Jan 17

First Lost Tooth!

Kingston lost his first tooth! We were eating Christmas lunch at my parent’s house and he came into the kitchen to ask a question as I was preparing a plate. Something caught my eye as looking weird and I stopped him and asked him to open his mouth. Sure enough, a tooth was missing! He lost his bottom left central incisor. When I asked him what happened and where his tooth was, he didn’t know what I was talking about or that he had lost a tooth at all! I went outside to ask my brother if he knew what happened since he was sitting outside with them, but he hadn’t seen anything happen either. So our best guess is that he took a bite and it came out and he swallowed it with his food. He said he didn’t notice anything hard, which is possible because it often seems the boys like to swallow their bites whole! He quickly moved on with his day, but I couldn’t believe he had lost his first tooth and swallowed it at that. I knew he was at the age it could start happening, but I felt unprepared when it did. No loose teeth wiggling for days, no looking in wonder at the first tooth that fell out, no putting it under your pillow for a Tooth Fairy. I felt a little robbed of making a big deal out of our first baby losing his first tooth. Haha.

Kingston loses his first tooth

A week later as we were eating New Year’s Eve dinner, he stopped eating and spit into his napkin a little blood and said, “yuck, there’s blood in my mouth!”. I had him open his mouth to look and low and behold another tooth was missing! This time it was his bottom right lateral incisor. And once again, he swallowed it. I asked if he noticed another hard and he said he did. I told him next time if you feel something hard when you are chewing don’t swallow it, spit it out! Then he was afraid to finish his dinner because he didn’t want to lose anymore. Haha.

Tooth # 2

So here we are two teeth down, one lost at lunch and one at breakfast, both on a holiday, neither one loose that we knew of. We’re thinking the next one will fall out on Valentine’s Day at breakfast. 😛

(And in case you were wondering, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t visit when you don’t leave her a tooth. Not that Kingston knows who that is anyway or that he missed out on anything.)

Oct 15

Gentle Baby

Thank you Heather and family for the gift of Gentle Baby essential oil for Harbor. One of our favorites!

Apr 15

Tooth Today, Gone Tomorrow

I don’t know why Kingston keeps insisting on stopping his body with his teeth, but April 11th he did a number on his top front left tooth. During the boys nightly bath, they were sitting close in the tub when Kingston decided it would be a good idea to push Zekie. Unfortunately for him, when he did that he lost his balance where he was laying on his tummy and slammed his face into the top of the tub. He came up screaming and Jeremy expected to see blood everywhere, instead he saw half a missing tooth and a piece of it on his cheek. I meanwhile was trying to take a quick shower while they bathed, and was immediately freaked out by the screaming and “OH NO!” from Jeremy, and had to get shampoo out of my hair ASAP and get out of the shower to see the damage and take care of Z while Jeremy tended to K.

Thankfully there was no blood and after we got him settled, we put a little ice on it and rubbed some diluted Thieves on his gums to help with any discomfort, since at that point we weren’t sure what we were looking at damage wise. From hearing my brother’s story of how it hurt to open his mouth when his front teeth where busted and the roots exposed, I was pretty confident that Kingston hadn’t done that. Though it was hard to get into his mouth, I didn’t see anything but white enamel either so I took that as a good sign.

Poor guy, just kept saying he wanted his tooth back. We had to keep explaining that we couldn’t fix it and that it wouldn’t be coming back. Made me so sad to see him upset and to know he was going to have a wonky smile for awhile. Or wonkier smile ;P , he had already chipped that tooth and shoved it up in his gum (where it never did return back down completely) a few years ago. Which we assume is why it completely broke off this time, it was already weakened.

Since it was a Saturday night, and I wasn’t entirely sure there was anything a dentist could do for him regardless, I texted a few friends to see if they had any experience with teeth injuries and one of them just happen to have a neighbor who is a dentist. He looked at the pictures I had sent her, asked a couple questions and said that no nerves were exposed, it was a great time for it to happen since it was a baby tooth, and that there was nothing that could be done except wait until he is 6 or so and it falls out, or if it turns gray before then we could pull it out because the tooth has died. I really appreciated that he answered our questions for us, since we aren’t patients of his.

