Apr 18

Raising Arrows


For a fundraiser for my Moms4Moms group this year, we decided to do a custom t-shirt. Everyone on planning committee submitted a saying and then we voted on our favorite and that person won a gift card on top getting their saying chosen. Danielle’s was the winner with 6 or so votes, Raising Arrows, based off of Psalms 127:3-4, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” Jeremy agreed to volunteer to design the tee for us and the whole group had a chance to pick their favorite design out of 3 options. Once that was decided, the fundraiser opened and we could each order a variety of different style and color tees and tanks based on what we individually liked best. We sold 54 shirts, which was awesome for our group of 100. It was so exciting to get them in the mail and a bunch of us wore them to our next meeting. It was so fun to see all the different options in person! Not everyone made it in the picture, but here’s a few of us sporting our shirts. Deedra pointed out that neither of the baby’s wanted their picture taken. LOL. Our arrows just weren’t cooperating. ;P

Mar 18

Gift For Baby 4

IMG_5295One of the Mom’s from Zekie’s school, Sebastain’s mom Magda, brought a baby gift for us. It was very sweet of her to bring a little outfit for him. :)

Oct 17

Shorty Shorts

The drawback to sharing a closet with your brothers…Sometimes you end up wearing your baby brother’s shorts to school. Whoops! LOL

#icantbreathmom #size18months #pickedfromthewrongrack


Aug 17

Knights and Princess

Fun dressing up in the community room at school.


Front row: Alex, Jordan, Sebastian, Daniel
Back row: Carissa, Reese, Same, Leilanie, Zekie, Luke, Miles, Ashtyn, Kendall

Jan 17

Ready For Action

Zeke is always ready for fun.

Jan 17

Four Years Of Zekie!

Happy 4th birthday Zekie Bear! Sometimes it’s hard to believe you are only four. The way you talk and how your little mind works are way beyond your years. You keep us all on our toes, never knowing what you are going to say or do next! You have the sweetest, kindest heart and are great at playing on your own. You are content building Legos and reading books all day, though I do have to constantly remind you that our furniture is not for climbing on and jumping off of. My little dare devil who doesn’t think the rules apply to him.

You are always just trying to keep up with Kingston, and even though there are two years between you, you are right on his heels, giving him a run for his money. I may be biased, but I think you are a genius for your age. The things you say and the reasoning behind it, is amazing. You have big things in your future Zekers! Love you so much!!!

Your birthday this year was low key. Daddy had to work, so we got up early to sing to you and have special birthday donuts. You picked the “Christmas donut” also known to everyone else as a sprinkle donut. I don’t know where Christmas came from, but that’s what you called it, haha.

Once Harbor woke up, we headed over to Grandma Boothe’s to play for a bit. It was a Friday and Kingston had speech so I left you and Harbor there while I took K to speech and ran some errands for your party the next day. You got to watch your favorite show, Paw Patrol, while we were gone. After lunch over there, we came home for Harbor to nap and we practiced one of the games for your party the next day and played until that night.

For dinner, everyone came over to celebrate. Even Aunt Denise was in town and she joined us too. Grandma Kennedy made us some personal pizza crusts and we all make our own pizzas and then had the chocolate cake you requested Grandma make too. And we ended the night spoiling you with presents. You liked everything, but the Rescue Bot Transformers were your favorite.

Here’s some updates on things you’ve done or said these last six months:

Your idea for keeping the squirrels from eating our tomatoes, “Dig a big hole, then the squirrel will fall in, we’ll cover him up with dirt and fill in the hole and then the squirrel won’t be able to eat our tormatoes“. That is definitely a valid idea you presented on August 27th.

We were talking about the plagues in the bible on August 29th. We got to the plague of the frogs and were discussing how they were covering everything and hopping everywhere when you brought up this idea. “If we put them in the washing machine, they will loss their legs and then they won’t be able to hop“. This is probably true, how you came up with this idea is astonishing to me.

When I grow up big like Daddy, I’m going to stay home with Daddy. I’m gonna be a parent.” When I asked him how many kids he intends to have, he stated, “Five kids.“. Will be fun to see how many he does end up having. – September 11th

On the evening of September 10th, Harbor kept fussing so I went in to check on him only to find you in his bed playing and keeping him up. Brother love.

