Mar 15

Building A Monster Truck Day 1 & 2

I’ve been slacking on watching for what Lowes is doing for their Build n Grows and the boys would have missed  monster trucks if Jeremy hadn’t been in Lowes the day before picking up some things.


On February 28th Zekie went for the first time and both boys built their own truck. He was very excited when he got home to show me his truck and tell me he hammered.

Then on March 14th Kingston went back and built the second one. Zekie was sick and couldn’t go so they brought a kit home for him.

Dec 14

Building A Christmas Train

buildngrowtrainThe morning of December 13th, Jeremy and Kingston headed to Lowes for a Build n Grow to make another Christmas train. They were even able to bring an extra home for Zekie.


Nov 14

A Welday Birthday / Dedication

It was a busy Halloween weekend! On Sunday, November 2nd we joined our friends the Weldays at their church, Action Church, as they dedicated their sweet new baby girl, Peyton. Immediately after they served lunch and hosted Philip’s 2nd birthday party.

It was Cars themed and so cute. They had a Cars cake, Cars tattoo station, a color your own car station, and a race track with custom built Cars Philip’s Uncle Jason made just for the party. The kids were a tiny bit too small for them, but they tried anyway, and the adults had fun with them after they were done.




Happy Birthday Philip! So glad we could party with you!

May 14

Special Delivery

Jeremy and Kingston went to another Lowe’s Build n Grow clinic on May 10th and made a flower delivery truck just in time for Mother’s Day.

Mar 14

11 Years Ago

I bought this little beauty eleven years ago and named her Madame Blueberry.

She was the first car I’ve ever purchased and was the ripe age of 3 when she came into my life. She served me well, good gas mileage, the ability to hold a large pizza on her dashboard, and a vase that held fake flowers that served as the perfect microphones for belting out tunes with friends at stoplights. She in all ways was the perfect car for my 20s. Fun and carefree. But alas, I’m in my 30s now, with 2 kiddos that can’t be transported in the car and Madame Blueberry’s best days are in her past. And as such, it was time for us to part ways, say our goodbyes, wish each other only the best, and venture into new horizons. Thank you for 11 solid years of service, dear. Even in your golden years we only had you listed for 12 hours before you were snatched up (9 of which we were sleeping).

May your new home and owners treat you well.

Dec 13

Building A Choo Choo

Kingston and Jeremy did some male bonding building a train together at a Lowes Build and Grow clinic on December 14th. Kingston was a bit distracted by the fifty or so other people hammering away, but they ended up with a great little wooden holiday train. Afterwards Jeremy took Kingston to Dunkin Donuts and Kingston picked out his very own donut.

Oct 13


Kingston rolled his fingers up in the car window on October 6th. He started yelling, “hand, window up!” and I thought he wanted to put his window up. Until I looked back and saw he had already put his window up and smushed his fingers in the process. Jeremy quickly rolled down the window and I grabbed him. His ring finger and middle finger on his left hand swelled up pretty fast and a bruise showed up immediately. K wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of putting ice on it, even “Cookie” his Cookie Monster shaped ice pack. Instead, I filled a bowl with ice cubes and made a game out of transferring the cubes to another bowl, but he was only allowed to to use his left hand to move the ice. Thank goodness I’m still smarter than a 3 year old some days. It worked, the swelling and bruise went right down and the next day you couldn’t barely see a line of blue. Check that milestone off the list.

Sep 13

A Nice Day for a Drive

Kingston usually jumps at the chance to drive his Jeep. September 29th was no exception.

Mar 13

Jess’ Bachelorette Party

To celebrate Jess’ last nights as a single lady, her friends threw her a bachelorette party at the Embassy Suites Downtown on March 14th. I’m not a fan of downtown, I blame most of this on my father. As a teenager he drilled into me that downtown was a place of weirdos and murderers, and was not safe for any one, especially girls. To this day, that fear still resides deep within my being. The second reason I am not a fan is that it is full of one way streets, expensive parking garages, and street parking, all things that intimate me. These will play a role in my story as the evening progresses.

I tried to leave the house to arrive at the party fashionably late, but ended up just being regular late when I walked out to my car and it wouldn’t start. It does that a lot lately, something we’ve chalked up to spending more time in the driveway than on the road. We get it jumped and I’m on my way. I arrive in the hotel area and spend the next 10ish minutes driving around looking for street parking that is well lit, and in super close proximity to the hotel (valet is $20 which is outlandish for the 3 hrs I’m planning on staying). I find one eventually 2 spots in front of the hotel, grab my stuff quickly and dash inside.