Though I knew there wasn’t anything that could be done, it bummed me out that he is going to have to walk around for a year or so with half a tooth, or possibly a big hole if it falls out.

The next day he was making new sounds with his new gap, but said it didn’t hurt him and again thankfully hasn’t bothered him since. When we asked him what he learned, he said “when you are mean to people you lose your teeth.” Please Lord, let that be a lesson that sticks. 😉

Mar 15


If you missed this last time they offered if for free, it’s free to view again until May 23rd. There are 36 states considering 110 different bills to limit or eliminate personal belief exemptions for vaccines right now. It is very important to be informed about what is actually happening in our country and what this will truly mean!

Has your health been bought?

Nov 14

The Grain-Free Family Table

The Grain-Free Family Table

When I came across Carrie Vitt’s website, Deliciously Organic, the first week we were on our Whole 30 diet it was a life saver. We literally would have been eating baked chicken and steamed veggies every night if it wasn’t for her Paleo meal plan option. Worth every penny of that monthly fee of $6.

Today her second cookbook released, The Grain-Free Family Tableand I am thrilled to be sharing it with you here.

First and foremost, my favorite part is the beginning of the book. If you are unfamiliar with Carrie Vitt, a visit to the dentist in 2008 turned her world upside down and left her with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease. Unwilling to accept the doctors conclusion that she would be on medication for the rest of her life, she set out to heal herself using a grain-free diet, whole food supplements and cleanses. In the cookbook she goes into specifics about her dental visit, how she felt afterwards, her symptoms that left her house bound for months on end with no hope in site, her final diagnosis and her path to healing. As we work our way towards a total healing for Kingston, it has been such an encouragement to read her story and know we are on the right path to accomplish that. God created our bodies to heal and every story that I read like this lets me know that although it takes a lot of work and time, opting out of surgery is the right choice for us.

Living grain-free is a big jump for most of us and when we first started this journey at the end of September I was overwhelmed and not sure what was left to cook with or how to convert a traditional recipe into a grain-free dish. I am so glad I have this cookbook now, all-in-one place I can find all the grains to avoid and sneaky places they add it. At a glance I can see the types of flours that are healthy to cook with and why fats aren’t all bad. I learned that lard is actually a good thing. Yes you read that right, lard has gotten a lot of unjustified bad press all these years. Lookout, it’s staging a comeback folks.

Other things you’ll find are helpful tips on kitchen equipment, how to get your kiddos to embrace grain-free, and a super helpful conversion chart for converting your old favorite recipes.

As I flipped through the book, I couldn’t believe how delicious everything looked. I mean I know it’s a cookbook so everything is staged to look perfect, but those grain-free biscuits from the Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie were calling this biscuit-loving girl’s name. Hmm. Let me tell you, they were not exactly like a “regular” biscuit (most likely the cook and not the recipe :) ), but this dish did not disappoint.

In every recipe there are the regular grain-free directions and ingredients, then at the bottom there are directions on what to substitute if you are Paleo or dairy-free. Which is great since we are also dairy-free at the moment. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cashew milk ready (there is a recipe at the back of the cookbook) so I subbed in coconut cream for the main chicken part. This did give the overall dish a little coconut flavor, but everyone of us still enjoyed it. Yep, even the kids, K asked for seconds. We’ll definitely be making this, and the grain-free biscuits on their own, again.

Another recipe we tried is the Cauliflower and Bacon Hash. It’s in the breakfast section, but we like breakfast for dinner once a week and this was our go to this week. A simple twist on eggs and hashbrowns, this dish calls for 4 ingredients and is pretty quick to whip up. We used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon since I’m not a bacon eater and everyone scarfed this up too. The leftovers heated up well a few days later too.

Along the same lines is her Cauliflower “Fried Rice” recipe. This is in the cookbook, but we actually made it a few weeks ago when it was on one of our meal plans. In place of rice you use cauliflower cut to the size of rice pieces (in a food processor or we used our Vitamixand we used Coconut Aminos (her recipe calls for tamari sauce). This recipe was such a hit with the kids they each asked for seconds and then thirds. My kids aren’t picky eaters, but they don’t often ask for seconds let alone thirds.

