Jan 17

Ready For Action

Zeke is always ready for fun.

Jan 17

Patent Pending: Skatebox

Be sure to protect yourself on all sides with the all new Kennedy Skatebox® available in recycle bins everywhere.

Jan 17

All Aboard

I guess we’ll just all ride together …

Sep 16

Indoor Driving

The boys have a vintage power wheel type of car that Jeremy’s Aunt Toni gave him years ago (because Jeremy’s first car was a VW bug). Jeremy repainted it yellow to go with the room and now the boys drive it around and around the house with a little help from each other.

Sep 16

Harbor Boards

May 16

Summer Friends

While on a neighborhood ride we ran into our neighbor Kevin and his dog Riley which the kids love.

Just so happened to have the new Lomo’instant camera and captured the moment.

May 16

Happy 4th Birthday Riley

We spent the day down at Red Bug Lake Park in Oviedo to celebrate Riley D’s Octonaut-themed 4th birthday party. The park had a nice new playground that featured a zip line which the boys LOVED. We had to wait in line a bunch for it but it was fun. The boys kept asking for a push so that they could be sent soaring at the end of the line. The party had really cute Octonaut decor and after some food and cake the kids set their sights on the piñata.

The boys a had a blast and didn’t want to leave. On our way home, the boys went through their goodie boxes and Kingston couldn’t wait to try on his eyepatch and play with the assortment of toys.

Happy Birthday Riley! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.


May 16


The boys usually only drive their jeeps in the backyard, but since they’re becoming better drivers they wanted to hit the sidewalk and cruise by their friend Lily’s house hoping to take her out for a drive.

May 16

A Family that rides together …

May 1st we did a little playing on the boards and bikes. Got almost everyone on this one.

Oct 15

The Lake Boys

The boys and I went out on the lake for a little adventure. We did a lap of the lake and checked out some new areas and they tried paddling and wanted to swim.

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