Aug 15

Book For Harbor

The sweet Gable Family sent Harbor his very first book, Jesus Calling For Little Ones. Thank you Gables!

Mar 15

Scuba Steves

The boys really like this Deep Sea Dive book by Salina Yoon. They mostly like to put their faces in it and joke that they’re Scuba Steve. Zekie also continually rips off it’s fun flippable pages … so there’s a lot of glue throughout this one now.

Nov 14

The Grain-Free Family Table

The Grain-Free Family Table

When I came across Carrie Vitt’s website, Deliciously Organic, the first week we were on our Whole 30 diet it was a life saver. We literally would have been eating baked chicken and steamed veggies every night if it wasn’t for her Paleo meal plan option. Worth every penny of that monthly fee of $6.

Today her second cookbook released, The Grain-Free Family Tableand I am thrilled to be sharing it with you here.

First and foremost, my favorite part is the beginning of the book. If you are unfamiliar with Carrie Vitt, a visit to the dentist in 2008 turned her world upside down and left her with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease. Unwilling to accept the doctors conclusion that she would be on medication for the rest of her life, she set out to heal herself using a grain-free diet, whole food supplements and cleanses. In the cookbook she goes into specifics about her dental visit, how she felt afterwards, her symptoms that left her house bound for months on end with no hope in site, her final diagnosis and her path to healing. As we work our way towards a total healing for Kingston, it has been such an encouragement to read her story and know we are on the right path to accomplish that. God created our bodies to heal and every story that I read like this lets me know that although it takes a lot of work and time, opting out of surgery is the right choice for us.

Living grain-free is a big jump for most of us and when we first started this journey at the end of September I was overwhelmed and not sure what was left to cook with or how to convert a traditional recipe into a grain-free dish. I am so glad I have this cookbook now, all-in-one place I can find all the grains to avoid and sneaky places they add it. At a glance I can see the types of flours that are healthy to cook with and why fats aren’t all bad. I learned that lard is actually a good thing. Yes you read that right, lard has gotten a lot of unjustified bad press all these years. Lookout, it’s staging a comeback folks.

Other things you’ll find are helpful tips on kitchen equipment, how to get your kiddos to embrace grain-free, and a super helpful conversion chart for converting your old favorite recipes.

As I flipped through the book, I couldn’t believe how delicious everything looked. I mean I know it’s a cookbook so everything is staged to look perfect, but those grain-free biscuits from the Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie were calling this biscuit-loving girl’s name. Hmm. Let me tell you, they were not exactly like a “regular” biscuit (most likely the cook and not the recipe :) ), but this dish did not disappoint.

In every recipe there are the regular grain-free directions and ingredients, then at the bottom there are directions on what to substitute if you are Paleo or dairy-free. Which is great since we are also dairy-free at the moment. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cashew milk ready (there is a recipe at the back of the cookbook) so I subbed in coconut cream for the main chicken part. This did give the overall dish a little coconut flavor, but everyone of us still enjoyed it. Yep, even the kids, K asked for seconds. We’ll definitely be making this, and the grain-free biscuits on their own, again.

Another recipe we tried is the Cauliflower and Bacon Hash. It’s in the breakfast section, but we like breakfast for dinner once a week and this was our go to this week. A simple twist on eggs and hashbrowns, this dish calls for 4 ingredients and is pretty quick to whip up. We used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon since I’m not a bacon eater and everyone scarfed this up too. The leftovers heated up well a few days later too.

Along the same lines is her Cauliflower “Fried Rice” recipe. This is in the cookbook, but we actually made it a few weeks ago when it was on one of our meal plans. In place of rice you use cauliflower cut to the size of rice pieces (in a food processor or we used our Vitamixand we used Coconut Aminos (her recipe calls for tamari sauce). This recipe was such a hit with the kids they each asked for seconds and then thirds. My kids aren’t picky eaters, but they don’t often ask for seconds let alone thirds.

There are so many recipes I can’t wait to try! I would highly recommend this cookbook or her meal plans if you are new to a grain-free lifestyle or even looking for a change to your regular diet. Click here to pick up your own copy of  The Grain-Free Family Tableand check out her meal plans here.

As a treat for my readers Carrie is GIVING AWAY a cookbook on Kennedy Baby Co.!

If you would like to be entered please leave a comment below. A winner will be randomly selected on Monday, November 24th. Good luck!


Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary cookbook to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

Oct 14

Alpha Bears To The Rescue

As a homework assignment, the kids in Kingston’s class were all given a white posterboard bear with the instructions to decorate it a costume of our choosing, but it needed to be a family project.  In class they are reading the book, Alphabears

There are 26 bears (one for every letter of the alphabet 😉 ) and they each have different costumes.

Kingston wanted to paint his and then we dug through our art supply and fabric scrap boxes. Kingston was the creative director with some scissor and glue assistance from us.

Here he is proudly showing off his bear. He even wanted to take it to dinner with us that night to show Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy.

The bears were due October 9th and now all the bears are being displayed in the foyer of the church his preschool is at. I think all the kids did a great job, look how cute these bears are?


Sep 14

Prayers Of Healing

I was recently given this book, Prayers and Promises for My Little Boy and as I was reading through it, one particular prayer hit me (as is often the case).

“Lord, because you have instructed us in Your Word that we are to pray for one another so that we may be healed, I pray for healing and wholeness for – Kingston. I pray that sickness and infirmity will have no place in his life.
I pray for protection against any disease coming into his body. Whenever there is disease, illness, or weakness in him, I pray that You, Lord, would touch him with Your healing power and restore him to total health.”


Would you pray this with us for total healing (& guidance on the right steps for that)?

“Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” —James 5:16

Aug 14

19 Months Of Zekie

Oh Zekie, here we are on the downward stretch to 2. Closer to 2 than 1 now. EEE, just slow down!

Here’s what you’ve been up to since last month.

You know your animals. You’ve actually known some of them for awhile, but you know lots now. Cow, Horse, Alligator, Pig, Duck, Sheep, Bear, Frog, Dog, Monkey, Zebra, Lion, Giraffe, Rhino (though a Triceratops can throw you off). You also know the sounds that go with them too. Ok so not the Zebra or Giraffe, but what sound do they make anyhow?

Continuing your trend of eating things that shouldn’t be eaten, you ate paint on July 20th. The non-toxic finger paint variety, but still ick!

You like to hold my hand and “choo choo” to the bathroom for baths just like your big brother.

Words, again too many to keep track of, but I try anyway:

Saun – sun
Staar – star
Dafin – dolphin
Emo – email – 7/23
Wake up – 7/24 – You say this whenever anyone has their eyes closed. Cuteness! (for now)
Push it – 7/25
Press it
Fiends – friends – 7/26
People – 7/27
Soman – snowman – 7/28
Toot – 7/27 – and then you grab yourself. Charming (sarcasm)
Toes – 7/28
Smay it – smell it – 7/28
Seeping – sleeping – 7/29
Cayon – crayon – 7/29
Fafly – butterfly – 7/29
Hort – hurt – 7/29
Tere you go – there you go – 8/1
Tere it is – there it is – 8/1
Matoes – tomatoes – 8/2
Arms up – 8/2
Wafa Face – waffle face – 8/3 – repeated after you heard Daddy call Kingston this when he had waffle crumbs on his face.
Backer – backwards – 8/4
Typing – 8/10
Toodles – 8/6 (Character from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
Goofy – 8/6

You have started getting confused with thank you. Often I will tell you, “say thank you” to someone and you instead say “elcome“. Sometimes you will say, “thank you welcome” all together like it’s one saying. Hehe.

Whenever you see a picture of an animal or person with their eyes closed you say, “seeping” (sleeping).

At Fresh Market on August 3rd we were walking back to the deli department when you spied the dessert and cakes cabinet. You walked right up, pressed your hands to the glass and started saying, “ohhhohohohoooo” over and over again. You make me laugh.

You are a big ole copycat! You will do or say just about anything you see Kingston do. Recently he was walking backwards, so you started walking backwards and now it’s your favorite way to walk to the car.

Grandma & Grandpa Boothe found a ton of Duplo blocks at a garage sale and you love building and stacking them together. You also like Kingston’s Legos a lot, specifically the Lego guys. You like to take their hats off and then hand them to me and say “hep me, hep me” until I put the hat back on.

Whether it’s genetic or just a kid thing I don’t know, but you have started lining things up around you. Cars, books, blocks.

You like a blanket on you at bedtime. If we lay you down and don’t put a blanket over you, your little head pops right back up and you start saying “bankit, bankit” until we cover you up.

By August 9th you could officially blow your nose. Pretty impressive since your brother just nailed that a few months ago.

You love reading and it’s not unusual for me to find you sitting alone in your room or Kingston’s “reading” a book.

Your fourth haircut was on August 4th. It’s all finally starting to look evened out, not so spotty.