There are so many recipes I can’t wait to try! I would highly recommend this cookbook or her meal plans if you are new to a grain-free lifestyle or even looking for a change to your regular diet. Click here to pick up your own copy of  The Grain-Free Family Tableand check out her meal plans here.

As a treat for my readers Carrie is GIVING AWAY a cookbook on Kennedy Baby Co.!

If you would like to be entered please leave a comment below. A winner will be randomly selected on Monday, November 24th. Good luck!


Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary cookbook to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

Oct 14

Whole 30: Week 4

Our final week started on October 20th.The weeks ended up going by really fast, but perhaps that’s because we gave up on the diet a week prior. ;p

Monday’s dinner didn’t sound that good to me, so we ate leftovers.

Tuesday we went to the pumpkin patch and then had Panera for dinner.

Wednesday was dinner at the Kennedy’s.

Thursday was the first meal I made that week (a score in my book!). A walnut pesto chicken with crispy potatoes. The pesto sauce called for cheese, but since that’s not allowed we left that out. I think that’s why it seemed a little too strong in the garlic department, I should have added another ingredient in to cover for the cheese or cut back on the garlic. It was still good despite that though. The potatoes were thinly sliced, tossed with ghee and salt and delicious (of course that’s not surprising coming from me, when don’t I like a potato option?). We ate early to make it to our parenting class but the report back from the Grandparents was the pesto sauce wasn’t a hit, but the chicken and potatoes were a hit. K even finished the leftover potatoes off as Grandma was packing them away to put in the fridge! Kid after my own heart. :)

Friday we had chicken piccata and shredded zucchini. The chicken was a hit with the kids, ate every bite and wanted more.

Saturday was chicken stir fry with veggies. Unfortunately, we ran out of coconut aminos (say it isn’t so!) so it lacked a bit of flavor, but we survived.

Sunday we ate paleo pancakes. Technically not allowed, but it was day 30 and all the ingredients were legal, so sue me (remember when you used to say that as a kid?).

Thursday when Jeremy picked K up from school his teacher again commented on how much he was improving and how she couldn’t believe it was all because of his diet. She said they used to always have to have a box of tissues by him and it was always a distraction, but they hadn’t needed to do that in weeks. Sometimes it’s easy for us to miss little things like that because we are always around him and focused on other issues so it’s nice to hear when others notice improvements in his health as well. It’s encouraging to know we are on the right track.

Overall I think the diet has been a success for us. Kingston is doing better and is still on the diet (6 weeks in at the time of me writing this). I can see an immediate change in his personality when he has sugar. Within 30 minutes his attitude changes, he gets stubborn, and he has tantrums that last way longer than they should.

For me personally, even though I only completely followed the diet for 2 weeks, my meals overall have been healthier. I have noticed a great increase in my energy levels and mood. As well as I’ve noticed I get really tired after eating corn, fried foods, or other junk. It doesn’t make me feel good and I’m trying to make a conscious effort to make better food decisions even when I’m not home. In two weeks I lost 2 pounds (though losing weight wasn’t the goal for me). It also challenged me to learn to cook better (though I can’t say I enjoy it anymore than I did a month ago). I think for me, that was the hardest part. Giving up chips and sweets wasn’t a walk in the park, but trying to find time to cook homemade meals with all natural homemade ingredients is hard when you have two littles, one of which who likes to hang onto my legs making it hard to move about the kitchen.

I haven’t noticed a difference in Zekie, but we didn’t eat that bad before and he wasn’t sick.

Jeremy says he didn’t notice any differences. He lost a total of 9 pounds in 2 weeks.

Have you tried the Whole 30 diet? Was it a success? What was the hardest part for you?

See Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 here.


Oct 14

Whole 30: Week 3

Week 3 started on October 13th. The week began on shaky footing for Jeremy and I, though the boys were going strong (since they don’t have a choice and we make their meals 😉 ).

Monday was salmon and salad, a simple but good meal. This required little prep from me which was a huge plus in my book.

