Oct 16

First Hurricane

Well not the first one Jeremy and I have ever been through, or even ever been through together, but the first one we’ve had as homeowners and the first one for each of the boys. The last time Jeremy and I went through a hurricane was back when we were dating in 2004 and it was the Fall of hurricanes, with 3 coming through between August and September. Whew.

Because there are so many freak outs each year that a hurricane is coming and then it fizzles out or turns before it’s anywhere near us, we didn’t think anything of this one when it was still a week out. On Tuesday night when it was looking clear Hurricane Matthew was definitely coming, we pulled a few things in from our backyard, the things that go flying anytime we have a bad summer storm anyway. Then Wednesday, the night before, we took down the trampoline and cleared the porch since by this point they were saying it was going to be a Catergory 3-4 by the time it hit us. We already had some water on hand and Jeremy had gotten gas that morning (thankfully before everyone else did and everywhere started running out), but he ran out that night to get a few last minute groceries.

Thursday, October 6th, Jeremy still had to work, so he left and we had a normal morning. We decided it would be fitting to learn about hurricanes for school. We spent a good deal of time looking at maps and projections of where the storm would go and what would happen.

By 2 p.m. Jeremy’s office had closed, he made another last minute stop to pick up bread (the store was out last night) and we finished throwing a few last minute items into the garage.

It had been raining on and off all day and the sky was getting darker. I wanted to get the rest of the laundry done and Jeremy handled getting the boys bathed and we all sat down to a early dinner. The boys knew a big storm was coming in the middle of the night, and though they weren’t acting scared, I thought it would be best if they all slept in our room for the night, a giant slumber party.

Once the kids were in bed, we made sure all the dishes were out of the sink and the house was clean (ish). We also put towels around our windows since they have leaked in the past.

The storm was set to hit in the middle of the night/early morning. The boys didn’t stir. I woke a couple times, I think from a couple text messages. I don’t think it was from the storm, I don’t even really remember hearing it, but barely. It was raining with windy gusts from time to time, but it didn’t seem that bad by the time we woke around 8:30. Apparently it shifted just enough that instead of a Category 4 we ended up feeling more like a tropical storm/Category 1.

Thankfully that shift meant no damage for us, not even a tree limb at our house, but we did get a boat load … or lake full of rain. Our dry ditch became a full on lake. As full as we’ve ever seen it since living here. On an occasion we’ll get a little wading pond if it rains hard, but this time it covered the drain pipe and was about a foot away from hitting the top of the drain that takes it out to the real lake at the back of our neighborhood. The rest of the day the boys played and painted and I took a nap, haha. Rainy weather is the perfect napping weather.

Our neighbors got a little more adventurous during the windier parts of the day.

Then around 4 p.m. when the storm was practically gone, we lost internet. Go figure that. We never lost power though and the next morning Brighthouse came out and fixed it.

And that was it. So glad it was mild (some other parts of the state and other states did not fair as well). Pulling everything in was a pain, but glad it turned out to be nothing more than some extra rain.


Aug 16

Review: The First Years Mickey Mouse Feeding & Activity Seat

If you and your babe are a Disney lover, then this seat is a great pick. The First Years Mickey Mouse Helping Hands Feeding and Activity Seat, available at Walmart, is a cute, compact feeding seat.

When it arrived in the mail, Zekie couldn’t wait to get it out of the box, even though he doesn’t need it (though it has a weight limit of 50 lbs, so he definitely still fits in the limits). You are not supposed to use this chair on the floor, but I had a hard time keeping Zekie and Harbor off of it while I unpacked it and put it together. It took maybe five minutes to snap the back on and attach the straps, and then we attached it to a chair to give it a try.

The seat has two straps, one that attaches around the back of a chair and one that attaches under the chair seat, and then you pull them to tighten them around the chair. We have wider kitchen chairs and we still had plenty of room to make it bigger so I think this seat will fit on a large variety of chairs.