This months stats:

Weight: 23#
Height: 33″
Head: 18.75″

Clothes: 18-24 month tops. Bottoms you can still wear 9 months in shorts, but 12 month pants are too short.
Shoes: 5
Diapers: 4

Jun 14

4 Years of Kingston

Kingston, my love, happy 4 years of life! You are sweet and precious and everything good in the world. Smart and eager to learn, but a quiet observer among new people or places. You have inherited your Mommy and Daddy’s perfectionism and strong will to make things go your way (melancholy with a possible side of choleric). A quality time hog. You have opened our eyes back up to the wonderment the world has to offer and given us a chance to experience joy that we’ve never known.  Mommy and Daddy love you more than words will ever be able to convey!

This year has brought about many changes, just as past years, here is a (most likely long) list of everything you have been up to in your journey towards 4.

You really started to get into puzzles a lot in January. Typically you will need help, but sometimes you shoo me away with “me do it”, also something new, you started saying this in January. It’s also not uncommon to find you in the morning with a huge pile of puzzle pieces around you. You like to dump all the pieces of all your puzzles together and then get frustrated that you can’t put them together.

You can fill your own cup with water from the fridge and even filled your own cup with O.J. on January 29th. You also discovered the little tabs on the top of to-go cups and love to push them all in on everyone’s cups. I remember loving this when I was little too.

You watched your first Olympics on tv February 7th.

February 10th you started raising your hand to ask a question. I assume you picked this up at church since this is not something we make you do at home. 😉 You will raise your hand, we’ll ask you what you need, and you go silent. Not a peep, no sound, just staring back at us.

Things that make me laugh when you say them:
Oh geez
Me room
Rub mine head
Baberries (strawberries)
Pay (play)
I like it, me no like it
Too picy (spicy)
Pall (small)
Hunny (sunny)
Cheese dippin sauce (queso)

Taking things for their literal meaning is alive and well here. One day after you fell or banged yourself up in your normal fashion I responded, “You’re a tough cookie”, to which you quickly retorted, “No, I’m Kingston, I don’t want to be Cookie Monster“. I love that you not only corrected me, that you are not “Cookie”, but you further went on to explain that you have no desire to be “Cookie Monster” either. Got it, your point is clear with me.

Another such incident happen when saying goodbye one day. Me: “See you later alligator.” Kingston: “No, I’m Kingston.” Clearly I’ve given you some reason to believe I don’t know your actual name.

You like to chase monsters. (I originally wrote “pretend monsters”, as if when you go back and read this years from now you might have thought we had real monsters roaming the house if I didn’t add the word “pretend”).

You can count to six (February).

Your current favorite books are Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type and Little Blue Truck.

In March you started trimming your own nails. Though I still mostly do this, because you tend to trim them extra short.

Since we moved you to your toddler bed over a year ago, we’ve had the lock on your door turned around so we can lock you in and hypothetically you can’t lock yourself in. That theory was proved false on the morning of March 5th when you locked the door, then closed the door, and locked you, your Dad, and Zekie in your room for fifteen minutes. 15 missed calls from Daddy later…I came out from getting ready and discovered you all locked in your room. I found this hilarious…until…

March 6th, Daddy had left for a meeting and we were playing in your room. I thought nothing of it when you closed your door because we often do that to keep Zekie in the room with us. But when I got up to get something from the other room I quickly learned that now I was locked in your room with you and Zekie. Only no one was home to save us this time. I didn’t have a trusty bobby pin in my hair that day, because that would of been too easy, so I started scavenging your room for anything to unlock the door. Apparently we’ve done an outstanding job babyproofing your room, because all I came up with was Moses staff from one of your little toy guys. All it did was bend in the door lock. We could have climbed out the window, but we then would be stuck outside, which didn’t really help us. So we sat and waited in your room for a hour and 1/2 until Daddy came home and rescued us. And now there is a key hidden in your room in case that ever happens again. And for the record, I did actually laugh at the irony of getting locked in the room with you after laughing so hard when you locked Daddy in with you. Karma?

March 9th you were running inside from the garage and you tripped on a garbage bag, I tried to catch you, but I wasn’t fast enough and your forehead met the concrete step leading into the house. I immediately thought, “please don’t let there be blood”, but that was a futile hope. So much pouring down your head. You are determined to get me over my phobia of blood. Since you had done something similar to your chin 6 months prior and we paid $150 for a doctor to look at it and tape you up, we opted to play Dr. ourselves this time. Spent $8 at Walgreen’s, coated it with Colloidal Silver First Aid Gel and Frankincense, and you were good as new, barely a scar now.

