Mar 15

16 Weeks

Hello my Baby Charming,

In some ways I can’t believe we’re already 4 months along, but in other ways boy am I aware just how long it’s been! I’m still suffering from all-day sickness, though it is a little easier in the mornings. I want apples all the time, I’m eating at least 2 a day, at least that’s good for us. :) Wonder what’s in apples that our bodies need so much right now? I’m burping A LOT and have been getting some headaches.

I have a hard time riding in cars. For the first time ever I am experiencing something similar to what your Daddy experiences when he gets car sick, only I haven’t thrown up yet. I just have to close my eyes and I can’t talk. So long car trips are not high on my list of to dos.

I’ve also been having nightmares again. This also happen with your brother Zekie. I can’t remember the specifics of the one the other day, but it had to do with a cut off arm trying to attack me. Yeah, weird, I know.

On a more fun note, we’ve started telling others outside of our family about you. When Daddy picked up Kingston from school on February 3rd, Mrs. Colleen asked Daddy if I was okay because Kingston told her that “my mommy’s been really sick for a long time”. Haha, he went ahead and told her that it was true but it was for a good reason and that I’d be okay soon.

I’ve mostly just been slipping it in to a conversation and then watching as what I’ve just said and the shock register on their faces. I texted my BFFs that Zekie was being promoted to middle child. I told our friend Sarah when she was telling me about some mommy activites I could join in on, “I’m not taking on anything new right now because we have a new baby coming in August”. I was telling our friend Jess about uncle Arthur’s wedding and I said, “I was telling Arthur if the new baby is a boy, then I already have wedding clothes for him from when Zekie went to your wedding at 2 months old”. When Kelsey asked if I would be up for a girls trip to Hawaii this summer, I said, “I’ll be too pregnant by then!”. I texted Mo that I was planning to go to a “Mom’s Night Out” event as long as my morning sickness wasn’t too bad that day. And I told my mom’s group friends at our monthly meeting on February 9th by standing up when they asked if there were any moms newly announcing pregnancies.

I’m fairly certain I’ve felt you move a few times, though it’s been light, like a tiny little tap or bubble popping.

We had our second prenatal appointment on March 3rd. 16 weeks, 3 days along.

It was with Kaleen and we caught up on all the new stuff going on with the new birth center before diving into the appointment. My urine was negative, I’ve gained 4 pounds, I’m measuring at 16 weeks and my blood pressure is 118/60. The finger prick machine was busted so she had to draw blood to check my iron, ugh, good thing she checked my blood pressure first! Then we got to hear your sweet heartbeat again. This time you stayed still and your heart rate was around 135. Love that sound. :)

Since I didn’t have any questions and since we’ve done this show twice before, our next appointment won’t be for another 6 weeks instead of 4. But in the meantime we got our script for our sonogram. It’s technically to check on your development and make sure we’re on track for a homebirth, but we’ll also get to find out whether you are a boy or a girl! So exciting!

A lot of people comment, “so you’re hoping for a girl right?” or “you were trying for a girl right”, but honestly I don’t have a preference this time. I was bummed when Zekie turned out to be a boy, but it’s been so fun to watch him look up to Kingston and to watch their bond grow as brothers, I can’t imagine it any other way. So I know if you are a boy you will fit right in with them and it will be fun to watch that dynamic shift and grow. Also it will be a lot cheaper since we’re pretty stocked on boys clothes, toys, etc. But if you are a girl it will be great to mix things up and not be the only girl in the house anymore. Though we have a good collection of baby things that can go either way, all the girly stuff will be fun to get too. Which is why you’ll probably be a boy, God knows we don’t have enough money in our bank account for a girl. ;P

Til next time my love,



Jul 14

Sleep Smiles

I thought the days of my boys smiling in their sleep were long gone with their infant stage, but on July 9th I was in Kingston room filming him sleeping (I know sounds weird, it was Dr. suggested). While he was off in dreamland he smiled a few times. At first I thought he might be waking up, but I quickly realized he was out cold and was having sweet dreams about something, maybe eating cookies. Sweetness!

As a side story to this, back on July 5th we were both exhausted come naptime, we’d had a busy morning together of garage saling and a breakfast date at Chick-fil-a. When I said I was going to take a nap too, he wanted to come with me. I thought it would probably be a disaster, but I brought him into my room and lo and behold he fell asleep and we took a nap together. That is the first time that’s happen since he was 2. Love unexpected cuddles with my big guy.

Aug 12

The Case For A Girl

This week we will find out if Baby Love is a she or a he. Can Not Wait!

Here are my 5 theories on why I think this baby is a girl.

1. I had a dream she was.

2. The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart says so. Sure it’s highly unreliable, but it was correct with Kingston.

