kids were in bed, we made sure all the dishes were out of the sink and the house was clean (ish). We also put towels around our windows since they have leaked in the past.

The storm was set to hit in the middle of the night/early morning. The boys didn’t stir. I woke a couple times, I think from a couple text messages. I don’t think it was from the storm, I don’t even really remember hearing it, but barely. It was raining with windy gusts from time to time, but it didn’t seem that bad by the time we woke around 8:30. Apparently it shifted just enough that instead of a Category 4 we ended up feeling more like a tropical storm/Category 1.

Thankfully that shift meant no damage for us, not even a tree limb at our house, but we did get a boat load … or lake full of rain. Our dry ditch became a full on lake. As full as we’ve ever seen it since living here. On an occasion we’ll get a little wading pond if it rains hard, but this time it covered the drain pipe and was about a foot away from hitting the top of the drain that takes it out to the real lake at the back of our neighborhood. The rest of the day the boys played and painted and I took a nap, haha. Rainy weather is the perfect napping weather.

Our neighbors got a little more adventurous during the windier parts of the day.

Then around 4 p.m. when the storm was practically gone, we lost internet. Go figure that. We never lost power though and the next morning Brighthouse came out and fixed it.

And that was it. So glad it was mild (some other parts of the state and other states did not fair as well). Pulling everything in was a pain, but glad it turned out to be nothing more than some extra rain.


Apr 15

From the Backyard

Sometimes the sunsets out our backdoor are just awesome. #nofilter #nophotoshop #Godisapainter

Aug 14

Mini Tornado?

It’s pretty normal to get an afternoon storm in the summer, and we noticed a few strong wind gusts while we were working in the office during the boys’ nap, but didn’t think much of it until we walked outside later to play and all our toys were missing…

The pool and the trampoline didn’t make it. RIP.

Apr 13

Zekie’s Room

We finally finished Zekie’s room in April. All the walls are painted, art is hung, furniture secured to walls. Zekie likes his room and loves to stare at the sign above the chair. We’re pretty pleased with how the mix of art, custom signage, and antique toys worked together. All the art and signs on the walls were created by Jeremy. The bedding is from Land of Nod. The crib and dresser are Bonavita and the bookshelf is Ikea. The chair that made it’s way over from Kingston’s room was originally from Crib 4 Life.

A few people have asked to see some of the process, since Zeke’s room used to be Jeremy’s office so here you go:

Feb 13

Daddy’s Little Helper

Kingston has been helping Jeremy get things ready for Zeke’s room.

Dec 12

Sneak Peek

Baby Love’s room isn’t complete yet, but here’s a little sneak peek at some of the pieces.

Sep 12

24 Week Check-Up

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since our last visit. Time is flying by and I know with the holidays coming up, things aren’t going to be slowing down anytime soon.

Today’s appointment was good, Baby Love’s heartbeat was in the 150’s and he was on the right side, though Kaleen couldn’t tell for sure if he was head or bum down. My blood pressure was 100/55, my urine was negative, I’m measuring at 24 weeks, and I’ve gained 3 pounds for a total gain of 12.

The midwives always ask if we have any questions and we really haven’t. With baby #1 everything is new and you wonder if any little thing is normal. With baby #2, you are more relaxed and figure as long as you aren’t in pain, things are probably just fine and any weird symptoms will clear up on their own once baby makes his grand appearance.

Our next appointment is in 4 weeks when I’ll have my glucose test.

In other pregnancy updates, morning sickness finally stopped at 22 weeks! Hooray! It lasted a few weeks longer than K’s pregnancy and I was beginning to get a little worried that it might not go away at all. Even though the all day nausea has receded, I still have a lot of food restrictions. I have a tough time with water so it always has to have ice which helps for some reason, or I mix it with apple juice, like I’m a toddler. Anything with garlic, spice, bananas, fried food, or fish is hard on my stomach. Unfortunately, not digesting it well has not stopped me from wanting it. I almost immediately regret it every time I cave. Boo.

With no more sickness has come a burst of energy and urgency to get things accomplished (i.e. – insane desire to nest while I still can kind of touch my toes). We’ve packed our weekends with activities and our evenings with house projects. Our “old” guest room has now been completely emptied. Two weeks ago we went through the closet and sorted what to toss, keep, or donate. Then last week we listed the furniture and bed on Craigslist and by morning had 5 calls! We were so prepared for it to take awhile to sell (you know how Craigslist can be, 15 calls but only 1 person actually shows up and then they want to pay a fraction of what you are asking) we hadn’t even emptied the dresser drawers. So when someone called at 9 a.m and wanted to pick it up at 10 a.m. we were on a mad dash to throw everything into tubs to sort once we got Baby Love’s furniture. The guys showed up when they said they would, walked in, barely looked at the furniture, handed over the exact amount we asked and had the furniture moved and gone within 15 mins. We spent the day astonished at how easy that had been.

The first task in the empty room was to remove the popcorn from the ceiling. Jeremy tackled that messy job last night, along with removing shutters and the flower fan, and spackled old holes.