During an evening walk on March 10th I exclaimed, “Look tonight there is a halfmoon”. You didn’t miss a beat following that up with, “Where’s the other half?“.

You help Daddy make smoothies in the mornings by pulling out all the fruits and veggies, and you never forget an item.

You know your colors, though sometimes Orange and Pink trip you up. (March)

You can count to 9, you know “your letter” K, and are getting really good at tracing letters on a little dry erase workbook I picked up for you. (April)

April 11th I asked you, “Do you know what a princess grows up to be?”. You responded, “Yeah, big“. So true.

April 12th you lined up your zipper correctly and zipped your jacket closed all by yourself.

April 15th you threw up for the first time with the awful “stomach virus 2014″ that attacked our whole family. You kept saying your tummy hurt and you had to poop and sat on the toilet for 20 minutes. Not a minute after you finally got off and walked to get your pants from the living room did you start making that terrible gagging sound that comes before someones stomach contents explode out their mouth. I quickly sweeped you up in a failed effort to get you back to the toilet, instead you covered us both. So gross! You threw up one more time, but that was it. Please Lord let us miss out on any other stomach bugs in the future please, please, please!

A cold immediately followed that and along with it finally something clicked for you and you started blowing your nose on April 18th. Small praises in the midst of chaos.

You can count to 11. (May 1st)

During car rides if we see a car you like (a fire truck for example) or someone we know (Grandpa for example) you start yelling, “Let’s pass em!” so you can wave like a mad man at them.

Some manners started to kick in in April too. You began saying “Have a nice day” and “Nice to meet you“.

Along with that you began saying, “No thank you“, to any and everything that you didn’t want to do or are afraid of. Mr. Geoff trying to get you in the pool, “no thank you“. Dr. needs to look in your ears, “no thank you“, I need your help with something, “no thank you”. And on and on and on that goes…

Funder is how you say thunder. I love this. It makes something scary like thunder sound fun instead. That doesn’t stop you from crying and running when you hear thunder though. It’s the worse when you are going to bed and it starts storming. If I leave the room you will just cry and cry until I come back and rub your back til it quiet downs outside. On May 29th, it was storming and dark out, you got your flashlight, went to the window to “find funder” and apparently found it because a few seconds later you exclaimed, “here it is, up here, up high!“.

One of many moments you made me laugh…May 16th, you pulled your hat down over your eyes and then in all seriousness asked, “I can’t see, where am I?“. Another time we were driving when you yelled from the backseat, “Mommy I did it!“, when I asked what you did you stated, “I played (air) guitar“.

May 20th, after two days of watching Elmo’s ABC DVD you started singing the alphabet, A-G, then you would skip to W. Now you can sing the song all the way through. You also now know J (my letter), Z (Zekie’s letter), D (grandpa Don’s letter), and R (Ryan’s letter) to go along with your own.

Also May 20th, you started swim lessons again. You hated it the first day, but then loved it after that. You still aren’t a strong swimmer, but you can float and I’m happy with that.

Count to 12. (May 25th)

You rarely peed in your diaper during nap time so we went ahead and made the transition to undies and you’ve done really well. Only a handful of accidents. You still sleep in a diaper (size 6) at night though I think if we woke up before you, you wouldn’t need that either.

When we tell you something we are going to do and you don’t like that idea, you usually get real serious and then point to your wrist and say, “8 o’clock read a story, go to bed“.

Bedtime consists of a bath or shower, a bible story or two, prayers and then the topper on the cake. You like for me to climb into bed with you and snuggle up close and then you like to rub my back. Yep, that’s right, you like to give me a back rub as you go to sleep. #Trainingmyboysupright #lovedonmama #theperfectendingtomyday

You spend a lot of time ripping toys out of Zekie’s hands, but you get being a loving big brother right too. May 28th Zekie was crying and out of your own volition you walked over and kissed Z on the cheek and stopped his tears in their tracks. He loves you so much and wants to be just like you. He pretty much copies exactly what you say and do during every waking hour of each day.

May 29th you came up with your own set of rules:
1. Listen & obey
2. Eat cookies
Sounds reasonable to me.

Since Daddy has grown a mustache you have been fascinated with them too. Multiple times now you have told me you don’t have a mustache but you are working on it. Ahahaha.

Plural nouns confuse you. Often you ask, “Where are the peoples?“. “My feets hurt.