There is a tray that you can attach at different levels depending on the size of your kiddo or you can leave it completely off and scoot the chair all the way up to your table. I think the trays are easier to clean off the caked on food then my kitchen table so we used the tray. The tray comes with its own accessories as well. A Mickey hand cup holder and a rollerball can be snapped on or off the tray and 2 suction cup toys are also included. We’ve never had great luck with suction cup dinnerware or toys and this wasn’t any different. Harbor easily plucked the two toys off the tray after playing with them for a minute and promptly threw them on the floor.

They may have a better chance with a younger child, but they definitely won’t last long on a tray for anyone older than a year. This isn’t a make or break for me, since the toys aren’t why I would be buying the seat anyway and Harbor did still play with the toys even when they weren’t attached.

The back of the seat has a small storage slot for you to store a bib or the toys. I think this could be even better if it could be made big enough to hold the tray when not in use too.

I think this would be perfect for anyone that has a small kitchen and doesn’t want a large highchair. It’s easy to clean and quick to set up. Also, I think this will be great for us to have around when we have friends with little ones visiting and we need an extra seat for them.

* I was provided this product in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

May 16

Blue Eyes

May 16

Hanging with Harbor

May 16

11 Years – Part 2

We finally got a night out to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks late on May 13th. (On our actual anniversary, our babysitter we lined up was sick, so we did a beach day with the kids and ate in and watched a movie after the kids were asleep.)

So on our rare night outs we usually flip-flop between sushi at our favorite spot or Seasons 52. This was a Season’s year so we headed over to Altamonte, sat on the patio, enjoyed a sunset and got everything on the menu (not really, but close).

Drinks, apps, entrees and practically all the delicious mini desserts we could shove in our kid-free faces and then we realized .. there was NO rush, no kid drama to interrupt us, no diapers to change or babies to feed. The desserts were great and an actual conversation too.

After dinner we knew we wanted to do something else, but not just sit around so I suggested the cool mini golf place up the road called Congo River. I’ve seen it for the last 12 years I’ve been here and have yet to play there. Note to self: Mini-golf is no longer cheap, at least not there, but it was a really well maintained and a fun and wacky 18 holes. You can play like a normal put-put or you can spin these game wheels before  you put and you kick the game up a notch. In the end we did a lot of silly stuff like putting with our eyes closed, putting backwards … used our feet, used the putter like a pool cue, “if you get a hole in one, you can add puts to the others score”, things like that. We played our holes, did a little scavenger hunt they had on the back and then afterwards checked out the baby gators they have living near the entrance.

Not a bad night. Here’s to more fun times and years ahead!







May 16

End of the Year at the CO-OP

With so many new things going on with us this year we couldn’t really commit to a Co-op for the school year. By the end of the year though we were finally ready to try to add something in, so the last month or so we joined in on the co-op meeting at our church. There were 4 kindergartners (Logan, Molly, AJ, and Kingston) and their younger siblings. They had story time, played games, and did arts and crafts together each Wednesday until the end of the year on May 11th.

April 20th

April 27th

May 4th

May 11th



May 16

Tag Team Feeding

The boys have been getting more helpful with Harbor. Today they helped with feeding him lunch.

May 16

Mother’s Day 2016

For Mother’s Day this year, on May 8th, my cuties gave me some cards they made and then we went to church where they each picked out a different color flower to give me (well Kingston picked out one for Harbor ;).  And then we spent the afternoon at my parents’ house swimming and eating.


The boys made these for me at church. Zeke colored 2.

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May 16

Summer Friends

While on a neighborhood ride we ran into our neighbor Kevin and his dog Riley which the kids love.

Just so happened to have the new Lomo’instant camera and captured the moment.

May 16

Did You Know?

Some toy cars can just stick to the wall?

We didn’t either, but the kids figured it out. This Lightning McQueen above is one of those “pull-back-n-go” cars and turns out it’s magnetic and we just so happen to have metal studs in our house. Cars on the wall, no glue required.

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