Sep 17

Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

Zekie’s school had a movie showing after school. They showed the Veggie Tales Pirate movie on the big screen in the sanctuary. We stayed to watch it with his friends and made it about halfway through before the boys got bored and wanted to go. There were food characters, I think cheese puff things, that had faces and it was freaking Zekie out. LOL. So funny what does and doesn’t scare them.


Jan 17

Firehouse Tour

You can never tour too many fire stations when your kids are little. At least that’s our current theory. 😛 January 16th, my mom’s group did a tour of the Longwood fire station which was one we hadn’t been to before. We saw where they eat and how they have three fridges and food cabinets so each shift has their own food space they can lock up so other shifts don’t steal their food, haha. We saw their bathrooms and bedrooms, patio, workout room, and laundry room. But of course the best part to the kids was seeing them get dressed in gear and checking out the fire truck and ambulance.

After getting firehats and stickers and bracelets, a group of us headed to Chick-fil-a for lunch and for the kids to play. And boy did they play hard! Kingston and Zekie were sweaty from all the running and climbing and sliding. They had the best time playing with their friends while us Moms somewhat got to chat, yea!

Oct 16

Sea World Spooktacular

Every October Sea World has a couple Halloween shows and trick or treating around the park. It started October 1st and we were ready!


Usually the special events start a little later in the day, so we didn’t rush to get there. We arrived about 12:30 and made our way straight to the Elmo Halloween show. It always is packed and we wanted to get good seats. We had to wait awhile outside, but we were in the shade so at least we had that since it turned out to be a crazy hot day. Then Zekie wanted to meet the characters after the show so we waited outside in another line after the show. Kingston was bouncing all over with excitement to meet Elmo. By the time it was our turn, Kingston ran right up to Elmo and gave him a big hug. “He hugged me so tight”, Kingston would later tell us about Elmo. Harbor was not interested, but stood with me for a picture. And Z, the one who made us get in line to begin with, wouldn’t go near them. Haha, typical.

Kingston Meets Elmo

From there we went to check out the penguins, but everyone else in the park had the same idea so we kept going on to the sharks per Z’s request.

And then per K’s request we hit up the kid roller coaster. Zekie wanted nothing to do with that, so he and Harbor and I, sat under the shade by a misting fan waiting for them to be done.

Then while the older boys climbed the nets and rode the train in the Happy Harbor, Harbor and I played in the nursing mother’s air conditioned area. It was just so hot! We met back up with the boys and went to ride the carousel, but as soon as we tried to get Kingston on, he freaked out that it was too high (after just riding a roller coaster mind you) and him and I had to get off while the other rode.

The park closed at 6 and it was getting late and the boys were starting to lag, so we started trick or treating and making our way back up to the front. Along the way we stopped for Z and I to pet some baby sharks.

We piled everyone on the stroller, which was a tight squeeze and heavy with all 3 on there, and made a fast trek back to our car. A stop at Chick-fil-a on our way home for dinner and the day was a success! We were almost home when it started pouring rain, we sat in our car in the driveway for a bit while the kids slept until we decided to make a break for it and get the rest of our stuff later. It’s a little tricky getting 3 kids out of the car fast! We didn’t get too soaked, not that it matter since it was straight to the showers for us. Can’t wait til the Christmas shows start!

Apr 16

Discovering Snapchat

Aunt Nicole introduced us to the wonder of Snapchat lenses. The kids think this is AMAZING. “Can we do faces Dad?” they ask all the time now. It sometimes has some weird results, especially when we switch faces but it leaves everyone smiling. Here’s a sampling of the weirdness we’ve been creating lately.


Oct 15

Harbor’s First Pumpkin Patch

October 19th, we headed to the pumpkin patch with my family for our annual photos with the boys. We went at 5 p.m. and it was still hot! They had this huge semi truck full of pumpkins and a line of people that were passing the pumpkins out and down into the patch the whole hour we were there and they still had plenty left to go!

We attempted to take some pictures. There is not a single one of our family that every member was looking. I think that’s just what happens when you are trying to get three kids to look the same way! Kingston was great, Harbor was even pretty good, Zekie was our handful. Could not get him to sit still for a picture for anything.

After some photo attempts, the boys loved playing around the patch and then picking out their own baby pumpkins. A few days later they painted them with Jeremy.

Jun 15

Kingston Turns Five!

Our big kid decided he wanted to spend his birthday at the zoo and it turned out to be a perfect zoo day!

We got there late morning and it was warm out, but the overcast sky kept it from being unbearable. The front area had open parking spots which was fantastic and for the first time ever I noticed they have expecting mother parking. While we were unloading, the other two remaining spots filled with two other families that were NOT expecting. I guess that’s why I’ve never noticed them before, they are always full of people improperly parking there. :(

First stop as always was the train of course, and then to the splash pad. We timed it just right too, all 5 of the schools that were there that day were outside eating lunch so the splash pad wasn’t crowded. Kingston went right for it, while Zekie took some time sitting on the sidelines with me, warming up to the idea. Finally, Kingston convinced him and they had a great time splashing around.

