Apr 18

Gifts for Rockwell

More gifts for baby have come in the mail. A $50 Target gift card from my Aunt Denise & Uncle Chris, and a $10 Target gift card and mug from our church, Summit. Thank you all for buying us diapers! 😉

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Apr 18

Raising Arrows


For a fundraiser for my Moms4Moms group this year, we decided to do a custom t-shirt. Everyone on planning committee submitted a saying and then we voted on our favorite and that person won a gift card on top getting their saying chosen. Danielle’s was the winner with 6 or so votes, Raising Arrows, based off of Psalms 127:3-4, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” Jeremy agreed to volunteer to design the tee for us and the whole group had a chance to pick their favorite design out of 3 options. Once that was decided, the fundraiser opened and we could each order a variety of different style and color tees and tanks based on what we individually liked best. We sold 54 shirts, which was awesome for our group of 100. It was so exciting to get them in the mail and a bunch of us wore them to our next meeting. It was so fun to see all the different options in person! Not everyone made it in the picture, but here’s a few of us sporting our shirts. Deedra pointed out that neither of the baby’s wanted their picture taken. LOL. Our arrows just weren’t cooperating. ;P

Apr 18

Review: Softer Than Brittle

Who likes nut brittle? I got to try these samples of Softer Than Brittle from Mount Franklin Foods and they are delicious!

This brittle is softer and flakey, so it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth, but still has the same yummy flavor of brittle. I thought that the almond flavor was going to be my favorite when I tried them, but I really liked the buttery flavor of the pecan best! After passing them around the family for taste testing, peanut was the boys’ favorite, but in a surprise twist, pecan was also my Mom’s favorite and she doesn’t even really like pecans!

They are also gluten and dairy free, and vegan approved. :) I’m currently keeping them all to myself and have them sitting on my nightstand for middle of the night snacks while I’m up feeding the babe and starving. Any other nursing Mom’s have their nightstands stocked with snacks cause they are always hungry from feeding a baby?!

#nursingmomproblems #donttouchmysnacks

Mar 18

Gifts For Rockwell From The Grandparents

The day Rockwell was born, my parents and Jeremy’s parents brought over gifts for Rockwell. My parents brought over a few cute clothes, a book, and then a box of size 1 diapers from them and another from my Grandma. Jeremy’s parents brought over a box of size 1 diapers too and a box of toddler wipes. Diapers are such wonderful gifts. :)


Mar 18

Door Hanging

“Mommmmm help me!” is what I hear from the boys bedroom as I’m sitting in the living room. I walk over to find Zekie hanging from the door. Apparently he got up using a stool, but Kingston took it away or something and he was stuck and couldn’t get down. LOL. I let him hang for another minute or so while we talked about how this was not a good idea and we shouldn’t hang from doors, before I rescued him. He was getting pretty upset but I had to snap a picture real quick too. We’ll see if that lesson sticks!

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Mar 18

Gift For Baby 4

IMG_5295One of the Mom’s from Zekie’s school, Sebastain’s mom Magda, brought a baby gift for us. It was very sweet of her to bring a little outfit for him. :)

Feb 18

Valentine Mom’s Night Out

A kid free night out with Mama friends is good for the soul. 💝Delicious food, great conversation, and a cute valentine exchange at Cheesecake Factory. Feeling refreshed and uplifted with my Moms4Moms ladies. 🌹 27657322_10104136982895003_3775821187137418349_n

Feb 18

Camp Olivia

Kingston’s friend Olivia had her 7th birthday party out at the camp ground in Moss Park on the evening of February 3rd. It’s a bit of a drive out there so we thought Harbor might take a nap in the car since he had to miss it in order for us to leave on time. But first Kingston fell asleep, then Zekie, and finally Harbor. All three out for the count.

Kingston woke up as we drove into the park, but the other two we had to wake up when we got there. We stopped at the bathrooms first, which were by the playground, and then Zekie spent the next 30 minutes whining about how he wanted to go to the park. While he whined the rest of us greeted Olivia and her family and checked out how they had set up the campsite. Olivia and her sister and cousin were going to be staying the night after everyone else went home.

Once most of the guests arrived it was time for a scavenger hunt, complete with magnify glasses to really inspect what they found. At first Kingston and Zekie didn’t want to play, but after Harbor started off, they changed their minds. Jeremy took off with Harbor and Zekie and Kingston and I started looking. Kingston didn’t want to look for any of the easy items, mostly right under our feet, he wanted to look for a flower first (which there were none of). Eventually we met back up with Jeremy and the other boys and they took off while Harbor and I went exploring on our own.  He was so fun, holding the magnifying glass up to trees and leaves and logs on the ground, checking everything out, fearlessly walking deeper into the woods and through (not around) low lying tree branches. Hahaha. He kept turning around to me and saying “Come on Mommy. Come on Mommy” so I would keep following him. He was fascinated by bark and pulled a few pieces off before he found a nice big piece on the ground that he wanted to keep. Into the bag it went.

Before the boys finished collecting everything on the list it was time to eat. There were hotdogs, oranges, candy dipped pretzels, and a make your own trail mix section. After eating the kids took off for the playground for a little bit.

Then it was time for cake and presents before it got dark.

It got dark pretty fast during presents and then I started to feel a little stressed keeping track of everyone. They had smores supplies, so now there were a bunch of kids running around a fire with sharp sticks and it was dark so I couldn’t see well and Kingston was whining cause he wanted smores, but when we toasted the marshmallows he didn’t like it and wanted something different, and I was done at that point.

So we gathered everyone up and we said our goodbyes and headed home. Everyone got undressed in the laundry room once we got home and clothes went straight in the wash since we all smelled like campfire and I didn’t want that smell sticking around till I got to laundry.

Even with a few whiny moments it was still a fun party and the boys enjoyed being outside exploring with friends.

Feb 18

Lizard Friend

While I was signing Zekie out from school on February 1st, some of the boys ran over to the courtyard and started inspecting a lizard. For unknown reasons, it had tape on its tail and the boys wanted to remove it. The lizard was feeling a little crowded and it decided to head towards higher ground, which turned out to be Zekie’s shoe. From there it went up his leg, which Zekie thought was funny at first. But then it kept climbing and by the time it got to his chest Alex’s mom, Nicole, noticed Zekie seemed a little freaked out and she flicked the lizard off when a gentle shooing didn’t get him to budge. Later when I asked Zekie about it, he said, “I was scared and Alex’s Mom stuck her hand under the lizard and flicked him off my neck!”. She saved the day!


Dec 17

Our Christmas Ninjas

The Kennedy Xmas Card 2017

The Kennedy Family Xmas Card 2017

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