Apr 18

Gifts for Rockwell

More gifts for baby have come in the mail. A $50 Target gift card from my Aunt Denise & Uncle Chris, and a $10 Target gift card and mug from our church, Summit. Thank you all for buying us diapers! 😉

IMG_5863 IMG_5864

Mar 18

Gifts For Rockwell From The Grandparents

The day Rockwell was born, my parents and Jeremy’s parents brought over gifts for Rockwell. My parents brought over a few cute clothes, a book, and then a box of size 1 diapers from them and another from my Grandma. Jeremy’s parents brought over a box of size 1 diapers too and a box of toddler wipes. Diapers are such wonderful gifts. :)


Jan 17

Two Babies In One

My brother and his wife are expecting twins and it has not been an easy pregnancy. She’s been on bedrest practically since the beginning and every day those babies stay tucked safe inside is a praise so it was a big deal to celebrate with a shower on January 8th.

Her Aunt Cindy threw a beautiful shower at her house and they were spoiled with lots of baby supplies and clothes and diapers!


Can’t wait (but can cause they need to keep cooking for at least another month or so) to meet these little guys and kiss and snuggle them!

Sep 16

Chalk it Up

Harbor makes good use of the remaining light after his nap.

May 16

Blue Eyes

May 16

Hanging with Harbor

May 16

Tag Team Feeding

The boys have been getting more helpful with Harbor. Today they helped with feeding him lunch.

May 16

Mother’s Day 2016

For Mother’s Day this year, on May 8th, my cuties gave me some cards they made and then we went to church where they each picked out a different color flower to give me (well Kingston picked out one for Harbor ;).  And then we spent the afternoon at my parents’ house swimming and eating.


The boys made these for me at church. Zeke colored 2.

Back home:


May 16

A Family that rides together …

May 1st we did a little playing on the boards and bikes. Got almost everyone on this one.

Apr 16

Discovering Snapchat

Aunt Nicole introduced us to the wonder of Snapchat lenses. The kids think this is AMAZING. “Can we do faces Dad?” they ask all the time now. It sometimes has some weird results, especially when we switch faces but it leaves everyone smiling. Here’s a sampling of the weirdness we’ve been creating lately.


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