Aug 15

Harbor’s First Trip To The Dentist

A few days after Harbor was born we were having some big nursing problems. It seemed like he was latching well to me, but something wasn’t right with his suck. Day 5 the lactation consultant stopped by the house and gave us her opinion that he had a posterior tongue tie that was causing the problem. Though he could latch, he couldn’t sustain it and he couldn’t swallow properly, which was what was causing me so much pain.

We set up an appointment with the pediatrician the next day, who confirmed he did have a posterior tongue tie, but he only corrects anterior tongue ties. (I didn’t realize there was a difference! Which is why I didn’t think it was a big deal cause he had to cut Zekie’s when he was a couple days old). We would have to see a specialist, which somehow don’t exist in Orlando, how can that even be possible? We would have to go to Tampa, Jacksonville, or Ormond Beach.

Thankfully Harbor was still gaining weight, which can be an issue with tongue tied babies, he already was back up to 8 lbs 8.5 ozs. For once the fact that I make way too much milk and have a forceful letdown actually turned into a blessing instead of the feeding nightmare it was with the other two boys! With minimal effort Harbor was still able to get more than enough milk to gain weight. #blessingsindisguise

We were able to get in the following Wednesday, August 26th, to see the pediatric dentist in Ormond, so at least the closer of the options. It was an early morning though because we had to get up at 6 am, in order to get out the door and to our appointment on time.

Everyone at the office was very nice and there was no wait time since we were the first appointment of the day. The doctor came in and explained what the procedure would look like and took a look inside Harbor’s mouth. He has a little lip tie, though he said if his lip was flaring okay when he nursed it didn’t need to be touched. Harbor’s tongue tie did need to be fixed. Before he would do the procedure though he wanted us to watch a video on the after care, because if we didn’t take care of it properly afterwards then it could grow back together and they’d have to do it again.

After the video, they gave him a little numbing solution and then we waited about 10 minutes for that to kick in. Jeremy had to hold him in the chair because I couldn’t watch, he just cried for a minute and then settled down once Jeremy cuddled him when they were done.

Then it was time for the procedure, which I also didn’t watch, though I was in the room. It was some sort of cauterizing needle looking tool according to Jeremy. It took less than a minute, but it was hard to listen to Harbor cry and Jeremy said you could smell burnt flesh (awful!).

They wanted me to nurse him right away, to soothe him and also to see if I noticed any immediate differences. They said most the time you don’t, it would take a week or so for things to change as he would have to relearn how to suck now that he has full range of motion with his tongue.

He was upset (obviously) and there was a good amount of blood at first, so it took almost 10 minutes for me to get him calm and latched with Jeremy’s help. I think the discomfort, or maybe his tongue being numb on top of the gross taste of blood were making it hard on him. BUT once he did finally latch he did suck very well!

After he ate for a little bit, they came back in to go over a few more things. For the following week, 3 times a day we have to run our fingers under his tongue back and forth a few times over the area to make sure that it doesn’t reattach. None of us are a fan of this. :( But none of us want to redo this either! Poor Jeremy felt sick to his stomach afterwards even though he only glanced once while they were cutting it. Thank God for him though cause I would not have been able to hold Harbor for it.

Then in a week we have to send them pictures to make sure everything looks okay and as long as it does we won’t need to go back for any other follow ups.

Aug 14

Unwanted Intruders

Yep, this post is about cockroaches. Gross right? Ugh, I hate them! I don’t know about your house, but whenever it is really rainy out we sometimes find them in the bathroom. And by we, I mean me, I have a sixth sense about bugs you could say. And then we have to kill them immediately by crushing their body into a million pieces, sort of way. And by we, I mean Jeremy. This usually happens in the late hours of the night. On occasion Jeremy murders them by flushing them down the toilet still alive. Or at least we thought he was murdering them, until we saw this…

Ewww!!!! How do you keep roaches out of your bathroom?

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