Aug 14

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I have wanted to grow a vegetable garden since we lived in our apartment. I even tried to start a container garden on our balcony once, but then soon after they started construction on our building and all the dust and debris killed my plants. It’s been on the back burner since we bought the house, first I was pregnant, then we had a baby, then I was pregnant again, and then another baby and I just didn’t think there was time for tending a garden.

Back at the end of April, I found some organic seeds on clearance and decided now was a good a time as any to finally give my garden a go. Kingston helped me plant the seeds in little pods. We started with strawberries, marigolds, cucumbers, basil, tomatoes, squash, and a salad mix. I thought if they grew there, then I would figure out where to put them in the backyard. We were surprised to see plants sprouting within days.

Then Kingston poured bubbles on half of them and their short life came to a screeching halt. The ones that weren’t poisoned grew fast and within a couple weeks we bought a raised garden bed to transplant them.

Here’s a look at the raised garden:

Next we tried the marigolds, strawberries, cucumbers, and salad mix again in our little pods and we also planted pumpkin seeds.The marigolds and strawberries never grew (they were old seeds so it wasn’t too surprising). Again within days we saw sprouts and a couple weeks later we were buying another garden bed to transplant our baby plants to.

Everything looked good through June, still alive and growing strong.

Then July hit. Maybe the heat, maybe too much rain, maybe too crowded, but my pretty flowering squash plants took a turn for the worse, turned brown and died. So sad. Not long after our flowering cucumbers followed in the squashed path. Perhaps we will try again in the fall. The pumpkin has the same fate.

Meanwhile, our tomato and basil plants were growing like crazy and our salad mix was slow and steady. By August I saw the very beginnings of our first tomato, and by mid-August we had over 30 green baby tomatoes.

I was so excited when one started turning red.

Critter wise, we’ve had some bugs eating the leaves of all the plants, but so far the plants seem to be surviving. We also had a cricket though I haven’t seen it in awhile so hopefully something else ate it. Lots of little lizards, one ladybug, and about 5,000 baby frogs. I’m not a fan of bugs and such, so I’m a bit afraid to harvest the basil and salad leaves. Gonna have to get over that if I want to eat these plants huh?

Jul 14

Zeke Skates

Zeke was on board July 11, 2014.

Future skater perhaps?

Mar 14

Building A Birdhouse

Kingston and I did another Lowes Build-N-Grow on March 8th.

Jul 13

The Slip N Slide Party 2013

If you know us, you know we like to have parties. We have them for all the major birthdays and sometimes just for no reason other than we want to get wet and soapy and see how far we can slide down a hill. When one of our neighbor’s kids arrived at our Annual Slip N’ Slide party on July 13th, he wondered whose birthday we were celebrating. It didn’t compute that people can throw parties just because they want to.

Our friend Alan helped us out again this year with setup and we got the slide staked down, the water/soap mixture set up and and were filling the last of our pool floats with air as the first guests were arriving.

The stormy weather that was originally expected held off and we enjoyed an overcast afternoon with a bunch of friends and their kids. Everyone had a great time as evidenced by all the smiling soap-covered faces like Emma’s below.

Here’s a look at all of the sliding fun (be sure to make it full screen and adjust your volume):

After sliding for a few hours, we fired up the grill and enjoyed a meal together before cranking the water back on and sliding until we couldn’t see anymore. Then we made smores!

May 13

Polaroid Fun with Kingston

A month or two ago I (Jeremy) was asked to be a part of a fun global collaboration called #600ona600 from the fun instant camera blog Snap It See It. Basically they originally wanted 75 instant film/camera lovers from around the country to shoot from the exact same Polaroid 600 camera and a use a packet of Impossible Project film of our choice (8 pictures)… thus equalling 600 pictures.

I found out about it early on and told people via my Cameraluv blog and they quickly filled the first 75 slots and had to get 2 more cameras with the 3rd camera going international. I was lucky enough to be the 4th to use Camera 1 and the pictures below are the results of a couple of afternoons with Kingston using the Impossible PX600 black frame film. What a great excuse to play with some polaroids and get some great shots of K too. Enjoy!

Feb 12

I Did It!

I know you were wondering if I ever finished that scarf I started knitting back in October. Four months later on February 10th, I completed it! A month earlier than I predicted in my first post and just in time for the quick freeze that came through the following week.

I think I need a quicker project for the next thing I make. : )

Nov 11

Happy Birthday Anna!

A lot of birthday parties packed into one weekend. The evening of the 22nd Kristy and Christina tried to stuff us with food until we exploded (or gained 500 pounds) to celebrate Anna’s birthday. It was a lot of food for 5 ladies to eat in a 2 hour window. Two large pizzas, a platter of hummus and veggies, a cracker and cheese spread plate, a bowl of chips and salsa, and margaritas. Was that it? It really felt like more when we were eating it all.

As always, the conversation topics brought on the fits of laughter and we all had a good time catching up on each other’s lives.

I don’t want to toot my own horn here or anything, but I made Anna a knitted ring for her birthday. Ok, no I didn’t, I don’t know how to do that. Can you do that? Probably, but I didn’t have time to find out. So I did the next best thing for my dear friend, I wound yarn around and around enough times until it resembled a circle and then I tied a handmade pom-pom to it. Ta-da! (And before you wonder why I would make a ghetto knitted ring for my friend for her birthday, it’s because she said she was expecting it from me and who am I to disappoint someone on their birthday (+3 days). Not me, no sir.)

Happy Birthday Anna, I hope you enjoyed your celebration!

Oct 11

Sip & Knit

I have a new appreciation for knitters. I had no idea the amount of time it takes for one simple project. Anna and I cashed in the Groupons we bought to learn how to knit at Sip & Knit on Sunday, October 2nd. We were ushered back to a small room full of activity. There were fellow newbies there to learn and seasoned knitters there for companionship while they finished their projects. They directed us to pick out two bundles of yarn in a light color because today we were learning how to make a scarf. Once our yarn had been picked, some “oldies” started our scarfs for us and then showed us how to do a row. So it wasn’t complicated (at least the stitch we learned), but it took a lot of concentration and time. In an hour and a half I finished about 2 inches. Which could very well be the shortest scarf in the world, I can’t seem to find stats online to disprove this.

Should I decide to make my scarf fit more than Ms. Barbie, I’m sure I will get faster. But at this speed I will not be able to show you a longer (a.k.a. completed) scarf until axproximately March 4th, 2012. There’s something for you to look forward to.

Anna, I had fun, and I’m looking forward to meeting up with you at the knitter’s corner again sometime soon. : )

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