Tuesday was a chicken and bean chili. Since beans are out for the diet, I subbed in red skinned potatoes. It was good, but definitely would have been better with those beans. This is also the night that Jeremy and I official jumped ship. We’d lost our drive (or rather I had, Jeremy was a reluctant participate the whole time) and I really just wanted a brownie. Not taking much convincing, Jeremy baked up some and we enjoyed them in all their chocolateness. We decided we would stick to the diet in front of the kids and cheat after they went to bed, like any respectable parent would do. 😛

Wednesday was dinner with the Kennedys.

Thursday was tortilla soup. It was bland, I’m not sure where I went wrong on the recipe. It was definitely missing those crunchy strips of tortilla chips.

Friday was spaghetti squash and a chicken/grape green salad. The squash was fine, nothing special, but the salad turned out good.

Saturday we made chicken kabobs which were good, but next time we might try the sauce that was supposed to go with the recipe.

We have not noticed any differences in Zekie man, but Kingston does seem to be continuing to make small improvements.

See Week 1 and Week 2 here.


Oct 14

Whole 30: Week 2


Week 2 started on October 6th. I felt good going into Week 2 of the diet, we had a plan for all of our dinners, the groceries were purchased and we were ready.

First up was Monday’s dinner of chicken and cauliflower “fried rice”. I’d heard about turning cauliflower into a fried rice like dish from Elisa, and I was anxious to try it as I’m a big rice fan. I was disappointed. Let me be clear as to why though. The dish was actually delicious, the kids scarfed it right down and those Coconut Aminos are not joke YUMMY. Hmmm, I could cover everything I ever eat again in that goodness. However, the cauliflower, though similar in appearance to rice, did not taste one bit like rice, it is in no way a substitute for rice in the taste department.

Tuesday was cauliflower, carrot, and kale soup, which was a big flop here. It was sort of like a tomato soup and since none of us really like tomato soup, none of us got on board with this dish. I took the tons of leftovers over to Terri though and she fixed it right up into something edible so all was not lost and we ate that soup on Thursday for dinner.

Wednesday nights we usually eat dinner at the Kennedy’s which is a much loved break from having to worry about meals even when we aren’t on restricted diets.

Friday was crockpot chicken fajitas which everyone ate up. I also made arepas because they were a complimentary dish to this meal and they looked tasty in the picture. I don’t know what these are supposed to taste like when they haven’t been altered to be grain-free, but these were kind of a bust. The kids ate them, but Jeremy and I weren’t loving them. Probably knowing what they were supposed to taste like would have helped me in the cooking process. Oh well, it’s a learning curve my family is working out with me.

Breakfasts mostly were eggs and smoothies. And lunches were a lot of salads, chicken salad, and sliced turkey (Applegate oven roasted, sliced at the deli counter at Target has been the only lunch meat I’ve been able to find that is legal on this diet. Even Boars Head naturals has sugar added.)

Jeremy mostly missed his sweets, while I mostly missed my chips. K & Z just wanted some peanut butter and crackers. I also have our diaper bag stuffed with snacks of nuts, dried fruit, and apple sauces so we’re never caught somewhere with nothing to eat and get desperate.

None of us had noticed any bad “withdrawal” side effects. We had more energy and slept a little better. Kingston’s teacher commented to Jeremy that Kingston seemed like he was doing better, not needing Kleenex as much and inquired what changes we had made. Kingston’s overall attitude was improving. He did start using the bathroom a lot, our chiropractor suggested it might be his body detoxing, while someone else suggested it could just be he is eating more fruits and drinking more. Either could be the case.

Saturday began the downfall of Jeremy and I on the diet. We went to a birthday party and although we had eaten dinner, as the hours went on, those Chick-fil-a nuggets were calling our name. Hmm, that delicious fried chicken with crispy breading was begging for us to eat it. Finally we caved, and those nuggets had never tasted so good…but shortly after I got really tired and the next morning I had a headache. Related?

See how Week One went here.

Oct 14

Whole 30: Week 1

In our quest to naturally heal Kingston without surgery or drugs we decided to give the Whole 30 diet a try to see if we discover any “trigger foods” and start to heal his gut (which the more I research, I feel is 100% were all his problems are originating). And because it didn’t seem fair to eat “off limit” foods in front of him, we all are doing it together. Here’s a run down of week one.