Next up is to paint the room. Because we’ve changed the original plan of making this room into the baby room, the painting is going to be simple. The office will be relocating to the guest room allowing Jeremy to have his own part of the house. (Ahem, has someone been suggesting this for 2 years? Oh yes, that was me. It took quite a few subtle hints on my part to make him believe this was his own idea ; ).

The walls will be painted the same color as the current office. The room is smaller than the office now meaning there will have to be some rearranging and purging, but I’m ready to throw out anything at this point. I think it’s going to be Jeremy that will need more pursuading on the purging. We’ll see.

Once the office is moved we’ll start on Baby Love’s room. The bedding and furniture have been picked out, but not purchased. We’ll figure out the paint color, and bedroom layout after the office is done. The closet is much bigger in this room so it will be nice to have the extra space to store all the baby gadgets and gizmos.

What stinks is that I have all this desire to accomplish these jobs, but physically am unable. I can’t climb on ladders or move boxes and furniture, which leaves Jeremy with the brunt of work and me sitting anxiously by. Things could go so much quicker if this was a two person job! Ah, one day at a time.

Outside of all the house stuff, pregnancy is going smoothly. I’m definitely experiencing braxton hicks which I didn’t feel with Kingston. I can pick K up now which I couldn’t do the past few months, but I can’t carry him for long stretches. I can go on walks with Jeremy and Kingston since it’s cooling off in the evenings and I can still paint my toes. Bathtime, dishes, and unloading the dishwasher are all Jeremy.

Baby Love is moving around a lot more, though I mostly feel him in the evenings and mornings when I’m still. Occassional he won’t like a position I’m in and will give me a sharp kick that sends me shooting immediately up. He’s got legs and knows how to use them.

Alright this post has gotten way longer than I intended. We’ll post pictures of the rooms once they are all finished!

Aug 12

The Dog Goes Bark Bark

Back on July 6th, our a/c broke. It was late afternoon and we were sweating in the house when we checked the thermostat to see it set at 77 but reading over 80 and it wasn’t clicking on. This was very upseting considering we had just put in a new unit right after we moved in 2 years ago when the other unit suddenly died. What the heck?

A/C guy came out and explained our motor was toast. Apparently the units the year we purchased all had a defect causing the motors to burn out prematurely. Good news, our a/c still was completely under warrenty so no money out of our pockets. Bad news, we wouldn’t have cool air again until the next afternoon and this pregnant lady was not going to survive that.

We loaded up the truck and spent the night at my parents. My parents have two large, loud dogs which woke us all up the next morning. The dogs would bark and then through the monitor we would hear, “bark, bark” back from Kingston in his crib. Had us cracking up as we laid in the bed next door.

K and I chilled, literally, at my folks house all day while Jeremy worked in the sauna and waited for the a/c guy. Thankfully by evening the a/c was fixed and we had air again to start off the weekend.

Aug 12

Grandparent Kennedys Visit

Jeremy’s parents arrived a few days before Kingston’s birthday party and stayed with us for a week of fun, food and as always a few projects. Kingston had fun walking over to Grandma & Grandpa’s room in the morning with his loud toys, and spending his days with Grandma and Grandpa. Jen got some much needed rest since baby #2 has been sapping her energy. We also didn’t have to worry about cooking with Jeremy’s mom here so that was a huge plus.

Kingston enjoyed playing with his Grandma’s dogs Emmy and Bailey.

Every night we tried to take a walk or ride when the temperature was a bit cooler. We even kept the bounce house out for some afternoon fun as well.

One of the great perks of having Jeremy’s parents here is that Jeremy and Don get to tackle projects around the house. This time we wanted to tackle some renovations to our built-in Entertainment center. We upgraded our tv a while back and it no longer fit. We decided to get rid of one of our shelves and add two new ones. One to hold the TV and one along the bottom to make it a bit more custom. Here are the results:

On the day before they left, Kingston’s Grandma let him listen to music on her iPhone and it kept him occupied for almost an hour. He was dancing and playing and didn’t want his time with the phone to end.

We had a great week. Thanks Terri for the great food and Don for the handiwork, we really appreciate it.

Apr 12

Yes, We Still Have Them

We get asked a lot if we “still have birds” and unfortunately the answer is, still yes. Like clockwork, they showed up banging on our windows a couple weeks ago. I haven’t seen the cardinals yet, but a bird with a gray back and yellow underbelly has been staking out the bushes by our bedroom windows. He kind of freaks me out a little. He bangs into the window, then attaches his claws to the screen and hangs there with his mouth open all angry like for a minute, before flying away to the tree across the way. I don’t like him.

The cranes are around year round, but this is the time of year they create more demon spawn and teach them their evil ways. Dang those little babies are so cute though. They used to only hit our back bedroom window, but now that the area on the side was cleared out they can reach those windows too. Yea! Blasted birds.

Kingston is helping  us this year with more Raven anti-bird measures… may the little birds be scared away!!!

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