Nov 14

Levi’s 1st Birthday

Sweet little Levi turned one this month and we were invited to celebrate with him on November 8th. It was a small gathering at Gemini Springs where my boys played their hearts out on the playground, ate their weight in fruit and Levi created his own frosting mustache and beard. Do you see those eyes? I can’t even handle how gorgeous they are. Hello ladies, you better watch out for this one, melt your heart in a second with that gaze.

Happy first birthday little man! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

Oct 14

Let’s Go Magic!

On occasion Jeremy does work for the Orlando Magic. As the new season was approaching they had way more jobs than they could get done and they asked Jeremy if he might be able to come and work part-time in the office for a couple months. We decided it might be nice for him to get out of the house and work with people again so he took them up on the offer and started working there in September. As a nice thank you for all your work, they gave us two tickets to the opening night game on October 30th.

Though neither of us are sports fans really, a free game with good seats in the new (to us) arena sounded like fun. Then the afternoon of the game they gave us two more tickets. Eek, who can we invite that can go last minute like that? People without kids, that’s who. ;P My BFF Hemarie and her hubby, Donnie, said yes to our invite and we had a fun night watching the Magic play in our great seats, thanks to his coworker that gave us his tickets. The National Anthem was sang by Sisaundra Lewis (a Voice contestant in Season 6). It was a close game at the end, 105 – 98, but they just couldn’t quite pull it off.

Oct 14

Brickworld Tampa

A little Lego convention was coming to Tampa in October so we decided to take a little day trip to check it out since both our boys are loving Legos right now. We loaded up the car about 8:30 a.m. on October 26th and made our way down to the Tampa Fairgrounds to meet up with our friends Ryan and Noah.

I’m not sure, but Jeremy and I might have been more impressed than the kids. Legos were around when I was a kid, but I didn’t grow up playing with them so this Lego business is all new to me. There were tables and tables of Lego displays. Some were small and some took up multiple tables. Some were really old (50s?). There were ones that moved, there were famous places, Santa with alligators instead of reindeers, and even the whole town of Tampa.

In the very back they even had two play areas, one with the Duplo blocks for the younger crowd and one with Legos (all the same size and a gray color). We spent some time playing at both. One lady even commented to me how coordinated Zekie was with the smaller blocks.

After we had looked at everything the boys each built their own little Lego minifigures at a booth of old Legos for sale. Then we headed home again around 2 p.m with our new figures (and some free Lego “weapon accessories” they were handing out when we walked in). Kind of a long day, but we all had a good time checking out all the things you can make with little plastic bricks!

Oct 14

Fall Festival

Kingston’s school put on a fall festival on October 25th and we went for a little bit to check it out. They had a fire truck and rescue truck, which is always a hit with the boys. Though Kingston wouldn’t let you know it, he is obsessed with driving by the station to see the fire trucks, but never wants to go inside, he just likes to look at them from a good ten feet away.

After looking through some pumpkins, there were two bounce houses that they played on for a few minutes. Face painting that we passed on. And a few carnival games we spent a lot of time at winning prizes like balloons and necklaces and other nick nack treasures.

Then we walked around checking out the wares for sale and the boys each scored a free magnetic frame that they have proudly displayed on the fridge. On the way out we stopped by the firetrucks again and Zekie unlike Kingston is all about getting in the firetruck and pretending to drive, even making his own siren sounds.


Oct 14

Pumpkin Patch #3

We try to go to the pumpkin patch with Mason each year (we missed last year, but here’s the year before, look how small they were!) and this year we made it on a October 21st. The boys had a great time running around, playing games, taking pictures and picking out pumpkins. Jeremy even made it for a few minutes after work. Love watching all the boys together!

Oct 14

Pumpkin Patch #2

Zeke and I went to the pumpkin patch with my mom’s group on October 14th. There was storytime and games and then picking out the perfect little mini pumpkin for him and K, he did a great job picking two out. That evening Kingston and Zeke decorated their pumpkins with stickers.

Oct 14

Pumpkin Patch #1

Driving home from church on October 12th, Kingston spotted a pumpkin patch and wanted to stop. Since it was nap time we promised we would come back once they woke up. That evening we drove back and the boys had fun playing all the games, checking out pumpkins and playing at the playground across the street.

Sep 14

Surprise Visit With Aunt Elisa and Uncle Josh

Ok, so it wasn’t a surprise to us, but it was a surprise to the kids and Terri. Don wanted to surprise Terri by bringing in Elisa and Josh and had planned it all out a few months prior. For whatever reason, about a month before they arrived Kingston became obsessed with Josh and Elisa. Daily he would ask if we were going to see them, if we were going to their house, if they were coming over. It was mind boggling for Jeremy and I since neither of us had told him they were coming for a visit and with them living in Colorado we only get to see them about once a year, so the timing of his obsession was humorous.