We started Monday, September 29th. The whole first week wasn’t that bad in the sense that we don’t eat awful normally and weren’t having crazy cravings. However, with me not being a cook (a.k.a – hating to cook) creating something that does not include grains, sugar, or dairy was a challenge. We spent most of the week unsatisfied because nothing I made tasted good. One day we tried to make homemade mayo, I couldn’t even eat it. By Friday we were not sure we could make it another 3 weeks on my cooking, when I came across a Paleo meal plan. There are a few things I still have to leave out on this, but it is a plan, with a grocery list, and hope that we don’t have to starve to death. If I can just manage to not screw up following a recipe (which unfortunately happens about 50% of the time, fingers crossed on this one).

In addition to this diet, Kingston is also getting one dill supplement a day (thankfully he can swallow pills!) and a probiotic in the morning and at bedtime.

With packing lunches for school we’ve had to get a bit more creative. Even before the diet his teachers have told me a couple times how much they love the healthy lunches we send in. Which I’m not going to lie, it does make me feel good to hear that, but I also wonder what everyone else is sending that they rave about Kingston’s. (A typical lunch before this would be a turkey, cheese and spinach sandwich, grapes, mixed nuts, a veggie with hummus or a yogurt or apple sauce with a snack of a banana or dried fruit.) They say they can’t believe what I send and that he always eats it (I guess lettuce wraps aren’t normally a big hit in the 4 year old demographic ;P ). My kids have their picky moments, but I have to give them credit they are good eaters.

While the first week didn’t bring about an undeniable clarity on “trigger foods” for K, we did seem to have an overall better week. There were fewer tantrums, and the ones he did have didn’t last as long, and we quickly moved on. The knots on his neck feel a little smaller as well, though on Wednesday he came down with his 100th cold since school started. :(

Saturday was our first big test of will power, Aiden’s 1st Birthday Party. K made a beeline for the food table as soon as we arrived (it’s like I never feed him or something). He reached for the popcorn and I told him that wasn’t a food we could eat now, but pointed out the 5 things he could have, he didn’t question a thing (phew!). He even went back 3 times, every time going only to his approved items. Awesome kid! I tried to prep K beforehand telling him there would be cake, we couldn’t eat it, but to fear not, I was bringing him a special cookie he could eat while everyone else had cake. I was a little worried that this still might not go down without a fight, but when the cake came out he told me he didn’t want any, and went straight to our bag and happily munched down his cookies. That alone felt like a small miracle to me. Keeping Jeremy from the cake, that was a different story. ;P

To help with those runny noses and because the weather had turn crisp out (HELLO fall, so glad you are here!!!), Sunday I made chicken and vegetable soup from scratch using this recipe for the stock and these directions. The boys loved it, like seriously K ate 3 bowls and Z had 2. A big success considering soups are a bit hit or miss with them. One win in the books to end our first week!


Sep 14

Everybody Needs A Pill

In today’s society, there is a pill for everything, God forbid anyone feel anything or get to the root of the problem with lifestyle changes. Why would you want to do hard work when there is an “easy” way, a pill to pop and the problems go away.

Or do they? Have you seen those warnings at the bottom of commercials for any drug they are advertising? They aren’t there because it might happen. They are there because they HAVE happened. People’s organs have shut down. People have died. Think that statistic is miniscule. Think that won’t be you? Think that won’t ever happen to anyone you know?

If you are friends with us, then it did already. Instead of listening to my gut, I listened to the pharmaceutical companies and we landed in the E.R. Now I’m left wondering, is this related to some other issues we’re having now? Maybe, maybe not, only God knows for sure.

And that’s just our story, the one that wasn’t recorded as an adverse reaction to a vaccine (so those low stats they told you aren’t accurate after all). I know people think I’m crazy, crazy for having a baby outside of a hospital, reckless for not vaccinating Zekie, straight up hippie for using oils (I’ve seen the eye rolls when I mention them).

But that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their own views. I hope instead of judging us for our path, you will dig a little deeper and see why we’ve made these choices. Here are a couple clips that a friend posted recently that struck a cord with me. Check them out and see what you think. Have you had a reaction to a medication before or been prescribed one you don’t need?


P.S. – I don’t mean to be on a health rampage lately, there is just so much going on it’s hard to not comment. And again, I’m not anti-doctor, there are true times when they are needed.

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