Apr 18

Review: Softer Than Brittle

Who likes nut brittle? I got to try these samples of Softer Than Brittle from Mount Franklin Foods and they are delicious!

This brittle is softer and flakey, so it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth, but still has the same yummy flavor of brittle. I thought that the almond flavor was going to be my favorite when I tried them, but I really liked the buttery flavor of the pecan best! After passing them around the family for taste testing, peanut was the boys’ favorite, but in a surprise twist, pecan was also my Mom’s favorite and she doesn’t even really like pecans!

They are also gluten and dairy free, and vegan approved. :) I’m currently keeping them all to myself and have them sitting on my nightstand for middle of the night snacks while I’m up feeding the babe and starving. Any other nursing Mom’s have their nightstands stocked with snacks cause they are always hungry from feeding a baby?!

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Feb 18

Valentine Mom’s Night Out

A kid free night out with Mama friends is good for the soul. 💝Delicious food, great conversation, and a cute valentine exchange at Cheesecake Factory. Feeling refreshed and uplifted with my Moms4Moms ladies. 🌹 27657322_10104136982895003_3775821187137418349_n

Sep 17


IMG_2510How this silly boy likes to sit after he’s done with his meals. Happy Harbor.

Mar 17

Review: The First Years Dinnerware

If you have a toddler you know how much they like to dip food into sauces and dips. Every time any of us puts ketchup or honey or anything on our plate Harbor grunts at us until we give him some too. Sometimes food never even makes it in his dip, just his little fingers, straight from the dip to his mouth. So he was pretty excited when I put The First Years Inside Scoop Dip Plate down in front of him for dinner the other day. And the big boys were a little jealous, exclaiming, “oh he has a bowl for dip on his plate?! Do I get one too?”.

The great thing about a plate with a little bowl built in, is it eliminates the problem of the dip spreading out thin, like what happens when you place the dip directly on a plate, making it hard for little fingers to effectively get their food “sauced up”. Another benefit of this plate is that it has a higher rim on one side helping keep food from being pushed off the plate as they learn the tricky task of getting food onto their forks or spoons.  The rim is also removable for when kids get older, though I feel like all the boys could still benefit from it. Somehow Kingston is the messiest of the bunch, how that’s possible since he’s the oldest, I don’t know. We may have to give this plate to him instead. LOL. One potential problem I see and will have to watch is sometimes cups and such with multiple pieces get icky if every piece isn’t taken apart and dried completely before putting back together so I will have to remember to always take it apart. Another negative to me, is that it isn’t dishwasher safe. I know some of my friends don’t use the dishwasher (something I can’t wrap my head around), so that feature doesn’t make or break it for some.

On the subject of cleaning though, the Stackable Sippy Cups are dishwasher safe and there are no extra little pieces in the lid that keep it spill proof, it is all contained in one piece. Yea! That is always where our cups have ended up gross before and we’ve ended up tossing them because we’ve forgotten to take something apart. Sooo, not having those pieces is exciting to me! Also, they are stackable (hence the name, haha) which is another great feature. Harbor uses mostly straw cups these days, but he literally pulled these out of the box and immediately wanted to use them because of the dinosaurs on them. And I have to agree they are a really cute design.

The last thing in the box actually turned out to be my personal favorite. The Take & Toss Double Duty Plates come four to a pack with one fork (seems like it should come with two forks), are dishwasher safe, and can double as lids. The plates themselves wouldn’t hold enough food for a bigger kid, but are perfect size for a toddler. It has two sections with a small spot in the middle to hold a fork and they all seal so you don’t have to worry about something dripping into the other section. At first glance I didn’t think that the plate doubling as a lid was a big deal, but THEN…the first time we tried them Harbor didn’t finish his food and instead of having to cover his plate in clingwrap or put it in a storage container I simply took another plate, snapped it on top and put it in the fridge. SO EASY. And easy makes this Mama happy! And so I’m sold on these little Double Duty Plates.

* I was provided with these products in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Jan 17

Firehouse Tour

You can never tour too many fire stations when your kids are little. At least that’s our current theory. 😛 January 16th, my mom’s group did a tour of the Longwood fire station which was one we hadn’t been to before. We saw where they eat and how they have three fridges and food cabinets so each shift has their own food space they can lock up so other shifts don’t steal their food, haha. We saw their bathrooms and bedrooms, patio, workout room, and laundry room. But of course the best part to the kids was seeing them get dressed in gear and checking out the fire truck and ambulance.

After getting firehats and stickers and bracelets, a group of us headed to Chick-fil-a for lunch and for the kids to play. And boy did they play hard! Kingston and Zekie were sweaty from all the running and climbing and sliding. They had the best time playing with their friends while us Moms somewhat got to chat, yea!