Camel rides were back and Kingston wanted to go with Daddy. It’s kind of a rip off price wise for the ride you get, but who can say no to this cutie on his birthday?

The monkeys were especially active, I think they knew it was K’s birthday. They were climbing all around. The monkeys must have been talking to the otters, because they were swimming all around for Kingston too.

We spent a long time in the snake area, checked out the crocs, and then started to make our way out so we could go home and eat lunch. It again worked out perfect timing wise, since the sun had come out and it was getting hot!

We took quick showers once we got home to wash off the grim and cool down and ate lunch. Then Kingston had already seen the stash of presents in our room and was eager to open them, so we went ahead and let him.

In the evening, the Grandparents came over for a pancake/waffle dinner (birthday boy’s choice). Before we got to dinner though he wanted to open the presents from them first. This is the first year K has wanted to open all his presents at once. Every other birthday it has taken us at least a week to open presents because he would only want to open one or two a day and then play with whatever was inside. I guess we’ve grown into the next stage.

We put a candle in his pancake to sing Happy Birthday to him, and he got very upset. Once we got him to calm down, we figured out that he thought we could only sing it once and wanted us to do it at his party on Saturday. Haha.

It was a great, fun day, but I think even he was worn out by the end because a little after dinner, he very matter of factually told everyone, “It’s getting dark, everybody time to go”. Ahahaha, this kid doesn’t beat around the bush, he tells it like it is. ;P

Jan 15

Happy Fifth Birthday Charlotte!

January 31st we drove out to Red Pony Farm for Charlotte’s 5th birthday party. The boys got to ride a pony (Zekie was all for it, Kingston not so much, even after watching Z go), go on a mini hayride, feed goats, sheeps, and horses (which K said tickled), see ducks and pigs, and play on a playground. They had a great time!

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Jan 15

Happy 2nd Birthday Zekie!

Zee Turns Two

Happy second birthday Zekie bear! “Two on Tuesday!” as Nicole taught you to say. I must confess you got a little jipped this year. There were quite a few family dramas happening and Mommy was feeling awful, so it was a no frills celebration. We spent the day hanging out at home while Kingston was at school. Then that evening we had all our family over for a taco dinner, cookies, and presents. Since you hadn’t been interested in opening the rest of your Christmas gifts, you received those for birthday presents instead (thank you for thinking about me and how I was feeling crummy and saving me from having to run to the store for gifts ;P ).

You still didn’t get through all your gifts from everyone, so for the next few days you opened up one or two a day.

On Saturday the 17th we invited your friend Philip to join us for a celebratory visit to the zoo. He brought you a Thomas the Train block set which at first you were carrying around calling a lunchbox, but you love those blocks and play with Thomas daily. First stop was of course the train, because we can’t go into the zoo without doing that first.

Then we fed some animals. Visited some turtles. Played on the playground and ate lunch with the rhinos. We charmed some snakes. And chomped at some gators. And after all that walking, got a foot massage and did a stroller swap.

I thought it was the perfect, relaxed way to celebrate your birthday and you had so much fun at the zoo with your friend!


Dec 14

Kingston’s School Christmas Program

Kingston’s school put on a Christmas production on December 18th. It was everything you could hope for from a preschool show, chaos, wandering, waving and pointing to parents in the audience, cute costumes, and sweet singing voices. Adorableness.

In the paperwork they sent home weeks prior, Kingston’s part was listed as a wiseman, but every time I would ask him about it he would always tell me he was a sheppard. At one point he told me he was a sheppard that brought frankincense. As it turned out, he had two parts, a sheppard and later a wiseman.  :)

Kingston actually surprised us all. I figured as soon as he saw us in the audience he would walk straight to us and be done. But he didn’t, he waved big, smiled, pointed us out to his friends, and maybe sang a few words. He made it all the way until they were walking out after their last song, then he ran right to Jeremy, stripped his costume and wouldn’t go back to his classmates. I was impressed.

After was a catered dinner by Carraba’s that the grandparents joined us for (Arthur and Nicole had to go to work, but Kingston was so excited that they had come for the show).

I thought Kingston did a great job that night and it was such a fun night.

Nov 14

A Sea World Christmas

I love the Christmas shows at Sea World, but like every other theme park around here, it gets crazy packed around the holidays. Last year we got smart and went the very first weekend they started the shows and it worked out perfect. This year we did the same, going November 22nd with my parents. What also made it perfect was the day was overcast and sprinkling rain on and off the whole day. This might not sound perfect, but it wasn’t pouring so we weren’t walking around soggy and wet, and it keep people at home which meant less crowds for us. :)

Kingston had specifically requested the dolphin show the night before, so we started our morning there. Then to the pet show, the whale show, lunch, Elmo Christmas, sharks, O Wondrous Night (their nativity production), train ride, and the Shamu Christmas show. A pretty full day!

Zeke really loved the show and music as evidenced by the following video:

K asked to go home after the Shamu show and although originally we were going to try to fit in one last show, a cranky kid takes the fun out of everything so we decided to listen to him and head out past the Sea of Lights while everyone was still in a good mood!


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