And finally, here are your stats:

Clothes: big 3T & smaller 4T tops, 3T shorts, 4T pants
Shoes: 8-9

Height: 41″
Weight: 36.5 lbs.
Head: 20″
Chest: 21.5″
Belly: 20″
Feet: 5.75″
Hand: 4.5″
Ear: 2.25″
Eyes: 1.25″
Pinky: 1.5″
Nose: 1.5″
Mouth: 1.75″
Wrist: 4.75″
Ankle: 6″
Bicep: 7.25″
Thigh: 12″

Apr 14

15 Months of Zekie

Zekie bear you are doing so many new things each month, I’m having trouble keeping up. I keep a list on my phone that I’m constantly adding to for these monthly posts, but I can’t always get to my phone and am forgetting lots of “little” moments. Here are a few pictures from the past month and then a rundown on what I do know you’ve been up to this month…

Lots and lots and lots of new words, you pretty much can repeat whatever I say if I repeat it to you twice. My little echo.

Peas – please – March 14th
Byeboo – peekaboo – March 14th
Alacopter – helicopter – March 20th
Boothie – smoothie – March 20th
Doggie – March 20th
Yes – March 21st
Cow – March 23rd
Artur -Arthur – March 25th
Nicole – March 25th
Peepee – March 25th
Diaper – March 25th
Horsey – March 26th
Beep Beep Beep (when car is backing up) – March 26th
Ready – March 27th
Pretzel – March 27th
Red, Geen, Yellow, Bue – April 3rd
Turtle – April 8th
Ni no – rhino – April 9th
Pizza – April 10th
Chuck truck – fire truck

Twenty three words this month, and that’s just the ones I remembered to write down! These words lists are going to get too long to keep track of here soon. Along with saying new words you are understanding and putting words together with its proper item. On March 19th, you made a “honking arm motion” (think pulling your arm up and down to get a semi truck to honk) as a train passed and said “beep”. You also can point out cows and horses in books, say their names, and even “mooo” for a cow.

Other big news is you basically said so long to the paci. Since your birthday you only used it at sleep times and I realized that it was more me shoving it in your mouth as I laid you down in your crib, then you wanting/needing it. So really it was me, letting it go. March 12th was the last night you used it, then the next day I simply didn’t offer it and you didn’t care. You didn’t sleep any less, or have any trouble falling back asleep if you woke up. That is until two weeks later when your beast of an 8th tooth started breaking through. I was literally going to toss them out that day because they had been sitting on the drying rack and I thought I should just toss them since there was no use holding on to old pacis that you didn’t care about. Good thing I never got around to it that day, because that night you were a wreak. I don’t know what the deal was, but your bottom right lateral incisor caused you A LOT of pain. You were up for hours crying (3-1/2 to be exact). We tried nursing, essential oils, tylenol, motrin, teething gel, and the paci. Finally I think sheer exhaustion is what made you fall back asleep, although you did keep your paci the rest of the time that tooth was coming out. The tip finally broke through on March 24th, but boy did you have every teething symptom ever…drool, runny nose, face rash, diaper rash (which neither you or Kingston had ever had – teething or not), sooo many messy diapers, poor sleeping, cranky, light fever. I sure hope you don’t have any more teeth come out like that one. You were so pitiful!

Other cute happenings, you started blowing kisses on March 17th.

You love to dive in Kingston’s bed and tackle him.

We put you to sleep in a sleep sack to keep you warm since you move around too much to keep a blanket on. Even though your feet are in a sack, you can walk just fine. This reminds me of Maggie from The Simpsons, which is funny because I never watched that show.

When you are ready for bed, you don’t cuddle, you start leaning out of our arms and for your crib. Sad for me, though this is a good thing that you go to sleep in your crib so easily. You still sleep in the fetal position sometimes and other times still tuck your legs in and stick your booty in the air. And sometimes still, you rock your booty back and forth in the air when you are sleeping, I find this adorable.

You really like shoes, specifically putting them on your hands and walking around that way. It doesn’t matter whose they are … in fact you may prefer them if they’re not yours.

You also like to sit in the car track (something your brother also did when he was little).

You are getting into books. You walk over, turn around, back up and plop down on my lap with lots of different books, though you still have your favorites (Love You Through and Through, Peek A Who, and added this month, Little Blue Truck). Sometimes you want to read 1/2 a page and other times you want to read the whole book.

I think the funniest thing you did this month happen at dinner on March 19th. You had finished eating and were staring off into space. Daddy leaned over close to your face and out of nowhere you said, “hiyah” and poked your little pointer finger right in his eye. Took him by such a surprise because you looked like you were off in another world, but I think you planned it ;P

Love you little bit!