Jan 17

Zekie’s 4th Birthday Party

Zekie requested a Paw Patrol birthday party theme this year. Since that was Kingston’s theme for his birthday last year, that made it super simple. Pull out the old decorations, add a few new things and done. And since the weather decided to be in the 80s we were able to party outside, which is always a win in my book.

We started the party off with food, all puppy themed.

We mostly let the kids run free with the toys already in our backyard, but we did provide two games.

We had a dog bowl toss and a “kibble” eating contest. The kids were so cute trying to eat “dog food” (Reese’s Puff cereal) out of dog bowls without using their hands. Kingston won, though he may have had an advantage since we had practiced the day before when I was trying to figure out how much to put in their bowl. We practiced with a cup of dog food, which was wayyyy too much, they couldn’t finish, which is funny because it didn’t seem like too much in the measuring cup. So during the party we tried 1/3 of a cup, which also was a bit too much, the kids still struggled a bit and some never finished. lol. Still fun to watch!

After the game we let the kids run off some more energy (and sweets) before serving cake. Zekie was so excited to have everyone sing to him. So cute! And per usual Jeremy did an amazing job decorating the cake.

As the party wound down, guests were encouraged to take a Paw Patrol mask, some birthday tattoos and adopt a puppy.

It was a fun morning and Zekie had a great time!


Oct 16

Happy Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! This year it fell on a Monday and we had some errands to run to get Kingston ready to start speech at school later in the week so the morning was spent checking things off that list. We had a little bit of extra time between two stops where we were able to fit in a little park time, which is always a plus with the boys. They ran, and climbed and slided the last bit of morning hours away. I’m not sure if it was sprinklers or still morning dew, but Harbor managed to find a big puddle of water at the bottom of a slide and then spent the rest of the time walking around with a wet butt. Thank goodness for diapers, or he would have felt really uncomfortable!

After Dr. Erin’s, and lunch, Harbor went down for his nap and the boys and I did a little Halloween crafting. We made hand spiders which turned out cute (and so easy, which is all I can handle craft wise these days!) and they colored masks. Zeke picked out a pumpkin mask and Kingston picked out a Frankenstein mask (which went along with the Frankenstein Make and Take Lego event we did on Saturday).

Homemade Masks

It wasn’t long after we finished our crafts that family started arriving for dinner. But first, right before we ate we got to find out that Arthur and Nicole’s twins are two BOYS! Can’t get a girl in this family to save our lives. ;P The two newbies will fit right in with the rest of our crazy bunch!

We scarfed down Papa John’s pizza and salad and it was finally time to get ready to go! Kingston had been set on being Batman for months. He never wavered. Zekie wanted to be Spiderman, but had also changed his mind to 30 other things. We thought it would be fun if he was Robin. It took some talking Robin up, the sidekick, but he came around to the idea. At first he would tell people he was going to be Sidekick. LOL, he thought that was his name. By that night he was excited to get dressed and show his costume off. Kingston on the other hand, had a meltdown when trying to get dressed. I guess I should have seen it coming, because he has had his fair share of getting dressed for Halloween meltdowns, but he was so excited about his costume, it just never occurred to me that he would be our problem. Just when you think you’re safe. 😛 He wanted to wear his clothes under his costume and we wouldn’t let him. It is too hot to wear clothes under a full body suit, even when it is a thin material. In the time it took us to talk him off the ledge, Zekie, Harbor, Mason and Jeremy got ready. I finally was able to get him to put on his outfit sans clothes, by just him and I going into the bathroom alone so no one would see him get dressed and he could surprise everyone with his costume. Phew! Thought we were going to have to leave him at home til he changed his mind. We happened to have some Superman pjs we were able to stuff Harbor into (barely, like a little sausage) which we paired with his Superman cape from Z’s last birthday party. Our Superhero trio was complete. The boys wanted a Cat Woman and apparently had mentioned it to Grandma Kennedy too, because we both wore black and cat ears. Haha. Kingston picked out mine and my mask, which also had ears, so I had double the ears. He just liked the mask because it had whiskers! I ended up ditching it halfway around trick or treating, it was getting too hot on my face, which I was not alone on cause both Z and K ditched theirs too.

We attempted a picture of the group before we headed out, but 4 boys and 50 pictures later…let’s just say they are all “action” shots. 😉

At the first house, Harbor was so cute walking up to the house with the other boys and getting candy in his bag. As he walked back he couldn’t believe he had gotten something in his bag and pulled out a Twizzler pack and kept playing with it. He was very excited about it, I think he liked the sound, he wouldn’t let it go. Precious baby. He walked some, was carried some, and rode in the stroller some, he did great.

