Nov 14

A Sea World Christmas

I love the Christmas shows at Sea World, but like every other theme park around here, it gets crazy packed around the holidays. Last year we got smart and went the very first weekend they started the shows and it worked out perfect. This year we did the same, going November 22nd with my parents. What also made it perfect was the day was overcast and sprinkling rain on and off the whole day. This might not sound perfect, but it wasn’t pouring so we weren’t walking around soggy and wet, and it keep people at home which meant less crowds for us. :)

Kingston had specifically requested the dolphin show the night before, so we started our morning there. Then to the pet show, the whale show, lunch, Elmo Christmas, sharks, O Wondrous Night (their nativity production), train ride, and the Shamu Christmas show. A pretty full day!

Zeke really loved the show and music as evidenced by the following video:

K asked to go home after the Shamu show and although originally we were going to try to fit in one last show, a cranky kid takes the fun out of everything so we decided to listen to him and head out past the Sea of Lights while everyone was still in a good mood!


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