I go in every night and check on you all before I go to bed. On September 12th, you weren’t in your bed and you weren’t on the floor. I found you under the bunk bed, all the way in the back corner!

We took the training wheels off of Kingston’s bike also on September 12th and put them on a bike for you. But we could not get you to try the bike. You told us you were “afraid of heights“. Meanwhile you climb up on everything and jump off, but the bike was too high. LOL kid logic.

Harbor was wearing a romper on September 28th, so the leg holes come down lower than a regular onesie. You asked, “why does Harbor wear his shirt as pants?“.

Kingston was set on being Batman for Halloween so we were trying to convince you to be Robin. We told you he was Batman’s sidekick and then from then on you wouldn’t call him Robin, you referred to your costume as “sidekick“. Ahaha. – September 24th.

You ate a screw on October 9th!? And it exited on the 12th. Ekkk

You are a great encourager of others. Always cheering others on in whatever they are doing.

One night while staying over at Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy’s you walked into Grandma’s messy office and stated, “this is a catastrophe!‘. Oh Zekie always telling it like it is. LOL – October 13th

You slept in your new twin sized bed for the first time October 17th.

You were swinging and you exclaimed, “This is magnificent!” Then you leaned a little too far back and flipped over backwards and landed on your stomach with your heels hitting your head. After the shock of that fall you brushed yourself off and kept playing, only to be sliding down the slide a little later and fall sideways of the side of the slide. Rough day. – October 21st.

You are so clear with your words but every now and then there are still a few words you don’t get right, and it’s so cute. You also have a little country accent on a few words too.
Glube – Glove
Thurrr – There
Menja – Ninja
Let’s watch Thisflix – Anything on Netflix
This is a spicious box – Suspicious
Sockings – Christmas stockings

I heard you crying from your bed on November 7th, so I got up from the couch to check on you. By the time I got there you were standing in your doorway, without pants. At first I think you must have peed yourself and I ask you if you have to go the bathroom. You responded by letting it flow, sprinkler style all over our hallway and everything in it. I started screaming stop and tried to push you into the bathroom, but it was too late. After getting you and everything else cleaned up, I asked you what happen, why were you crying without pants, why didn’t you walk to the bathroom? You told me you got lost and couldn’t find the bathroom. Poor kiddo, I think you might have still been asleep.

Your bedtime prayers are precious. “Thank you God for jelly, thank you for peanut butter, thank you for the ducks. Praise God! Jaysname Amen!” LOL my favorite is that every prayer includes the ducks and that instead of “in Jesus name” it’s “Jaysname“. The best. – November 15th

We were talking about dancing and I said that Daddy and I had taken dancing lessons. When I asked you if you knew what kind, you asked, “barenia dancing?“. Ballerina dancing, and no we did not, thought that probably would have been entertaining to see Daddy do. We took ballroom dancing. – November 20th

Can you inside it?” – Asked everytime you need me to turn a clothing article inside out. – December 11th

Remember that time you were driving me to Africa? I saw really long dolphins.” Lol, um nope, don’t remember that trip at all. – December 13th.

December 14th, you and Kingston were so proud to show me what you had been so quietly working on. “Look Mom I made Zekie a cheetah!”

It first happened December 17th, but you have said it many times since now. When something doesn’t go your way or you don’t want to do something you say, “Cancel bedtime (shower, dinner, cleaning up, etc…)”. I know this is because sometimes when you aren’t listening I will say, “That’s okay you don’t want to do …, I’ll go ahead and cancel…, we’ll try it another time when you are ready to listen“.