Kingston and Jeremy picked them up from the airport on September 24th and they hung out at our house with us until we headed over to the Kennedy’s for our weekly Wednesday night dinner. Terri is always in the kitchen when we arrive and Zekie ran right in to her. As she bent down to grab him she said, “I hope your hungry I’ve made lots of food”, to which Josh stepped in a replied, “do you have enough for us?”. She let out a scream of shock that scared us all. She was so surprised, it was awesome! She was actually shocked speechless. If you know Terri, you know she doesn’t lack in the words department, but that night I stood in the kitchen with her for a solid 10 minutes where she just worked on dinner without saying a word. So funny. The rest of the evening was dinner and hang out, then home for the boys to go to sleep.

Thursday we had lunch with them, hung out and then while we were at our parenting class that night they visited with some friends.

Friday was beach day! Yea! The boys had a great time digging and playing in the water.

Grandpa was able to get Zekie to take a little nap too. :)

As we were packing up the car to come home, I noticed K “holding himself”, I asked if he needed to go to the bathroom and he told me, “no, I paused it”. Ahahaha, if only that was really possible. Love kid thoughts! K slept on the way home, Z however was none stop chatter.

We all cleaned up and then everyone came over for dinner (technically they brought dinner over) and hanging out at our house.

Saturday was another activity packed day. It started with time at the zoo. Unlike Friday where the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we enjoyed every minute outside, Saturday was back to miserable heat. We can’t go to the zoo without our first stop being at the train, so we began there. Then hit up a bird show, feed some animals, checked out some other animals, ate by the rhinos, and enjoyed the a/c in the snake house. Last stop was the little ride-ons by the splash pad. In an attempt to simulate the ride since we didn’t have quarters, Uncle Josh shook the Rescue helicopter, it surprised us all when it started working. Free ride!

Home to clean up and nap and then dinner at Amuras. Yum!!! Z wasn’t feeling the sushi, but K held his own, and put down some sushi. That’s my boy! From there we walked over to Menchies and had a little fro-yo dessert.


Sunday was their last day here. We all went to church, then lunch at Tijuana Flats and it then it was time for them to head to the airport. The time went to fast, as always. :(


Aug 14

Happy 4th Birthday Conner!

We had a great time celebrating 4 years of Conner at the Science Center on August 30th. The boys had never been there before and they had the best time exploring. First we enjoyed some pizza and science lava experiments in the party room.

Next we ventured up 4 flights of long stairs with 20 4-year-olds to go to the dinosaur floor. The boys got to dig for fossils and move “dirt” around.

After some time at “the dig site” we all made our way back down to the party room for some cake.

There may have been a moment during the candles and singing Happy Birthday, where the lights were turned off in the party room and “someone’s kid” freaked out, started screaming and roaring like a dinosaur behind the birthday boy and in general lost his mind until the lights came back on and he was able to be soothed. I’m not naming names, but it’s possible it was a certain four year old that lives in our house. Possibly. It’s possible that a certain Dad was very embarrassed. It’s also possible that after the smoke cleared a certain Mom couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of the whole spectacle. Laser beams may have also shot out of his eyes, that part is still up for debate, we’re waiting for the video from the lab.

Happy Birthday Conner! Hope you enjoyed your surround sound dinosaur experience!

After the cake, we picked up our fun Lavasaurus and Cake pop party favors and headed out to explore the rest of the Science center for a few hours.


Happy Birthday Conner! Thanks for inviting us to your cool birthday party!

Aug 14

Happy 4th Birthday Mason!

This sweet fella turned 4 on August 20th and we partied for days. It started the night before with Taco Tuesday, presents and cake.

Then carried over to the next morning at Lucky Monkeys. The boys had a blast running around like crazy at LM. Towards the end a family came in to celebrate their one year old and asked all the kids at LM to come in for cake and to celebrate. We opted out since we were celebrating our own birthday boy, and didn’t want to take time away from playing to celebrate someone we didn’t know. Then all the other kids went in and we were the only ones not participating and I felt guilty for not going into the party room. Then I got mad at them for making me feel guilty about not wanting to make our kids go to a party for someone they didn’t know when we had paid to play. Lol, it was so weird. Anyways… we left soon after for PB&Js and running wild at Mason’s house.

Sunday was supposed to be Mason’s birthday party with friends, but he ended up a little sick later in the week and my brother thought it might be best to cancel and just have a laid back day with fam even though he was feeling better. The boys spent the afternoon eating, swimming, and playing at Grandma’s.

Happy Fourth Birthday Dude! Loved every minute of celebrating YOU!

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