I already was feeling a little bit old going into the party, I am 9ish years older than most of them, have been married for 5 years longer than any of the other marrieds, and have 2 kids. I felt even older as the festivities started, lets just say things have changed a lot since I got married, there was some “You need that why?” “You going to do what with that?” on my part. That didn’t stop me from having fun though, I learned some new things, and laughed in good company.

There was sangria, snacks, and presents of lingerie, all of which Jess modeled for us.

At around 11:30 p.m. it was time for the girls to move the party to the clubs for dancing, and time for me to move the party home to feed the babe and go to bed.

We left the hotel together, parted at the sidewalk and I made my way to my car. Immediately my door clicker didn’t work and I knew the car was dead again. A quick call to the girls who hadn’t made it far and Sarah was bringing her car over to jump mine.

I’ve never had to actually jump a car myself so I had to call Jeremy to walk me through it. I knew where my battery was, but it was dark and I didn’t know what the pieces looked like that I needed to attach the cables to. As I was struggling to figure that out a random man walks up and starts helping. While he is hooking the cables up, he offers up that he saw I had left my lights on (this is where me being flustered from trying to find parking comes in), but didn’t know where the owner of the car was. He noticed it while he was sitting across the street because … he’s homeless. OMG, please don’t let me and my friends get murdered tonight because I left my headlights on!

Thankfully, he turned out to be a very nice, helpful man that had the cables hooked up in no time and my car started, but after a minute all the dashboard lights started blinking and the car died again. Everyone yelled at me to not take my foot off the gas, but I hadn’t, the pedal was down, the car died on its own. We repeated this process oh I don’t know, half a dozen times, the valet at the hotel even came over at one point to see what was going on. Madame Blueberry was down for the count. It was now after midnight. The girls gave me a key to the hotel room, and we parted ways again. Them to go dancing finally, and me to sit upstairs waiting for Jeremy to arrive.

Don and Terri came over to watch the kids and Jeremy arrived a little after 12:30. The jumping, starting, dying, yelling at me to keep my foot on the gas, trying not to get hit by oncoming traffic, repeated itself with my new company. Jeremy finally decides that if we can just get the car driving it should recharge the battery enough to get us home. He gets behind the wheel of the bug, we get it started, I quickly take off the cables, shut the hood, and he takes off.

This leaves me alone, in the middle of the street downtown, so I waste no time ripping the cables off the truck, slam the hood down and jump behind the wheel and take off, the cables still on my lap.

In my haste I hadn’t watched to see which way Jeremy had decided to go, so I give him a call. As we are talking the bug dies and he pulls down a side street. Approximately 2 miles from where we started. We think back roads might be the way to go since we don’t want to get stranded on the highway. Jump, throw off cables, slam hoods, take off again. Two miles later dead again. ARG!

It’s 2 a.m. at this point, the truck is on empty, I’m getting worried that Zeke is going to wake up anytime and need to eat and I’m not there, and it’s becoming very clear that driving the bug home is not going to be happening if we want to make it home before breakfast. As we stand outside on some side street outside somebody’s home and try to think of any place we could ditch the car until the next day or so, Jeremy remembers we have emergency roadside coverage with our insurance. A phone call later a tow truck is on its way and we are running to a gas station to get gas. Thank God for a moment of clarity in a stressful situation in the wee hours of the morning.

Did I mention it’s in the 40s outside? Another thank God I decided to run back in the house before I left and grabbed a heavier coat instead of just wearing my sweater. I know there are colder places in the country right now, but 40s is freezing to this Florida girl.

The tow truck arrived within the half hour and hauled my girl to the closest dealership for no charge, while we finally made our way home at 3 a.m.

Turns out the battery, alternator, and serpentine belt were all toast. Not to mention the computer was totally wigging out, I’m leaking oil, and my back tires were so cracked the dealership was afraid they were going to burst (not related to the evening of course, not being our main vehicle the bug clearly gets neglected). We ended up towing it to a repair shop that was way cheaper than the dealership, but this bachelorette party still turned out to cost a small fortune! I’m looking to take on some part time work, anyone need an employee? Anyone?

Mar 13

The Perfect Weather For A Picnic

Our cars were super crazy dirty from the tree by our driveway. Jeremy and Kingston washed them back on the 9th and after we decided to have a little picnic in our front yard for lunch because the weather was gorgeous.

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