3. Her heartbeat is high, in the 160s. “They” say the higher heartbeats mean it’s a girl.

4. My midwife says #3 is also widely incorrect, but she has noticed that baby girls are generally still during heartbeat checks, while boys make her chase them around the stomach. That second part was very true of Kingston, every time they checked he would move seconds after they found the heartbeat. This baby didn’t move once.

5. My Grandma says that more boys are born during times of war as God’s way of replenishing the male population. Now I can’t disagree with my grandma. Our ratio of friends with boys versus girls over the past few years has been something like 25 to 3, serious girl drought. This year so far it’s been 4 boys to 8 girls. Girls have a 50% lead, I think we have a good shot here.

Excited to find out if I’m right or way off!

Aug 12

Culinary Visions

I’ve been having some wild dreams, most recently of the terrifying type. I’ve been trapped in burning buildings, chased by murders, and had my house broken into while I was sleeping, just to name a few. I do not care to have anymore of these.

Last night’s dream thankfully was of lighter fare. Imagine Chick-fil-a’s chicken biscuit, now super size it to the size of their normal chicken sandwich. On the botton slice of biscuit put tator tots, then top that with the chicken, then top it with mac & cheese, and place the biscuit top on. In my dream this was delicious, I am not so sure it would have the same appeal in real life. I do feel like it wouldn’t be far fetched to find something of this variety on a KFC menu, seems right up their alley.

Jul 12

I Knew There Was Someone We Forgot To Call

In last night’s pregnancy dream episode, I delivered the baby fast in our bedroom (which is not the bedroom we currently have) and we all went to sleep. Jeremy and I woke up the next morning rested and realized we had never called the midwife and we should probably call her to at least let her know the baby had arrived. The baby was also only 14 weeks old, but was normal newborn size and was completely healthy. How awesome would it be if you were only pregnant for that long in real life?

I do not mind the fast delivery part of the dream, but I do hope that the midwife is present!

Jul 12

Belly Alien

I’ve been having lots of crazy dreams lately, but they don’t always include a baby theme. Today during my nap I had another interesting baby one. For a perfectly logical reason in my dream, my dad was sending me to Disney college (what I would learn there I will never know since I woke up after a quick orientation). My friend, Sarah, was there too, and we would be sleeping in a big room full of twin beds with specific rules on how to make the bed. Jeremy and Kingston were also there, but I don’t know where they were going to sleep. Anyways I went to the big dorm room style bathroom and even though I’m only 11 weeks I could see the baby moving. I saw big waves go across my stomach as well as hands, feet, and fingers poking way out. I called Jeremy to come watch and we couldn’t get over how much we could see since big waves of movement don’t happen usually until way later in pregnancy. And then I woke up. Maybe baby was having a party while I was sleeping.

May 12

Let The Dreams Begin

Last night I had my first pregnancy dream. I went into labor and it happened so fast that neither Jeremy or our midwife Kaleen made it in time. I delivered a baby girl around the toilet of wherever the place was that my dream took place (it was neither our house, the birth center, or a hospital) with some person that was a friend in my dream, but don’t know in my awake being. Jeremy and Kaleen showed up after.

I had a couple dreams like this last time, and although Kingston didn’t just fall out while I was sleeping, compared to a lot of first time mom’s, my 9.5 hours of labor was fairly quick. I can only hope that I can trust my dreams this time around and labor will be even quicker. Can I trust it on the sex of Baby Love too?

Jun 10

The Incredible Sleeping Space Baby

Since Kingston spends most of his time sleeping, it’s pretty easy to pass him from one person to another or to lay him in his swing or crib without him waking up. What must it be like to float around while sleeping? What does he dream about? Does he ever wonder how he got somewhere? Does he like freeze-dried ice cream?

After watching him sleep Monday night in this outfit, we got a glimpse into his possible inter-planetary missions.

May 10

Waking Up Running

This past week I have been having some intense dreams. Not baby dreams, although I am still pregnant in them all, but dreams involving vicarious activity. The first one was on Tuesday and I was doing these crazy squats at a very fast pace and I woke up startled in the middle of a squat and had to catch my breath.

The next one was Wednesday and I was competing in the Amazing Race. I had lost my partner and I was running all around looking for her and when I finally found her I again woke up with a big intake of air.

Then Friday morning I was riding rollercoasters at a theme park. I didn’t wake up out of breath that time, but I did wake up exhausted. (Funny enough, I couldn’t remember what it was I was doing in the last dream, until later Friday night when Jeremy was driving down a particularly bumpy part of Colonial and it made me think of rollercoasters and jogged my memory.)

Is this my mind’s way of preparing for some intense activity that is coming in the next few days?

Dec 09

Prophetic Dreams?

I’ve now had two dreams about quick labor. In Saturday night’s dream I was asleep and my labor was so fast I slept through it. I woke up to find I had a baby and I was a little sore and still tired. Then we went out to dinner and I woke up for real.

All I have to say is that these labor dreams better come true. I don’t like to be teased.

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