This months stats:

Weight: 21.6 lbs.
Length: 32″
Head: 18.5″
Clothing: 12-18 months
Shoes: 5
Diapers: 3

Mar 14

14 Months of Zekie

I tell you what little man, you surprise me everyday with something new that you do. I genuinely can’t believe how fast you are learning things.

This month’s biggest growth has been in your vocabulary. I can’t get over how many words you say, and fairly clear. Here’s what you are saying this month:
Ca – car
Ga ga go – go – you point to cars and say this
Uh – up
Ta do – thank you, and you use it appropriately, often without prompting
Boo – 2/26 – you think this word is so funny
Happy – 2/28
Grandpa – 3/4
Cookie – 3/5
Two – 3/7
Help me – 3/11
Owie, Ouchy – 3/11 – you also use this one appropriately
Nigh nigh – night night 3/11
Choo choo – 3/12

You also mimic lots of sounds and motions. When you take a bite of food you make a “chomp” sound, which I can only assume is what you think you are supposed to do, because we make that sound when gesturing for you to take a bite of your meal. On February 26th you brought a play cookie to Kingston and I and we each took turns pretending to eat it before we handed it back to you, and you repeated exactly what we did. You are one smart cookie. 😉

In regards to food, on February 16th you showed that you can fork food into your mouth with surprising accuracy. On March 13th you enjoyed sushi for the first time. You couldn’t really chew the seaweed, but you ate all the rest of the roll.

We also have learned that if we give you small pieces of food, you will cram your mouth full to the point that you can’t even close your mouth, and then you will spit it all back out. However, if we give you big pieces, like a quarter of a sandwich, you will take small bites and chew well. Go figure.

Sometimes people still mistake you for a girl. Mostly this shocks me because every time it happens, you are wearing something that is very obviously boys clothes. I know a onesie can go either way, but I just figure if your top is blue and has a car on it and you have your blue sneakers on, and you are sitting in a blue shopping cart cover, that should be a sign that you are a boy. I’m confused by what people think boys wear if they are mistaking this for girl attire. Having a child makes you realize how oblivious people are to their surroundings. I wonder, does this happen as much with girls, with their pretty frilly tops and hair bows?

Speaking of appearances, the hair on top of your head is starting to grow, but only the middle top, not the front. You have pieces from the middle of your head that are long enough they come down your forehead. There are about 10 random stray hairs that fall on your forehead and I push to the side, maybe when you get 20, I’ll pull out the scissors for a trim.

When you want to go outside, or when you know we are getting stuff together to leave the house, you will go and get your shoes and bring them too me. You started this on February 25th and I think it is cute, that you already understand you need your shoes to go outside and play.

February 19th, you reached the front door handle and opened it. We thought the front screen door handle was unusually high when we bought this house, but now we know the previous owners must have had younger children. At least I know that you can’t get through that door yet. You like to open and close doors in general.

When you wake up in the mornings or from your nap, you don’t automatically start crying anymore. You will make a few sounds and then stand in your crib for awhile watching the door or playing with your sound machine/projector before eventually starting to cry if we don’t come.

You have discovered the art of tantrums. These result when you don’t get something you are going for, or something has been removed from your hand. They typically look like you laying face down on the ground crying your head off. And I typically leave the room when you try this. And usually within a minute you have pulled yourself together and are ready to move forward with our day.

You are pretty good at independent play. You will often go exploring on your own and don’t care if I play with you or not. However, if I try to close you in your room so that I can use the bathroom without worrying about you getting into something you shouldn’t, you scream your head off and then cling to me when I return as if you thought you might never see me again.

You have two favorite books right now that you like to grab off your shelf and snuggle into my lap to read. The first is I Love You Through and Through, which was always a favorite of your brother’s and is a sweet book. And Peek A Who, you think the peek a boo ghost page is hilarious, you like to read that page over and over and over again.

This months stats:

Head: 18.5″
Weight: 21.25 lbs.
Length: 31″

Clothing: 12-18 months
Shoes: 4
Diapers: 3

Dec 12

The Importance Of A Good Editor

To the publishing company of a local magazine,

It is very important to have a good editor when creating a professional printed piece intended for a large readership. I receive your magazine in the mail and found these blatant errors someone didn’t catch. My grammar is not always perfect and my spelling is awful, but even I noticed your carelessness to check your own work. Here are two examples of your sloppy writing:

Everyone makes mistakes, but “REALLY?”. A second proofread would of helped you on these.


A Bemused Reader

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