Jan 17

Firehouse Tour

You can never tour too many fire stations when your kids are little. At least that’s our current theory. 😛 January 16th, my mom’s group did a tour of the Longwood fire station which was one we hadn’t been to before. We saw where they eat and how they have three fridges and food cabinets so each shift has their own food space they can lock up so other shifts don’t steal their food, haha. We saw their bathrooms and bedrooms, patio, workout room, and laundry room. But of course the best part to the kids was seeing them get dressed in gear and checking out the fire truck and ambulance.

After getting firehats and stickers and bracelets, a group of us headed to Chick-fil-a for lunch and for the kids to play. And boy did they play hard! Kingston and Zekie were sweaty from all the running and climbing and sliding. They had the best time playing with their friends while us Moms somewhat got to chat, yea!

Jan 17

Zekie’s 4th Birthday Party

Zekie requested a Paw Patrol birthday party theme this year. Since that was Kingston’s theme for his birthday last year, that made it super simple. Pull out the old decorations, add a few new things and done. And since the weather decided to be in the 80s we were able to party outside, which is always a win in my book.

We started the party off with food, all puppy themed.

We mostly let the kids run free with the toys already in our backyard, but we did provide two games.

We had a dog bowl toss and a “kibble” eating contest. The kids were so cute trying to eat “dog food” (Reese’s Puff cereal) out of dog bowls without using their hands. Kingston won, though he may have had an advantage since we had practiced the day before when I was trying to figure out how much to put in their bowl. We practiced with a cup of dog food, which was wayyyy too much, they couldn’t finish, which is funny because it didn’t seem like too much in the measuring cup. So during the party we tried 1/3 of a cup, which also was a bit too much, the kids still struggled a bit and some never finished. lol. Still fun to watch!

After the game we let the kids run off some more energy (and sweets) before serving cake. Zekie was so excited to have everyone sing to him. So cute! And per usual Jeremy did an amazing job decorating the cake.

As the party wound down, guests were encouraged to take a Paw Patrol mask, some birthday tattoos and adopt a puppy.

It was a fun morning and Zekie had a great time!


May 16

Happy 4th Birthday Riley

We spent the day down at Red Bug Lake Park in Oviedo to celebrate Riley D’s Octonaut-themed 4th birthday party. The park had a nice new playground that featured a zip line which the boys LOVED. We had to wait in line a bunch for it but it was fun. The boys kept asking for a push so that they could be sent soaring at the end of the line. The party had really cute Octonaut decor and after some food and cake the kids set their sights on the piñata.

The boys a had a blast and didn’t want to leave. On our way home, the boys went through their goodie boxes and Kingston couldn’t wait to try on his eyepatch and play with the assortment of toys.

Happy Birthday Riley! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.


Oct 15

Pajama Shower

To celebrate “baby bean” Heather threw Haylee a pj themed baby shower on the evening of October 17th. We ate pizza, offered name suggestions and Haylee had to guess who wrote them, and brought our own baby pics for Haylee to guess who was who. Then they cozied up to watch What To Expect When You’re Expecting. I ducked out then, cause I had my babe with me and it was hitting bedtime. :)

Can’t wait to meet this little man and see who he looks like!

Oct 15

Gentle Baby

Thank you Heather and family for the gift of Gentle Baby essential oil for Harbor. One of our favorites!

Oct 15

The Caporasos Visit

Our friends and neighbors the Caporasos came down for a visit Sunday October 4th. They loved seeing the new baby and especially Emma, since she got to hold Harbor.

Oct 15

Thank You!

A Big Thank You to all our family and friends that brought us meals after Harbor was born. We didn’t do to well on taking pictures of our visitors with Harbor this time, so I’ll just list your names and again say Thank YOU! It was such a blessing to not having to worry about dinner for these days!

The Lawleys – Tacos – August 24th
The Udvari’s – Tijauna Flats – August 26th
The Murnane’s – Roasted Chicken & Quinoa – August 27th
The Dalton’s – Burger Fi – August 28th
The Juno’s – Jason’s Deli – September 9th
The Ryan’s – Tropical Smoothie – September 10th
The Durr’s – Rotisserie Chicken, Carrots, Salad, and Ice Cream – September 11th
The Welday’s – Poppyseed Chicken, Broccoli, and Chocolate Chip Cookies – September 21st
The Rothlein’s – Rotisserie Chicken, Fruit Salad, and Balsamic Veggie Salad – September 21st (for another day)
The Blahnik’s – Chicken & Wild Rice – September 23rd
The Drake’s – Lee’s Palace – September 26th
The Smith’s – White Bean Chili – September 28th

Aug 15

Book For Harbor

The sweet Gable Family sent Harbor his very first book, Jesus Calling For Little Ones. Thank you Gables!

Aug 15

Meeting Jenny and The Jones

Jenny was in town visiting the week after Harbor was born, so she along with Hemarie and Donnie came over on the 22nd to meet him.

Aug 15

Flowers of Congratulations

Our church sent two sets of flowers to welcome baby Harbor. Thank you Summit for the beautiful bouquets!

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