There didn’t seem to be as many kids out this year or houses participating either. A few houses told the boys to take what they wanted and they weren’t shy about doing just that! Haha. Zekie got a little twisted with his words at the beginning and at one of first few house a lady opened the door with the candy bowl and he blurted out, “I want candy!”. Oh geez, then as he walked away he said, “trick or treat”. LOL

We made it down our street and turned onto another one when Kingston took a spill and tore his costume at his knee. Then began mini meltdown #2 as he wanted to strip out of his costume right there in the street since it now had a hole. Jeremy was able to hid it by pulling his boot up a little higher and saved the day. Later he found he also had ripped it at his elbow, thankfully he didn’t realize that while we were out too. We made it down that street and the other cul de sac before Zekie was done and we headed back home.

Kingston was excited to show Grandma Kennedy a trick for a treat at our house. My Dad, Terri and Nicole had stayed back to pass out candy but they said there had been maybe 4 or so groups, and there weren’t but two or 3 more after we got home, so we had lots of candy left over to go with our bags of collected candy.

The boys ate a few pieces and had a cupcake Grandma Kennedy had brought over and then played for a bit until everyone left.

A few little set backs but a great, fun Halloween nonetheless! The boys were adorable and had a lot of fun!


Aug 16

Review: The First Years Mickey Mouse Feeding & Activity Seat

If you and your babe are a Disney lover, then this seat is a great pick. The First Years Mickey Mouse Helping Hands Feeding and Activity Seat, available at Walmart, is a cute, compact feeding seat.

When it arrived in the mail, Zekie couldn’t wait to get it out of the box, even though he doesn’t need it (though it has a weight limit of 50 lbs, so he definitely still fits in the limits). You are not supposed to use this chair on the floor, but I had a hard time keeping Zekie and Harbor off of it while I unpacked it and put it together. It took maybe five minutes to snap the back on and attach the straps, and then we attached it to a chair to give it a try.

The seat has two straps, one that attaches around the back of a chair and one that attaches under the chair seat, and then you pull them to tighten them around the chair. We have wider kitchen chairs and we still had plenty of room to make it bigger so I think this seat will fit on a large variety of chairs.

There is a tray that you can attach at different levels depending on the size of your kiddo or you can leave it completely off and scoot the chair all the way up to your table. I think the trays are easier to clean off the caked on food then my kitchen table so we used the tray. The tray comes with its own accessories as well. A Mickey hand cup holder and a rollerball can be snapped on or off the tray and 2 suction cup toys are also included. We’ve never had great luck with suction cup dinnerware or toys and this wasn’t any different. Harbor easily plucked the two toys off the tray after playing with them for a minute and promptly threw them on the floor.

They may have a better chance with a younger child, but they definitely won’t last long on a tray for anyone older than a year. This isn’t a make or break for me, since the toys aren’t why I would be buying the seat anyway and Harbor did still play with the toys even when they weren’t attached.

The back of the seat has a small storage slot for you to store a bib or the toys. I think this could be even better if it could be made big enough to hold the tray when not in use too.

I think this would be perfect for anyone that has a small kitchen and doesn’t want a large highchair. It’s easy to clean and quick to set up. Also, I think this will be great for us to have around when we have friends with little ones visiting and we need an extra seat for them.

* I was provided this product in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

May 16

11 Years – Part 2

We finally got a night out to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks late on May 13th. (On our actual anniversary, our babysitter we lined up was sick, so we did a beach day with the kids and ate in and watched a movie after the kids were asleep.)

So on our rare night outs we usually flip-flop between sushi at our favorite spot or Seasons 52. This was a Season’s year so we headed over to Altamonte, sat on the patio, enjoyed a sunset and got everything on the menu (not really, but close).

Drinks, apps, entrees and practically all the delicious mini desserts we could shove in our kid-free faces and then we realized .. there was NO rush, no kid drama to interrupt us, no diapers to change or babies to feed. The desserts were great and an actual conversation too.

After dinner we knew we wanted to do something else, but not just sit around so I suggested the cool mini golf place up the road called Congo River. I’ve seen it for the last 12 years I’ve been here and have yet to play there. Note to self: Mini-golf is no longer cheap, at least not there, but it was a really well maintained and a fun and wacky 18 holes. You can play like a normal put-put or you can spin these game wheels before  you put and you kick the game up a notch. In the end we did a lot of silly stuff like putting with our eyes closed, putting backwards … used our feet, used the putter like a pool cue, “if you get a hole in one, you can add puts to the others score”, things like that. We played our holes, did a little scavenger hunt they had on the back and then afterwards checked out the baby gators they have living near the entrance.

Not a bad night. Here’s to more fun times and years ahead!







May 16

Tag Team Feeding

The boys have been getting more helpful with Harbor. Today they helped with feeding him lunch.

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