You’ve taken to stealing food from the pantry. We started noticing that you wouldn’t be hungry at breakfast and then I found some wrappers and other clues and crumbs in the playroom. Eventually I caught you in the act. Usually you would take something sweet or a treat before we got up in the mornings. So we started putting somethings on top of the fridge, but it didn’t take long until you figured out you could drag a stool to the counter, climb up on the counter and then stretch over the fridge to grab what you wanted. Too smart for your own good! We need a lock for the pantry and the fridge because punishment doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. :(

Maybe it’s because the rest of the house fells so cluttered with toys and just everyday life things, but I don’t like things on the refrigerator. I just want it to be completely clear. Little by little lately things had started to accumulate there too. One day I felt inspired to clear it off while you and Kingston were off playing. Later you came to get something from the fridge and exclaimed, “WHOA we got a new fridge!“. Ahahaha yep snuck it right in while you were in the other room. ;P

And for the grand finale to this post, I leave you with this most recent comment to your Grandma Kennedy on December 29th. “Grandma if I hold my nose (and blow) my ears toot.” Oh my Zekie! Only you my child, only you.

Here are your stats:

Weight: 34.9 lbs.

Height: 40β€³

Head: 20β€³

Clothes: 3T-4T tops. Bottoms you can still wear 2T in shorts. 3T pants.

Shoes: 9

Oct 15

Two Months of Harbor

Oh Baby Harbor, my little man what can I say, but that you started off your second month with a bang. On September 15th, I was out with you and was trying to send a picture of something suspicious in your diaper area to your Dad to see what he thought we should do. Well, trying to take a picture of a wiggly baby while trying to hold your legs still and get the picture not blurry is basically impossible. Which is what I was focusing on when my hand started to get wet, took me a second to realize what was happening and I quickly covered you with your diaper. But that wasn’t before you got my hand, the changing pad, the counter, and, wait for it, my phone. Yep, baby pee all over it. Thankfully I have a waterproof cover so it wasn’t damaged in any way. I guess I should be thankful it was baby pee and not I don’t know adult pee or public toilet water. But still, not ideal. Coincidentally, later that week, my case actually broke and I had to get a new one. Related?

This was also the the first time you had a major blow out in public. On the 18th, you blew through an outfit, so I changed you. Then 30 minutes later, you blew through your second outfit. Except this time I didn’t have the diaper bag with me and had to try to use the diapers in nursing room I was in. Then when I changed you, there was so much poop, it got all over the table. So I got you cleaned up the best I could, went and found Grandma and passed you off. Then you had already blown through the back up outfit and I hadn’t packed two (though now there are two in the diaper bag). Went and found an outfit I was consigning at the sale we were at, and took it off the rack and put that on you. Then went back to clean the table and when I grabbed the bottle of cleaner it was empty and there was dried up poop from someone else on it. It was a stellar experience. Yuck.

And since we’ve already covered the other bodily functions, lets go ahead and round it out with spit up shall we? πŸ˜› We were driving on the 19th and Zekie tells us from the backseat, “Mommy, look at Harbor. He spilled.” Ahahaha.

All this leaking hasn’t slowed your weight gain down though, you were already 12.1 lbs on the 19th.

You’ve been sleeping consistently 4-5 hour stretches at night but on the 21st, you slept for 7 hours, from 10 pm – 5 am. And by the end of your second month you were consistently sleeping 7-8 hr stretches. Hooray! You’ve still been sleeping in your cot in the middle of our bed, but on the 25th you took your first nap in the pack n play.

On the 21st, I had just finished feeding you and was handing you off to your Dad for a diaper change when I looked down and Zekie was trying to nurse! It startled me and it startled him when I shrieked. Lol, I hadn’t had a chance to close my bra and I guess he figured this was his shot to see what you spent so much time doing!

You rolled over from your tummy to your back on the 25th, but you haven’t done it again since.

The hair grabbing has started. (24th) Time for Mommy to keep her hair tied back.

You have gotten quite talkative with me and give me so many smiles, starting around your 6 week mark.

Kingston is quite concerned that you wake us up every night and has started praying for you to sleep through the night. Sweet boy.

I need to get you some baby headphone/ear muffs. Poor fella, you are constantly being startled awake by the boys loud voices and screams.

You hate tummy time.

You are a great burper and because I often say, “good job” after a loud one, the boys now chime in with “good jobs” too when they hear you burp. It’s really cute.

Here are your monthly stats:

Weight: 13.5# (between 50-75 percentile)
Height: 23.5″ (50-75)
Head: 16″ (50)
Clothes: a few lingering newborns, but mostly 0-3.
Shoe size: 1
Diaper size: 2

And a few extras, since you were asleep:
Chest: 16″
Ankle: 4-1/2″
Foot: 3-1/2″
Big Toe: 3/4″
Wrist: 4″
Leg: 9-1/2″
Pinky: 1″
Waist: 16″
Arm (shoulder to wrist crease): 7-1/2″
Ear: 1-3/4″
Nose: 1″
Eye: 1-1/4″
Mouth: 1-3/4″

Sep 15

One Month Of Harbor

So here we are, at the one month mark already. Ahhh! Time. Slow. Down.

Little man, you are just the sweetest thing. I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve loved every second of your baby cuddles and noises (ok, maybe not every second in the middle of the night, but definitely every baby grunt and coo during the day). I want to freeze this time with you, it’s already going too fast.

Some days you spit up gobs and other days a little dribble here or there. This is probably related to something I’m eating, and I should be more careful. September 5th was one of those days it was like a fountain. And then the 6th you were super fussy. I have noticed that you don’t care for brownies, you are always fussy the day after I eat those. :(

Speaking of eating, you are eating great! I think you have gotten used to my fast letdown and might even be getting mad when it slows down, as sometimes you get fussy towards the end of a feeding now even after I’ve burped you. I am so thankful this is no longer a painful experience since we fixed your tongue tie!

You are gaining weight like it’s your job (and it is ;P) and your little chicken legs are fill in and getting nice and chunky. YUM! You’ve moved up into size 1 diapers, but it won’t be too long before you move right on to 2’s.

We were able to barely squeeze all three car seats in our car which is good news. I can’t get the infant carrier out of the car, and Kingston can’t open his door from the inside anymore because the handle is blocked by a seat, but we can all go places together so until God provides a miracle of a new car for us, we will deal with these little inconveniences (because what choice do we have, haha). You mostly sleep in the car, but you tend to cry a lot when you are awake. The boys don’t like this.

Well actually they don’t like when you cry no matter where we are. Kingston will usually cover his ears and say that the crying hurts them and Zekie takes to yelling “uhhhhhhhhhhh, STOP“. This should probably bother me, but it makes me laugh (inside) when they react this way, because that’s exactly how I feel when they are yelling and screaming. Instead I tell them that isn’t helping and to help you by talking to you, singing to you, or giving you your paci. This usually doesn’t pacify you for long, but that’s all I’ve got in my bag of tricks until we get home or I can grab you.

This Month’s Stats:

Weight: 11 lbs. 2 ozs
Height: 22″
Head: 15″

Diapers: size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months, outgrown some newborns
Shoes: size 2

In my post partum news, I’m loving that I can bend down and pull laundry out of the washing machine and hang it up again without needed help and that speed bumps don’t make me cringe. It’s the little things people! I’m tired, but feeling pretty good overall. I’ve got 13 lbs left until prepregnancy weight, or 3 lbs til I’m at my normal “nursing” weight.

Jul 15

Two And A Half Years With Zekie

Man time is flying. I can’t believe another 6 months have past by and Zekie bear is already 2-1/2. It seems like you have changed so much these past six months too. You look older, you’re wiser ;), way more opinionated. Adventurous and talkative!

Here’s what you’ve been up to since your birthday.

In January you liked to take your pants off on your own.

Although you were tall enough to turn the light switches off, you couldn’t reach to turn them back on, so I taught you how to move a stool or chair over so you could turn them on and off yourself on January 16th. This happen after I sent you to your room for a timeout once and then found you sitting in your chair in the dark because you couldn’t reach the switch and I felt bad.

In February you started telling me you had poo poo in your diaper after you had pooped. I saw this as a good sign that potty training might not be far off.

I love your little word confusions, like that you say “see that?” when you mean “hear that?“.

We’ve been watching a lot of tv with me being pregnant and sick and you are so quick to pick up on things, which is not always a good thing. I knew we were watching too much Daniel Tiger when you started growling at people when you got mad. lol

You started saying, “that scared me” even when nothing did.

Sometimes when you want to talk, but don’t know what to say I suppose, you start saying “waffle pancakes, waffle pancakes” over and over again. Cracks me up.

You know and state your full name to people, “I’m Zekie Kennedy“.

I’m not really sure where you got this, another kid, tv, your imagination, I don’t know, but in March you started walking around saying, “I’m superhero to the rescue. Fi thu da air. Superhero Zekie!” Sometimes this would be shouted as you stood on a stool and jumped off.

On March 13th you declared brown your favorite marker color.

Love the PBS show Dinosaur Train. The theme song is not stuck in all our heads!

On March 18th, you wrapped a blanket around yourself and said, “I’m a princess!“. We won’t tell your buddies about that one. ;p

Since being a baby you have always rubbed your head or twirled your hair when you lay down to sleep and you still do this.

I was a little surprised to hear you say these words so soon, but on March 20th you told me, “Mom you’re crazy!“.Β  Probably so kid, probably so.

April 15th you started saying, “olly mokes!” – Holy smokes!

You still can’t pronounce your Ls very well, so lizard sounds like “wizard“, “wego” for Lego, and “wid” for lid. Which let’s face it, is really adorable.

April 18th you woke up screaming in the middle of the night and said you didn’t like dinosaurs anymore. We can only guess that you had a bad dream, but for a brief time you didn’t like dinosaurs after that.

Starting around April 24th, you began asking me all the time when you would hear any little sound, “Mommy, what’s that noise?“.

This month you also started telling me, “Mommy, I love you” without me prompting you to tell me. Melt my heart.

You call polka dots on my shirts, “bubbles“. – May 7th

I don’t remember when we made the change exactly, but you have been sitting in a booster seat at the kitchen table instead of in a highchair for a few months.

May 11th, you started sleeping in a toddler bed.

Olly mokes” has turned into “moly mokes“. – May 31st

On June 1st you covered my face with a hat then said, “can’t see your big ole nose“. Ah geez thanks kid.

Sandwich is pronounced, “simich“.

By June 17th, you had gotten to “Holy mokes“. So close.

When we ask you to do something and you are in the middle of something you say, “after my done“. :)

You are definitely my son when it comes to bedtime. You want your back rubbed and then when I try to leave you ask me to rub it more by saying “2 more minutes“. Haha, do you remember me saying that to your Dad all the time when you were in the womb?

June 24th you told me you saw an angel in your room last night and it scared you.

We play little hiding games and you say “you scared me!” whether I scared you or you were trying to scare me.

You are very destructive, which is new to me. You rip books, break sunglasses and toys. I have to take things away from you that I never had to worry about with Kingston.

July 2nd I was getting ready in the bathroom and you pulled my blush out of my makeup drawer and handed it to me. I said thank you and you asked, “is that a good choice?“. You should always ask yourself this before you do something, especially like when you try to jump off the table. πŸ˜‰

On July 3rd I told you that you couldn’t eat the rest of a banana because it was bad. You are so quick, you replied, “I want a happy banana!“.

Also on the 3rd, your bedtime prayer went like this, “thank you for the food, the play, the belly (baby), amen“. Pretty good prayer I think.

July 9th, you slept away from home for the first time. It was with Grandma & Grandpa Kennedy, and you and Kingston shared a room. Outside of you guys staying up late talking, it went off without a hitch. I’m not sure you missed us at all. ;P

July 10th you showed me that you can now do a somersault. Impressive.

And then on July 11th we were eating cherries with lunch, the really delicious Rainer cherries, and you asked us to “take the top off“, meaning pull off the stem. Haha.

Here are your stats:

Weight: 26.3#

Height: 37.5β€³

Head: 19.5β€³

Clothes: 2T tops. Bottoms you can still wear 12-18 months in shorts. 18 month pants.

Shoes: 7

Diapers: 5

Mar 15

Jammies To School?

The week of March 9th was Spirit Week at Kingston’s school. Monday was sports day where you wear your favorite team attire, Tuesday was crazy color day where you wear as many colors as you want, and Thursday was PJ day. Monday he wore a Gator jersey, Tuesday he wore blue, and Thursday he picked out his airplane jammies and brought Monkey in for Show-n-Tell.

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